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If What You Want Hasn’t Manifested, Do This

Why haven’t you received what you really you want – despite all your hard work? Listen in as Deb shares the hidden blocks and beliefs that may be keeping you from manifesting your desires and teaches you how to release them. Get ready to finally attract the relationship, success and great dreams you’ve been longing for!

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Welcome. I’m Deb shepherd. I’m your host of spirited straight talk. Thank you for joining me on this amazing spiritual journey that we call life. You’re in the right place and you didn’t land here by accident. My intention is to help you learn to free yourself, of things that are holding you back and create a life that truly makes your soul happy. I’ll be talking about key insights and interesting topics to help you learn how to powerfully co-create with the universe. I will cover everything from turning your setbacks into triumphs. My favorite living, your soul’s purpose. Of course, I’ll be connecting with spirit, your guides. And the favorite one of course is your loved ones. On the other side, if you’re ready to truly stop spinning circles and you’re ready to harness the power to co-create a cynic life, a spirit that I hope you join me every week for spirited straight talk

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And welcome everybody. I’m here with Dana. Our topic today is manifesting, and I thought this is a great topic because what I hear a lot is I’m doing all the stuff that I thought I was supposed to be doing. And guess what? I’m still not manifesting. And there’s a lot of frustration. And they asked like, what can I do differently? And, you know, manifesting is something that is a really a mainstream word anymore, but I think there’s a lot of confusion between what we’re trying to manifests in our alignment with heart and head and soul. And what we want to talk about today is how to really truly manifest in a way that is much easier because it isn’t difficult.

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We’re just what we’re doing when we manifest is we’re creating a relationship with a universe. Yes. And that’s the partnership and what happens. There are a lot of different things that we have to retrain ourselves when we try to manifest things. And that alignment is number one. And so I started thinking about a story of, and I’ve watched you do this, where we get a box of something. We do put things together,

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Patio, furniture, whatever. And of course, I’m standing there holding, you know, tools and Dana’s trying to read it all. And as we’re putting things together, we get like halfway there almost to the end and a screw hole, isn’t lining up with another hole or we end up with extra screws and we’re going, okay,

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I’m putting it together. And there’s extra screws, two habit.

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So we have to peddle back. Right? You have to go back and, you know, redo a few things or reread the instructions

3 (2m 46s):
And the screws and

2 (2m 47s):
Swallow. Yeah. Yeah. And you’ve eventually get it done. Right. But it is all that, a way to kind of move whatever that piece is and make sure those holes are aligned. And we keep thinking they did something wrong, but really is, we’re not lining up to the directions. And of course, we don’t want to read the directions.

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We’d rather just imagine that we know what we’re doing, engineer. So let’s put this together.

3 (3m 12s):
I read the directions,

2 (3m 14s):
Not me

3 (3m 16s):

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But it is, it is about alignment. And so the alignment means this, you know, if you put a piece of furniture together and you know, it’s not exactly a

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Yeah. You’re not going to sit in it or something’s going to happen. It’s going to collapse. And that’s really what we’re talking about in manifesting is are you aligned with what you’re trying to create? Because your thoughts are always manifesting. Your thoughts, create your reality. And so let’s say you have a desire to do something, but your thoughts are not in alignment with what you’re manifesting. You’re going to get what your thoughts are versus what you’re creating in a vision board or in affirmations or things like that.

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So I have a question because I think this is something really cool for the listeners to know about you in your workshops. We just did one and I’m sure we’re going to have another one soon, but in your workshops, you talk about the power of thought and you demonstrate this physically using a dowsing rod. So you pull somebody out of the audience or out of the group and you have them focus on two different thoughts. One that is very sad. Something that made them very, you know, grief stricken or sad, and another is something that’s filled with love.

3 (4m 41s):
And you show them what happens to the dowsing rod, as it picks up that energy

2 (4m 47s):
And people are pretty amazed.

3 (4m 48s):
Yeah. And so just the power of a thought it within a second moves that copper dowsing rod, like

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3 (5m 1s):
Not even seconds in one second, it moves from the power of your thought and the aura that you put out there.

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And I don’t think people think that their thoughts are that powerful, right? And that’s where manifesting becomes crippled because we’re not aligning like the Ikea box furniture. We’re not aligning up to try to put things in an order. So what we’re feeling and thinking and believing is what we’re trying to manifest. So you can do a thousand vision boards, but if you still have those negative thoughts, and we’re going to talk about that, like the fear and the things that the stories we tell ourselves so that people can start to remanage or re think about how they’re processing.

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So basically they put this, this thing out there that they want to manifest, and then they sabotage it, correct with their thoughts.

2 (5m 55s):
It’s almost like taking a good bath and shower and you’re all cleaned up. And then you go jump in the mud. You should have not wasted your time.

3 (6m 4s):
Go dig in the dirt, don’t

2 (6m 6s):
Take in the dirt. So what we want to think about, or if you, as a listener, if you’re looking at learning to manifest truly manifest, it’s how we think, how we say it, our limiting belief. I mean, that’s what we really talk about in all my classes is that limiting belief where people almost make things smaller. Like I want to win enough money for this. Instead of saying, I do deserve to have abundance. You know, we try to control people, try to control, and then they feel like they’re being greedy if they ask for too much. And that’s that limiting belief system is, you know, thinking that you deserve less or trying to put a parameter on it when that’s where you’re not trusting the universe and that’s that partnership.

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And we try to control the outcome, you know, meeting you how I manifested, you know that, but I manifested, you

3 (6m 56s):

2 (6m 58s):
I read the, the So three wishes. Yeah. I put out there that you were already in my life and all the things that I was happy about our relationship. And then when I met you, I read that list. It was like, oh, this is her, but I didn’t put him or her. So that’s where you can’t be attached to the outcome because it will show up if you’re in alignment. But then what are you going to do with it when it’s has different,

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When it’s different than you

2 (7m 25s):
Expect, it’s better. And usually it comes through better, but we want to control how we think is best. When, what I have learned through this process is usually the universe has a better outcome than what I did with my limiting belief. And I think too, it’s trusting the process. What we want to make sure is if you’re opening yourself up to trust and open, up to manifests is to trust where you’re guided with our things were showing up. And it was interesting because I had been doing some research about women because of the, the month it is. And I kept getting these things pop up about Egypt. Well, since then I’ve had, I went into your office and there was a flyer about Egypt.

2 (8m 8s):
I came upstairs and was looking at social media and there was a thing about Egypt. This has been 24 hours. So the universe will tap on your shoulder to say, this is we’re, we’re listening to you. And we want to show you. And so most people either get on their phones are not paying attention to how that annoys me. People are walking across the street with her, you know, facing their phones. And it’s paying attention to those signs that the universe is listening, because that gives you more hope. It gives you more promise. You’re feeling like yes, you’re being heard and we want to be heard.

3 (8m 42s):
And that lends itself to give you more power in your manifesting or in your, your desires.

2 (8m 49s):
And also being able to receive, I think that’s the hardest one for some people is we have a belief system. I was reading something on social media the other day that said, you know, you have to work hard. And we do have these limiting beliefs that were raised at, you know, nothing is free money. Doesn’t grow on trees. You have to work hard to get ahead. And what happens is that people don’t know how to just receive a compliment or let someone pay a pick up the tab. Things like that. If you cannot receive a compliment, how are you going to receive what you’re trying to manifest? Because energy is energy. So if you’re pushing that energy back, like, no, I’m okay, the universe is going. If we, you want us to help you and you want to start receiving you better start receiving.

2 (9m 32s):
And I think that’s a really tough one for a lot of people because they think they have to work through it all and do it all. And so

3 (9m 39s):
Be so independent, you don’t accept help from anything or anyone including the universe. Right.

2 (9m 44s):
And the universe can be whatever name you want to call it.

3 (9m 47s):
Spirit. God universe is. Yeah. That’s just our term because it’s, it’s global. Yeah.

2 (9m 53s):
And allowing it to look different. I think a lot of people, and I know this was for myself early on until I started realizing that that wasn’t going to work is to let it be different. I think even with the letter to the universe about how happy I was with my partner, and then you came as a woman and I’m like, okay, well,

3 (10m 11s):
Thanks a lot.

2 (10m 13s):
You know, I’m going to, I’m going to lean into this. And I think a lot of people have in their mind, oh, it should look like this. And again, that’s feeling that, you know, more than everything else in the universe and how it works and finding a different way to create it. I think that people see how other people are creating things and think it’s the same way for them. And I think it’s really that person finding on their own terms, how it should be and how it, how it can be and not the way it just always looks like copying somebody else and how we think it should look, find your own, own path to it too. So when we want to manifest, I was thinking about showing some examples of how we can sabotage the way we manifest.

2 (11m 0s):
And I was thinking, first of all, about someone that’s wants a new job. So you have a job. It’s okay. You’re making decent money, but you don’t love it. You’re not passionate about it. And you feel that, you know, you’re just kinda going through the motions. And I know I’ve been there in my past job, not in this job, but my past jobs. And you’re thinking, is there something better? How do I do this? How do I go here? So imagine that you’re manifesting a career that really is creative and uses your passions and uses things that you can bring to the table. But then you go into that limiting belief is the belief about, well, is this a good time for me to leave? I mean, I’m getting older, you know, should I change careers at this point in my life?

2 (11m 45s):
What if I don’t? What if I am not as qualified? What if I’m a little bit shy? So, you know, maybe I won’t be able to talk about things. So are you going into it already limiting what may not work for you? And I think that’s what

3 (12m 2s):
Limiting what shows up. You’re limiting your possibilities.

2 (12m 6s):
So it’s going in and doing a better way of talking to yourself. So if you are going to encourage somebody else, I say, no, you got this. We don’t do that to ourselves. Like if, if like one of our kids or someone goes, well, you know, I’m thinking about this. You go, oh, well tell me more. And if they go into something very negative, go, well, what do you have as a resource for that? You know, going into other types of possibilities of how to bridge, whatever you think you’re lacking. But what we do is we really focus in on what we’re not going to get or what we don’t want or where we’re not going to be able to show up or whatever story we’re telling ourselves. So that’s when you have to shift that and start thinking if I was talking to somebody, is this what I would want them to say to me?

2 (12m 53s):
And I think we do need to go into anything we’re trying to manifest with open eyes to say, okay, is this a great risk? Should I be doing this? And things like that, but at the same time, stop, stop the, you know, the negative talk or the Debbie downer

3 (13m 12s):

2 (13m 12s):
Chatter, you

3 (13m 13s):
Have the

2 (13m 13s):
Trash talk and we do, you know, we, we go into, well, what if I don’t fit in? What if this job is not better than the one I already have? And again, we’re going into this place of fear, limiting beliefs. There’s not enough. So what you want to really do is always pay attention to your thoughts. The better scenario is, you know, I have this perfect job and it’s so awesome.

3 (13m 39s):
I have this, I work where I want when I want and with the people I want to work with. Yeah.

2 (13m 44s):
So going there versus I’m gonna use the word, Debbie downer, you know, you don’t want to go into that. You can’t

3 (13m 50s):
Use Debbie downer. Okay.

2 (13m 51s):
Let’s use another,

3 (13m 52s):
Your, your Deb doubt. You did, your name is too close to that.

2 (13m 57s):
Okay. What you want to do again, is what you were just saying is this is where I am. It’s already happened. It’s already there.

3 (14m 4s):
You’re acting as if it is there exactly the way you want.

2 (14m 8s):
Absolutely. And again, be open to that process of how it may show up, but start putting that thought out there doing mantras. I mean, affirmations are a key to this and you can do like post-it notes in your car and in your mirror and on your computer with these affirmations. Can, you can remind yourself and listen to how you’re thinking. And I don’t think that we do that. Okay.

3 (14m 32s):
And it’s so funny that you just said that. Cause I just, it just brought up a memory about post-it notes. So I was very young when I had my son, I was only 22 and I hadn’t established a career and he was unexpected, great unexpected gift, but unexpected. And so I had gotten a job that was 1% commission and I knew going into this, I was going to have to bust my behind to make it work. And I remember, and I, I, I didn’t even know about

2 (15m 4s):

3 (15m 5s):
Manifesting or the secret, but I took post-it notes and I posted my first goal that my first goal was to hit this amount per week in commission. You know, I did that for a while and then I upped it. So I would do that on post-it notes, on my computer. So I knew what my goal was because I wanted to be financially independent and be able to, you know, take care of everything that super independent. It may not have worked for other things later, but I knew what I wanted and what I needed. And I manifested it that way on post-it notes. Isn’t that, which is interesting. Yeah.

2 (15m 40s):
It’s such a simple thing. I mean, people, we don’t have to make it difficult. Like you said, just the post-it notes to remind yourself. Yes, I am deserving. Yes. I want and desire these things, but they’re already there not to have to work as hard because I see people that don’t work hard and they make a lot of money if that’s the

3 (15m 58s):

2 (15m 59s):
So if you look at that belief system, it isn’t because people work hard. It’s because people’s belief system,

3 (16m 7s):
They limit themselves still, even though they think they’re manifesting their thoughts. Yes. Limit them.

2 (16m 13s):
The one thing that I see often is someone wanting a life partner. I crack up, well, I want this life partner, you know, I D I don’t want to do it all alone. I want this, this life partner. And I want to have someone in my life that wants to share things. And so I go, okay, so how is this going to look for you? And the biggest things I get with that is these. Yeah. I want somebody, but yes, I want somebody, but, and so there’s all these ideas of what they don’t want. And then I’ll go, like, why don’t you go online? Well, you know, go online and date. They go, oh, I’m not going online. You know, there’s all these, and what I’ve told people is going online doesn’t mean you’re going to meet somebody there, but going online tells the universe that you’re open to meeting somebody.

2 (16m 59s):
And it has happened for several of my clients where they just got online. They met someone in a different way, but it showed the universe. They were truly wanting to open up that door.

3 (17m 8s):
Yeah. I know one client right off hand that this happened, actually we’re invited to their wedding this year. Yeah. And I’ll just, her name is Julie, but she, we met with her entire family. Right. And one of her issues, her husband had died and she was having a hard time finding a healthy relationship or a relationship at all. And after she took the class and started releasing the fear and the limiting beliefs, her relationship showed up. Right.

3 (17m 48s):
The one she wants right

2 (17m 50s):
Away. Yeah.

3 (17m 51s):
Yeah. I mean very quickly. Yes. So just really cool when you see the

2 (17m 58s):
Transformation, the

3 (17m 59s):
Transformation and the change in clients. Yeah. Yeah.

2 (18m 2s):
I really, the biggest thing is don’t make it so hard. I always call it the constipation reading. Don’t make it so

3 (18m 8s):
Hard. Constipation manifesting.

2 (18m 11s):
This is a story that I’m going to, that I just got when kids are little and they want to be something for Halloween. They know without a doubt, without question that they want to be Batman, or they want to

3 (18m 23s):
Be like my son, a taxi cab

2 (18m 26s):
Driver, but they know without a doubt, there’s no question of, oh, that’s a stupid costume. Or that’s a stupid idea. It’s none of that.

3 (18m 34s):
Yeah. They have no fear,

2 (18m 35s):
No fear. They’re like, yeah, I want to be the monster. I want to be this because that’s the manifesting that they have no limits to that imaginary idea of who they want to be. And so, yeah, taxi driver,

3 (18m 48s):
I know of all things. I’m like, oh my God, I’m sorry.

2 (18m 53s):
Even with our grandkids, you know, they know what they want and we make it happen for them or their parents

3 (18m 58s):
Do too. I want, I

2 (18m 60s):
Want absolutely. And then we stopped doing that as time goes on, like we’re not deserving, or I think we’re waiting for the other shoe to drop, or we’re waiting for something negative for us to, if I get this, then what’s the negative thing that’s going to happen. Or what will people say?

3 (19m 16s):
Society teaches us to limit ourselves.

2 (19m 21s):
So this is about really getting that clarity. And one of the ways to do that in my opinion is to record what you’re trying to manifest. And when you’re recording it, go back and listen. And what are you truly saying? If someone else listened to that, or you have someone else listen to it, is there butts in there? Are there eliminate belief? Are you trying to control it? And then are you truly believing that you deserve that from that receiving? And every time you go into that, sabotage, pull yourself back and go, you know what, that’s that limiting belief? And it really is a lot easier than people think.

2 (20m 3s):
And I think the other thing about manifesting is making sure you don’t manifest for other people.

3 (20m 9s):

2 (20m 10s):
Because people want to manifest for a family member or friend. And I know early on I did that with, with this kind of stuff is I was trying to get my husband at the time, you know, a good job. And that wasn’t the path and it wasn’t for me to do. And it ended up being that my career in this took off, which is so much passionate about and completely different. To me, it was divine on so many levels, but that’s that surrendering to allowing what can show up and fall into place and to lean into it, trust it.

3 (20m 45s):
So I think going to share some mantras that people can use here too. But I think that basically the acting as if,

2 (20m 56s):
Oh, that’s always

3 (20m 57s):
Is, you know, how, how you word what you say or what you record or what you write, because then in your example, you wrote a letter and it was as if it was in your life. And I think that’s a missing link to when people manifest is they word it as if I want this, it’s still, you’re going to, you’re going to keep wanting it because that’s what you’re putting out there. But also you, you said that manifesting, you manifest the negative and you manifest the positive.

2 (21m 31s):

3 (21m 31s):
So that’s what you’re talking about when you filter. So if you’re thinking these limiting beliefs in these thoughts that hold you back, basically, that’s what you’re manifesting. Right?

2 (21m 42s):
If you think I don’t want to be around toxic people anymore, you probably will get more toxic people.

3 (21m 48s):

2 (21m 49s):
Because it’s what you’re, you’re trying to avoid versus I’m in a place with some really good, healthy, positive people that are like-minded okay.

3 (21m 57s):
I surround myself with positive and genuine people who help and encourage me to reach my goals. That’s a good one for that twist that into.

2 (22m 6s):
And what happens with those is if you end up losing friends that are not aligned anymore, we have a grief process. So we try to hold onto those relationships versus allow the universe to remove them. So you can add in the people that you’re trying to manifest

3 (22m 23s):
Well, if, and we’ve learned that, yeah, it’s like whenever we go through some sort of change or transition, or we clean up our helpful people corner, or, you know, in funks way, we do a little bit of that work. We noticed that people that are not aligned with us do drop away And not by our choice. And it’s just an interesting process because it is, it really does happen. It’s like the universe comes in and starts to clean up what you surround yourself with.

2 (22m 56s):
And it’s not that negative people that you can’t be there for them and still have them in your life. But what you’re trying to manifest as if you’re carrying all these burdens of these people that are highly negative, and that’s all you’re getting from them, that’s the exchange of energy. That’s when you have to rethink, is this where you want to spend all your time? Is this the energy you want to put out? And everything that we ever talk about is energy. So again, if you’re in fear, let’s say you’re in fear of making a change in your life and thinking, what’s the worst thing that can happen versus you know what, I’m ready for this. And I’ve managed so many different things in my life. I got this. And that’s the biggest question when people say, well, I’m fearful of this.

2 (23m 38s):
I go, well, name your fear. Because when you, we can stay in a comfort zone that isn’t the best we do want to it. But the fear comes up of what if it’s not better, you can change it again. And maybe sometimes I think that when we have a little bit of that fear, it can continue to show up in our life as a negative. And then we keep thinking, oh, see, this is going to keep happening to me. Versus are you fear-based or

3 (24m 4s):
What do you think? Some of the biggest fears people have? Okay.

2 (24m 8s):
Judgment. Number one, being judged and judged, I think is a big one. I think the other one is like, what will people think, blah, blah, blah, blah. And what if I

3 (24m 16s):
Do all about what others

2 (24m 17s):
Think? I think the other one is really believing that you deserve. I think people are harder on themselves than they it’s that trash talk, that if they’ve done something wrong in their past, they bring in a lot of guilt and shame. And as we’ve talked before, guilt and shame are low, low, low vibrations. So if you start doing that guilt stuff, like why do I deserve this? When, when there’s a war in Ukraine, you know, there’s those kinds of things that we start comparing where other people are having a harder time, why should I get this?

3 (24m 46s):
And that brought up another thought for me is I owned a business that I had to shut down. And for me it was a failure. It was a learning experience. I learned so much through that seven years of, of owning and running a business. But for me, that was a failure. And I do go there sometimes. And I have guilt and I have a little bit of shame because I didn’t want that to happen. I didn’t, I want it to be able to provide jobs forever. You know what I mean? All those things that you really have goals of doing, but it does creep in at times, like, do I really know what I’m doing? Or I don’t want this to fail or, you know, just the little thoughts that come up

2 (25m 25s):
That talk. Yeah. And especially if something is a reminder, it’s like, when we hear a song, it takes us back in time. You know, when you remember those things and thoughts can do the same thing where we go back to an experience like, oh yeah, I remember where that really was painful. But if you go into it saying, I have that, I went for seven years and I gave people opportunities. And this is really great. It didn’t have to L it didn’t have to go on forever, but there is that grief process. I’m going to talk about failure for a second. I think failure, in my opinion, is learning to show up and take risks that you deserve a better life. I think we look as failure as Dover, do that again, or you’re not capable instead of thinking that it’s okay to

3 (26m 11s):
Try something.

2 (26m 12s):
And we talked about this, one of my classes recently that if you had a four-year-old five-year-old and they’re playing soccer, and they’re sitting there looking at the grass, you know, you wouldn’t just be saying to them, oh, you just will never be an athlete. You’re going to encourage them, come on, you know, go, you know, run. But I think that we take out that energy from our, as being a child is, well, if I fail, then what are people going to think and say, and I don’t want to fail versus you took a big risk and we know was science. I mean, there’s scientists try things over and over and over and over. And that’s not a failure, but they’re just trying to find out the answers.

3 (26m 52s):
Yeah. Even relationships is you can talk about how relationships have failed, but does that mean

2 (26m 58s):
That all relationships, your, all your relationships are going to fail,

3 (27m 1s):
Right? No, it doesn’t

2 (27m 2s):
Our student until we got together.

3 (27m 5s):
Well, that’s because you manifested me,

2 (27m 9s):
But I, I think the whole idea of failure is don’t beat yourself up because you’re trying to create a life and taking those risks really is powerful and consider yourself powerful.

3 (27m 23s):
It’s just an experience, right? Yeah.

2 (27m 25s):
Take it as an experience. I mean, would you, if you knew the outcome of the business you had, would you still have done it?

3 (27m 32s):
Yes, I would have, because at the time it was a very positive thing. It just, it, it just didn’t go the way I wanted and, and everything. I know this, I know this intellectually. I know. Yeah. Everything has its time. It’s it just wasn’t meant to be for more than that seven years, but seven years is a long time and I was ready for a challenge.

2 (27m 59s):
I’m like, sure, you share, you want to keep doing this. I didn’t tell you not to do it, but I’m just like, is this really what you want to do? That’s when your time. So we, the biggest thing about manifesting that is really checking to see if you’re aligned. If you’re putting furniture together from my Kia, read the directions, make sure, sure.

3 (28m 17s):
The oldest, all the screws and nuts and bolts are in the right places.

2 (28m 21s):
So we have some tips here.

3 (28m 23s):
We wrote down some really good ones that will help you guys. I trust the universe. It gives me exactly what I need at exactly the right time. I love that one. That’s what we were just talking about. Everything works out perfectly for me. I’m creating my dream life, but I would switch that. Not I’m creating. I have my dream

2 (28m 40s):

3 (28m 41s):
Because if you act as if that’s still future, for me, I’m creating is still future.

2 (28m 48s):
And it’s the same. We have all the time, fake it till you make it. That to me is huge because when you’re learning something new and you’re trying to change your energy, you are practicing something completely different. If you’ve, if you’re over 40, let’s say you’ve had that belief system for over 40 years. It’s not going to happen overnight. So be patient when you start changing your thought processes,

3 (29m 12s):
Yes. Your self-talk all of it. How about this? I am worthy of receiving my yes. Now release everything that is not serving my highest purpose,

2 (29m 20s):
Which be careful because it will, it will manifest

3 (29m 24s):
And it might change quickly. My business gets better and better. Every day. I am abundant in my family, finances, happiness, and in love. My soul is living the life of my dreams. My soul is ready to live the life of my dreams. I guess we could word that way. And we shared this one already. I surround myself with positive and genuine people who help and encourage me to reach my goals. The universe always has my back.

2 (29m 51s):
Oh, that’s the good one. Well, I just got chills and it’s because when people are so independent, especially women, I know this is a month about powerful women, but women have come to the point where I want to be in so independent. And that’s okay if you choose to do that. But that really isn’t alignment a belief system, which means that maybe the universe can’t help you because you want to be that independent.

3 (30m 14s):
So it’s saying, okay, go do your thing.

2 (30m 16s):
Go make it hard.

3 (30m 17s):
Let me know when you want help. I’ll be here. Waiting. Use

2 (30m 21s):
The magic of the universe.

3 (30m 23s):
My intentions for my life are clear. What I am seeking is seeking me, but that’s still future for me. So you do have to be careful. Yeah. So let’s cross that one off.

2 (30m 33s):
Okay. And I think that’s the thing about recording. You know, if you think about it, write it down and then record it. You’ll be able to recognize is this exactly what I want to throw out there to the universe? And is this what I want to stick?

3 (30m 47s):
I am smart, creative and motivated. And I only take yes for an answer. That’s me. I was like, don’t tell me no,

2 (30m 56s):
Dana does this where someone goes, we can’t do that. She goes, well, how do you think we can solve this issue? Whether you’re,

3 (31m 2s):
So she puts, how do we do this?

2 (31m 6s):
I’ve heard her say that multiple times. And it gets,

3 (31m 8s):
Yeah, that’s my belief system. I love support. And I believe in myself

2 (31m 12s):
And it really is listen to your negative talk. Listen, because we do it more often than we understand. And it doesn’t mean that you’re going to get a big head, or this is about your ego. It’s realizing that you do have a partnership. And how do you want to create and manifest that with the universe?

3 (31m 30s):
So I like the sticky notes, writing, writing, and your affirmation on a sticky note. I find, you know, now thinking back about it, I used to even have these little cards that would have, I would, I would pull one each day and that would be my mantra for the day or the week or the month, whatever, you know, whatever I decided, but just tiny little affirmations each day. Like the universe is bringing me all the best. Yes.

2 (31m 59s):
And I think we get so busy and overwhelmed and our to-do list are so long. The universe is not asking you to work harder to manifest. They’re just saying, let me help you. And I think that’s the whole thing about going back to learning, to receive. If you cannot receive a compliment without telling them where you bought the shirt and how long you’ve had it, you can’t receive maybe the Abundance and you know, maybe you playing the lottery and you keep thinking you can’t even receive a compliment or having someone up in the door or apologizing all the time for things yeah. Learn to receive. And of course, we do little classes on that. So what you want to make sure tips here, be clear, simple, distinct, no fluff.

2 (32m 40s):
Just get to the point. Don’t trash. Talk your desires. We also have to say this. We have manifesting boxes for sell on our website, that people can buy lunches, intuition intention. So

3 (32m 52s):
Instinct, treasure box.

2 (32m 54s):
So we have all things in there for you, whatever you want to manifest. Really that partnership with the universe, I think is key. And I really had the auto this week. You know, we were going through what we need to get done. And I was feeling a little bit overwhelmed and I got this huge reminder that I’m not working with the universe or my guides. I was sort of separating this. And when I started getting the aha and I teach this and I, when I do readings and teaching, I have my guides there. But for some of the things I need you to do, I’m like, oh, I have the support system and I’m not using it.

3 (33m 24s):
Then you’re trying to do it on

2 (33m 25s):
Your own. And I could hear like, and word nothing. We’ve helped you all along. And now you’re just discarding us. So again, create that partnership again. And if you don’t know what that looks like, make it up. I always tell people, make it up. You know, like when kids have the imaginary friend, just make it up, see yourself already in what you’re manifesting. So act as if which is what we talked about. I believe it will happen. I think a lot of people don’t believe that they deserve it, or they’ve never created something that they really desire. They just kind of went through the process and then trust that it may show up differently than you think. And normally what I have found, it’s always better if, than what I was trying to manifest. I mean, you’re much better than I tried to benefit what I wrote.

2 (34m 6s):
Well, thank you. Yeah. You’re much better. And then celebrate. I think we forget when we’re going through this process is to celebrate that. You’re trying to create something new in your life. It’s, it’s tough to be able to change your mindset when we’re taught to believe a certain way, but when you and I have seen not only our own way of manifesting, but we’ve seen it with other people. And so it is possible for sure. Okay. Please let us know how you’re manifesting out there. Thank you for joining us on spirited straight talk.

3 (34m 36s):
Thank you so much for listening to the show. Each Monday is a new episode of spirited straight talk. Make sure you hit follow. So you don’t miss any of the guidance or bonus episodes. Your experience at the show means a lot to us, and we would love for you to leave a review or let us know about more topics you would like to explore. You can also follow Deb on social media and connect with our website@devshepherd.com. That’s Deb S H E P P a R d.com. If you want to join Deb on one of the shows or have a reading from her on the show, you can submit a request on the podcast page of her website. Thank you again and see you next week.

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