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How to Cut Energetic Cords That Are Weighing You Down

Are you struggling to let go of a past relationship? Do you tend to feel depleted, depressed, or triggered by certain people? Even after people and situations are gone, it’s very common to continue to feel bogged down by their energy. Learn special tools and techniques for cutting the energetic cords to those who have hurt or depleted you – so you can heal and move forward with serenity.

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Welcome to spirited straight talk, the podcast to help you thrive with the help of spirit. I’m Deb Sheppard, psychic medium

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Teacher and author. Each week, I bring new insights to help you heal from loss, connect with spirit and turn setbacks and to triumphs. So let’s get started.

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They’ve been in times of my life and I’m sure this audiences listening, and I know you, and I’ve talked about this, Dana. Yes, but those individuals that you’re with that, they seem to just drain you dry they’re vampires. They are soul suckers. We call them and they may not be someone current, but there can also be those those relationships we’ve had in the past. And we think we’re over. We’re done. However, if that name shows up or we go through photos and see them, or we talk about them, or we have a dream about them, all of a sudden we’re feeling like we’re right back there again in that scenario.

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And most of the time when those things come up, they’re not the good memories. They’re actually the stories of the trauma and the things we experience. And we wonder, how do I get rid of this? I mean, I’ve worked with clients that thought I’ve been divorced for 30 years from my husband, but he’s still in my dreams. How come know those types of situations, or they had a coworker that really affected their career. And there’s many times that there’s triggers in a more recent job where they feel, am I going back into that scenario again? So there’s instead of going into trusting and having those tools, they go back into the fear and the feeling like they don’t have control and a lot of things can come up.

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And I know when it happens to me, I can have a couple of days of feeling sad or tired or angry and yeah, yeah. Scare me when that happens. And you think for a long time, oh, you know, this is long time ago, I’ve worked around. And as you know, when I teach in my classes and my mentoring is you may have dealt with certain things, did they keep coming back into your life? Right. That’s where we’re learning about things. So even though your layers of the onion, you always say, right, so it may not be that same individual, but it might be a similar situation where we’re traveling back to that time. So today’s topic is about cord Ketty and understanding how we can release the energy of certain individuals in our lives or stories or whatever you want to call it.

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So we don’t have to have that energy taken from us. So tell me why, why is it called cord? Cutting. I look at it when I see it or talk about it. I was thinking about the umbilical cord life connection. And so everyone you meet every experience you have, you can energetically connect and think about tech

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Plugging in, plugging in. Okay. Got it. So

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I say, you meet somebody and you are, wow. I just I’m connected to this person. We do connect. And then other people you’re like, I can’t wait to run. You know, you will unplug. Even when you leave, you’re still feeling that energy on you talk about it for a couple of days going, oh, this gambling

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Kind of feeling that right now.

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We may or may not have some chords that we need to excite.

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I need to cut. And it doesn’t mean that you don’t care about the individual. You want anything negative to happen. And people think like, well, what’s going to happen to them. Well, it’s not about that. It’s just setting those boundaries. So that’s their energy and you have yours. So you’re not taking theirs and they’re not taking yours. And it’s much healthier to be able to determine and use your intuition when all of those chords are not in. You

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Got it. Okay. That makes

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Sense. It’s like, if everyone’s hanging on you, you’re not going to be able to really do what you want to do. So you’re just putting out.

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It is still attached. You are still likely to give them your energy, even though you don’t want to.

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One of the things they talk about in cord cutting is they talk about letting go of the situation and that’s not something I teach. I don’t talk about letting go. If a situation keeps showing up in your life, that means there’s another layer of the lesson or the situation that you’re here to learn. So did you not have boundaries? Did you not see her value? Was this person overwhelming or trying to control you these things?

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Were they a bully and kept, kept poking at you, right?

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And so if they keep coming up, you want to look at your history. You want to look at your life and see these patterns because what you want to do in the future after you do these cord cuttings is when they show back up to pay attention to so that you can cut the cord quickly.

3 (4m 53s):
So you say, letting go, isn’t really how you teach. Is it more like releasing?

2 (4m 60s):
I think it’s about taking the intention saying, I don’t want to have this energy in me. If this lesson keeps coming up, like, let’s say you kept being abandoned or hurt or bullied by somebody. When you go back into that scenario again and feel it, you actually feel like sometimes you’re in that place. So instead of finding the tools to say, I don’t want to be a victim, I’m not going to go down that rabbit hole. I’m not going to allow these things. So I’m going to have my voice. I’m going to say

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You know, you’re going to figure out different ways to address the next time this happens. But the cord cutting. It’s allowing you to say, I’m going to deal with my stuff and you can deal with yours. You’re not getting energy from me and I’m not giving you my energy and vice versa. So it just helps you be more in your power.

3 (5m 46s):
So what if that person keeps poking at you, even though you’ve done a court cutting. Does that mean, is it just that after you do a cord cutting ritual, you you’ve are in a space where you’re not allowing their energy to mess with you anymore, or is it that they feel that, and you’re kind of guiding them away from you into their own space.

2 (6m 12s):
And you want to do it with love. You don’t want to

3 (6m 13s):
Do with love, always

2 (6m 15s):
Mean intention and all those things.

3 (6m 16s):
I love you. And I’m letting you go your own way. My teacher,

2 (6m 22s):
I believe that they can reconnect us. We haven’t allowed that time for the healing. So you may need to do a cord cutting several times until you feel like it’s really released for you. Like you’re not really taking it on. And then, then you’re doing the work of the healing. So,

3 (6m 39s):
So should it be daily?

2 (6m 45s):

3 (6m 45s):
Know. I want to know, but I also know if I’m asking the question, other others are going to be like, how often do I need to cord cut the cord?

2 (6m 54s):
The biggest thing that I teach too, is I don’t want you to go into fear, but you’re doing it wrong or you’re not doing it enough. I think you’d have to use your intuition to understand how you’re feeling. So pay attention. You may want to journal and start thinking about how you’re feeling before that cord cutting, and then what your feeling after the cord cutting. And if you’re going back into that energy again, go, I need to do this again. To me, the visual I got when you said that is if you want to exercise a muscle, it’s going to take a few times because you’d need to retrain that muscle. To me, that’s the same thing. You’re intuitively training your intuitive muscles to be able to say, this is a boundary there.

3 (7m 33s):
So this is an exercise, but a ritual you can perform when you feel that you need to remind yourself your energy and the universe about dimension. Yeah. It’s intention. Yeah. And

2 (7m 48s):
This is going to be includes someone who has passed.

3 (7m 50s):

2 (7m 51s):
So if you’re carrying a lot of guilt or shame about someone that has crossed over this cord, cutting is going to help you understand is this judgment that you’re feeling, is it shame that you needed to do some work on or healing? And then you can look deeper into what you can do to shift your physical energy as well. The cord cutting is just giving you that clarity, that ritual is putting the intention because you know, I’d love fun choy and fun choice is all about energy and putting things in a certain place so that you have things that you want to manifest. So if you want, you know, a support system or, or a relationship or income or money, you’re putting that intention in court, cutting rituals are just the same.

2 (8m 35s):
And people have all cultures have rituals. So this is no different. It’s finding one of those things that, Hey, this is going to work for me where I want to do some hailing. And I want to reflect on this, but I don’t want to carry the burden around. And as you know, one of my things I have people do in my classes is carrying the brick or the rock, whatever around for several days. And part of that is to let them know the weight of that belief or feeling that they’re carrying

3 (9m 3s):
Fear, whatever it is. So

2 (9m 6s):
The bag is you’re carrying. And that’s what court ketamine is doing is allowing you to say, I don’t want to carry this with me.

3 (9m 13s):
It sounds like the brick should lead into the next ritual and cord cutting,

2 (9m 17s):
Carry this with me and I want to release it. So I can then be in my power and I can learn these lessons that I’m here to learn. That’s all it is. And it’s not hurting somebody else. But remembering that these people that are in our lives that may have caused us some pain, our teachers, and what are we learning?

3 (9m 36s):
We’re learning that we are always the student and we are never the teacher.

2 (9m 42s):
And you’re not enlightened until your have had multiple lifetimes. So if it comes up, don’t think that you’ve already learned that lesson visit. It’s coming back up. It says, you’re initially you’re not done, which is a big thing. So if we think about an imaginary cord rope court, I was thinking of like, got a tube or a straw. That’s going to try to have energy. And you’re connected with another person. So long to

3 (10m 9s):
Think of a rope

2 (10m 12s):
For me, it has to be hollow,

3 (10m 14s):
Okay. For the energy to flow through it,

2 (10m 17s):
What happened anymore. But again, it doesn’t matter. There’s no wrong or right. Also taking time, because sometimes there might be some emotions that come up when you’re doing this cord cutting. Cause you may feel as if your shutting down, maybe the love and it has nothing to do with it. What you’re saying is I love you for whatever reasons, but I also need to get my power back. And it’s the same thing I teach about staying in your own lane. Everyone has their lessons to learn. And by not having everyone cross your boundaries, it allows you to do your own work, not be confused

3 (10m 52s):
And not by not crossing boundaries. You allow others to learn their lessons.

2 (10m 56s):
It’s their job. It may not want to.

3 (10m 59s):
I think I’ve been around Deb shepherd long enough, because when you say something, it reminds me of, oh yeah, that’s what I’ve heard you teach. This is stay in your own lane, but don’t cross into somebody else’s lane either without their permission.

2 (11m 15s):
And if some of the things they have to get someone’s permission or things like that to cord cut. No, because it’s not about harm. It’s about really taking a cleansing. And this is the w the example I’m getting, we have a really large tree in our backyard and the roots are high. And so it’s going into our patio in that area. And so it’s not destroying the tree. It’s managing what’s going on. What do we do with those roots? What are we do with that patio in order for everything to be okay? So you’re not doing something negative here. You’re just managing, I’m going to use the word energy, because that’s what this is all about. If you feel like you have a lot of people, you need to cord cut. You may want to just do a couple at a time to see how it feels.

2 (11m 57s):
And then continue in like what you just said earlier. We may need to do it more often. And especially if you start feeling them dreaming about them, they show up in your life, things like that. You want to do a little bit more to be more active, especially if those chords are really deep and you’ve had them for years, like the tree roots, it’s like, it just it’s digging deep. And how do we begin to manage that? So the first thing you want to do is start thinking about who in your lists that you want to begin to cord cut, and maybe even journal the reasons why you want to do some cord cutting. Is it maybe they weren’t honest with you. You couldn’t trust them. They made you feel not good about yourself, where you neglected.

2 (12m 42s):
Did they not see your value? Whatever that story is told yourself. And I think all of us have had similar those people, everyone has, we all are. And I know I’ve done things to people that have heard them. So

3 (12m 56s):
Not purposely, but

2 (12m 57s):
Still unintentional. So you want to be able to really get a feeling of who this is, what you’re trying to release and the purpose of it. There are so many things you can do much. I even researched on Amazon and they sell cord cutting kids.

3 (13m 12s):
Oh, that’s

2 (13m 13s):
Cool. Yeah. And I was like, wow. If Amazon has them, they’re becoming, I think

3 (13m 17s):
We need to create that.

2 (13m 21s):
So depending on who you are, what other, you know, things you believe in your own culture, if you have things that you already do in your belief system, that’s fine. As well. Part of this then would be, you know, drinking, lots of water, lighting candles, perhaps creating an intention of what you’re trying to do. You can do an Epsom salt bath, and I’ve done lots of Epsom salt baths to do cord cutting. And the Epsom salt bath is just hot water. You put your Epson salt, you can put lavender or other types of oils. As a matter of fact, there are some oils that you can use for cut cord cutting, but it’s all about intention. You’re putting the intention in light, a few candles, listen to music and begin to imagining yourself, actually cutting this cord.

2 (14m 3s):
I usually do it from my solar plexus, but you can do it from your heart. You can do it from any part of your body, but that’s where I go. And then I imagine cutting that cord, whether it was scissors, a saw or breaking it, you can use your imagination. I see that cord with that individual. And I watched them leave, sending them all the love that they will find their journey, their piece, what they need, and also thanking them for what they’ve given me, which may not be always a positive thing. But what did I learn from that journey? And that’s a really easy one for a lot of people to do, just to go into that and have that energy. Some people do smudging, which is with normally it’s with Sage.

2 (14m 48s):
I have never done that with a cord cutting, but I have done it where I want to shift energy in a space. So if you’re feeling that energy in your space, you may want to include smudging in your environment.

3 (14m 59s):
So maybe visualize the cord cutting, and then smudge afterwards to release that energy or change that energy. Yeah.

2 (15m 8s):
It’s like putting the, the last stamp on it or the signature say, you know, I’m done with this. I don’t know.

3 (15m 13s):
So what you’re telling people is to go in a little meditation, imagine that cord cutting that you just described. And then afterwards, maybe take this up and sell bath or do the cord cutting in your mind during an episode. Yeah. During the, the bath smudge afterwards,

2 (15m 33s):
You can do any order you want. If you’re Catholic, maybe you want to do some holy water. You know? So if you have a certain ritual or belief system, you can bring that in people like rosewater is another one. Maybe it’s washing your hands or writing and the paper and then burying it or burning it. So that you’re also doing another release after the cord cutting. You’re using your imagination to imagine that cord being severed, whatever way it looks for you. I’ve had people tell me, oh yeah, I cut it. I burned it. I shredded it.

3 (16m 5s):
Can you actually have, instead of just visualizing it, can you create a ritual around it with an actual chord straw? You described how you visualize it, but I would assume it would be so for swine or

2 (16m 22s):
We’ll take it twined of some sort and do the ritual of their lighting candles, playing their music. They’re journaling the information. And then they put chords around their feet and their hands.

3 (16m 33s):
So in the journaling, would you say you were writing down, like you said, what this individual gave you,

2 (16m 40s):
You wish

3 (16m 41s):
What you wish for them going forward, what you wish for yourself going forward and say, create that ritual to release it. Then

2 (16m 48s):
It should all be done with love. And the hard thing about doing these releases is if we have a lot of anger around how we’ve been feeling, so

3 (16m 55s):
Then fold up your little paper and bury it or permanent, you said, okay,

2 (16m 60s):
Flushing you down the toilet. I don’t care. But you want to put it back into mother earth. If you really want to have the time, you can do this on your own, but you can also have someone doing it with you. If you feel like that’s better, maybe, maybe you’re really seeing the same type of situation, but yeah, you can tie it around your hands and then go through some of the ritual and then on tie it, you can then burn that string or rope, whatever you’re using.

3 (17m 27s):

2 (17m 27s):
So whatever you want to do to

3 (17m 28s):
Release the different ways.

2 (17m 29s):
Yeah. And I think most people, if you use a little of your imagination or begin to think about things in the past, that’s going to allow you to say, this is what I want to do. And there’s no wrong way to do it, which is really beautiful. People think, well, what’s first, what’s second. What feels right for you? If you do, let’s say in the beginning you do a very intense cord cutting though, within a couple of days, maybe a week, you’re going, yeah, I feel it again. Or whatever deal with simple one. It might be again, just writing something and burning it. It might be spraying yourself with, you know, rosewater, things like that.

3 (18m 7s):
Using essential oils,

2 (18m 9s):
Any kind of essential oils for releasing the letting go part of this, which is what they teach in a lot of the cord. Cutting. You may want to go back and say, maybe I’m not ready to release this. So let’s say that you do have a lot of anger or you’re feeling like you should have gotten an apology. Whatever the story is, if your intention of the cord cutting is to release it, but you’re still carrying some of that energy around it. There may be more work for you to do so that it’s a real clean cut because you want to go into it with the idea of I’ve learned, I’m really seeing, I don’t want to carry this. It will open yourself up to other people coming into your life that may still be teachers or things like that.

2 (18m 49s):
But realize that now you feel it. And you can decide how to, you know, basically Terminator cut the court earlier than holding onto it. Maybe 10, 15, 20 years. We want to move it quicker. I wonder if you can lose weight by cord county. Well, if you think about how much we carry energetically, our stories, and most of these stories, we’re feeling like a victim. So if you can release some of those things and feel like you’re not always still connected to that vibration, does it help you feel wider? Where you have more energy, you have the ability to feel later in life. And I think that it can help or people go, yeah, this feels really good.

2 (19m 32s):
When we put ourselves to that place of clarity, it’s one of those things that maybe you want to remind yourself during the day. Maybe you cut chords and the evening and next time, next day or so you’re going to work or you’re going to the grocery store, whatever. And you’ll have a certain feeling that imagine real quickly that court is being cut again or unplugged to keep because we get comfortable with certain things and we want to be able to release that energy. What do you think about this?

3 (19m 58s):
I think is great.

2 (20m 1s):
And rituals are people think that, that the, wow, that’s really weird. Then we have traditions and rituals. We do. And all cultures. Marriage.

3 (20m 13s):
Yeah. We don’t want to over ritualize our lives. Cause we’ve heard

2 (20m 17s):
Where people just do way too.

3 (20m 18s):
Yeah. It’s like, I have a ritual by the time I brushed my hair and teeth in the morning through the time

2 (20m 24s):
I go to bed,

3 (20m 25s):
Go to bed. Yeah. And while I’m sleeping and it’s like, wait a minute, you’re over ritualized.

2 (20m 31s):
It’s all about intention. It’s not overcrowding, not going that fear. But when we look at rituals in all cultures, whether it’s a marriage celebration, a divorce, I mean a divorce

3 (20m 45s):
That’s of course

2 (20m 49s):
Thank you, guides. But it could be, you know, someone’s death or it could be like, we, we see right now, it’s all about these people graduating. There’s just celebration. They’re going onto the department of their life. So rituals are a constant thing in culture. So this is just another one you can add and you can implement what you already have in your life. That can be helpful.

3 (21m 13s):
So you kind of wrote down a little blessing that we’re going to share with people if they need their own, if they need some help with what sort of a blessing.

2 (21m 28s):
And these are just guidelines. Because a lot of people that are new to even this type of work or this idea of cord cutting, like, well, what do I say? What do I do? And to me, it’s how you feel. But if you’re not in that place and you feel, I don’t want to do it wrong, there’s a, just a couple of things that we can say or do that can help them be helpful. I can’t walk and chew gum.

3 (21m 53s):
It’s you kid. You

2 (21m 54s):
Want to read this? Cause you’re not really sure I’m reading versus me.

3 (21m 57s):
I now release any and all energetic cords that do not serve my highest good. I release you. And I release myself from these binds all cords across all dimensions, times and planes, never to return again. I hear by release these energetic cords and recover all positive energy. That was once lost my energy flows back to me, filling me once again with vitality and creating an out peaceful, energetic boundary of love and light.

2 (22m 27s):
Thank you.

3 (22m 28s):
Good job. DEP shepherd.

2 (22m 30s):
Well, I’m dyslexic. So sometimes I got to read it and it takes me twice as long. So I get Dana to do it for me. The thing is, it’s what works for you. We, you don’t want to put anything negative. You don’t want to put where you’re wishing, you know, more things for others

3 (22m 46s):

2 (22m 47s):
Love and light love and light and start journaling after that. How are you feeling what’s showing up for you? Do you feel like your heart’s better or are you grieving? So the other part of court, Teddy, I said, if you’re feeling sad, it doesn’t mean you didn’t do it right, but you’ve been holding onto that energy for a very long time. When you remove it, all of a sudden your body begins to shift and thinking, I’m sad because you missed a piece of what you were holding on to for such a long time. So if you do get sad or overwhelmed, it’s very normal. It’s just part of that grief. Take care of yourself, nurture yourself, eat right, get a massage, get Reiki, be outdoors and mother earth.

2 (23m 29s):
Anything that will help you shift that vibration

3 (23m 32s):
Into your Shakur stones.

2 (23m 34s):
And you know, my, my favorite thing is humor.

3 (23m 38s):
That’s when you take the Epps himself out too, and watch some comedy in the bathtub.

2 (23m 43s):
I, Dana knows if I have one of days, she goes, okay, what do we want to watch? And it’s just to distract me and move my energy. So if you’re feeling grief in your heart, that’s just because that was there for such a long time and it doesn’t serve you. So you’re removing it and you can fill it up with love and joy and other things, which is really, you have an opportunity to put other things in that place and replace it. Now, are you ready to do some cord cutting? Yes. I think we should start doing that tonight. Okay. Okay. So thank you for joining us on this podcast with cord cutting. I hope it finds you great peace and joy and Dana, thank you for joining me for this fabulous podcast.

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Thank you for listening to today’s episode. I hope it inspired you. If you enjoyed our conversation, make sure you subscribe so that you get notified of new episodes and let’s get connected. Visit Deb shepherd.com for more insights, support workshops, and a book, a session with me. And finally, always remember your loved ones in spirit or just a thought away, even though they’re on the other side, they’re always by your side.

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