Connecting With Your Mom On The Other Side


Losing your mom or a mother figure is profoundly difficult. Facing Mother's Day and other holidays without her can amplify your grief even more. Deb shares healing insights into grieving the loss of your mom and teaches you how to connect with her on the Other Side. Deb also gives a profoundly healing reading to a listener who recently lost her mom - helping to validate that our loved ones live on and your mom or mother figure is still with you.

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1 (6s):
Welcome to spirited straight talk the podcast to help you thrive with the help of spirit. I'm Deb shepherd, psychic medium spiritual teacher and author. Each week, I bring new insights to help you heal from loss, connect with spirit and turn setbacks and to triumphs. So let's get started. Welcome to spirit and straight talk. I'm here with Dana. Both of us are mothers, mothers, mothers, and we're going to mother what we are going to talk about mother's day because it's coming up. And I think it's fascinating that we just honored mother earth on April 22nd. So those days are closed, you know, the moms, but for some people mother's day can be a tough day.

1 (50s):
There can be the loss of your mother or the person who would consider your mom and also the moms who have lost children. And so it can be a sensitive day. So my goal today is to talk about a few things regarding the history of mother's day, what it's about, and then give some tips and tools about how to heal grief and maybe connect with your loved ones during this time. And I'm actually going to surprise you with a little reading I'm going to do is someone that was a listener that she's going to, I think her mom's passed. So we're going to talk to her mom. So we're going to bring somebody on, right? So online. Yeah, but also mother's day must be a big deal because it's the biggest day of any day that people call their moms.

1 (1m 36s):
So there's over 122 million phone calls made to moms. And so if any of you people out there, you, people texts, don't text your mother, unless your mom is busy or she, whatever her situation. But please definitely make pick up those phones and call mom. And if you can't get through, keep trying, it sounds like I'm going to fundraiser kit and get through it. And you are just saying, I'm just saying you're doing it unless it's like the other day when Verizon's whole network was out. So that could happen. So I just wanted to share this because this, I did not know this, that there was a common flower for mother's day and the pink and red are for mothers who are still with us and white carnations for mothers who have passed away.

1 (2m 26s):
Those are all carnations. Yeah. Interesting. Yeah. So if you are giving flowers to somebody, just remember that again, and if it's th their carnations and what color is for which one makes sure we have that pink and red are for mothers who are with us, with us and white, for those who have crossed over. So those are good things to bring. So if you bring flowers to your mom and then you want to bring something in honor of her mother, that would be a great gift. And maybe even your mom doesn't know that. So they'll think that you're really awesome, right? Well, I did some studying too regarding mother's day. Cause I want to know where it started. Cause I always find it fascinating how holidays that we celebrate now, where they came from.

1 (3m 8s):
And the original of course is from Greece because everything starts in of course. And we've heard that many times, right? Big fat, Greek wedding, everything, everything comes from Greece. We've been doing this last year. That's what we've been told, but it's a great mythology was, is R H E Rhea Rhea. And she was a mother of fertility. She represented taking care of children and childbearing and all those things. So that's like the original idea, but that's not where our mother's day came from. Our mother's day came in the 18 hundreds. And actually it was approved by president. We'll do Woodrow Wilson blended the two names together.

1 (3m 55s):
That's he actually signed it as a declaration for mother's day back in that time for the first of the second Sunday of may. So this what I, this year, it's my AI. It was championed by three women who their intention was to work towards better health, welfare, peace, and love. And it was designated the second Sunday in may, every single year. And so it's really interesting, the women that created it and why they created it is probably nothing like correct. So Ann Reeves, Jarvis it Jarvis, I'm really doing good on saying these names today.

1 (4m 37s):
She was a Sunday school teacher. She was a homemaker, but she was also a life long activist. And she actually volunteered for the military at the time to make sure that the soldiers received good hygiene, medical care, things that were not as common during that time, which I think is really amazing that she was able to do that. And then her daughter, Julia Ward Howe wanted to create a day in honor of her mother and her mother actually wrote the song, the battle hymn of the Republic. Thank you for doing that. You're welcome so much information, which is now used in all of the military and is actually the purpose of that writing was that she was an activist for black slaves, that she wanted to help get them out of slavery and be that person that included everybody as being equal, which I thought was pretty powerful for that time.

1 (5m 35s):
But looking what she did was that's when it started and her song became, I guess, very important, even when it was saying to Abraham Lincoln, I guess he cried hearing the song because, you know, he was also an activist about slavery and freedom, freedom, and those, those types of things. Right. But as it went on, her daughter decided that she didn't like the way mother's day was being changed. How we do it today. It was, yeah, I guess it became too commercialized when the initial intention of mother's day was to promote peace and to eradicate war upset was the original intention of recognizing a mother's day for peace.

1 (6m 18s):
And it was actually called mother's day for peace. And then I think about what's going on in our world, we look at what's going on in Ukraine and even Russia, because most of those people are a lot of them, I would assume are not happy about this. So all of these mothers that are losing their children or these women that are fighting for Ukraine, you look at that too. And it's interesting that this ties into wanting peace. And I think women always normally healthy women want peace in their family. They want their children to be happy. And I think this is why it's such a important thing to remember where this came from. This isn't just, oh, mothers are really great, even though they are right.

1 (6m 59s):
So it was promoting peace, promoting peace, and which mother does not want peace. What mother wants to watch their child have to go to war or, you know, I mean, I know we are both moms of sons and I don't know if you remember, but as soon as they graduated high school and turned 18, they had to register for and girls now too. So boys and girls, yeah, they right there, they want you to register at register. And Thomas had to thought about going that direction. And at one time, you know, everyone had to serve at one time when we didn't, we don't have that as much anymore, but people will desire, but still what we want for our world is that peace.

1 (7m 42s):
And it kind of reminds me of taking this day and remembering to bring peace into our lives as well. But we also want to give some tips on what to do. If your mother's not here, or you don't have a mother in your life. Most of us really don't have mothers in our lives. They're alive, but they're not part of our life. And so there's that kind of interesting dynamic as well as that we're here as mothers, but not having to celebrate our mothers at this time. And I have other people that I consider mom figures for me. So I always try to honor them as well. And yeah, I do too. My aunt, for example, or some other figure for me, but also my grandmother.

1 (8m 23s):
Yes. Which was a big piece for you. It was a big piece. Yeah. And she's not with us any longer. So I will be buying some white carnations this year remembrance. So if you were adopted, don't know who your biological mother is at the same time, want to celebrate both mothers, there's ways to do this. If you feel like you don't want to celebrate because you've lost children or a child, it can be really difficult. And for those that were close to their mother, that their mother passed, especially when you were young or people are young, I think that's even more difficult for people because they don't have those memories. That mother isn't there to continue to see, they believe.

1 (9m 3s):
Or sometimes we believe that our parents aren't up there to watch us. And so that's where a lot of the grief, if they want to see how you're doing as a mom, how you're doing with life and what your experiences are, they still see you. They still see us. It's just September. I said, so we feel, yeah, of course we want them here. So also it's okay for you to be celebrated. We're going to go into that as well. But some of the tips for you is to honor the grief. If your mother's not in your life, even make a day where you do get the white carnations, maybe you hand them out to other, other people in honor of your mother that you lost because sometimes paying for it can be very helpful. It's also planned before the day.

1 (9m 45s):
I think sometimes we don't, we ignore it until that day happens. And we're like, what do I do? I think if you can preplan a little bit of what you want to do that day, it can make it a more enjoyable experience. Not only for you, but maybe if there's any grief involved for other people that you feel that have lost parents or children, maybe plan to do, you know, moms mom's love potlucks, right. Or being together, watching a movie or doing something in our world that would be, you know, giving back. So we can remember the day is more of a celebration than a day of grief. My, my intention too, would be, Hey, go adopt a fur baby. You know what a great day to give a for baby a mom and celebrate that and bring in a new life.

1 (10m 30s):
So she would go adopt some more dangerous. No, not unless they're miniature goats. Also. I think sometimes if we don't have those mother figures in our lives, or we're not sure what to do, look for the young mothers, maybe there's a place that you can help donate or talk to a young mother that doesn't have a support system and give them advice. So that feels like your, your wisdom is being passed on to somebody that normally would not have that support if they're willing to listen, because I know this is funny, but you know what? My favorite celebration is on mother's day to go to my favorite, my favorite plant nursery and get all the flowers that you'll let me by because we have our own rain forest in our house and in our yard.

1 (11m 18s):
Don't you love it. Love it. I'm just so in love with it. Yeah. And plenty flowers. I think that's a traditional, you see people out plant flowers in honor of somebody, a child maybe, or a parent or anyone in your life that you would want a tree. Yeah. Even a tree. That's a big one. But yeah. So that's what you want to plan ahead. Really do some things honor. Your mom honor the Piedmont moms in your life. One of the things I thought about too is bringing out those old photos and talking about those experiences. Sometimes our children or grandchildren don't know the stories of our ancestors. And so sharing those stories, there can be very helpful and healing.

1 (12m 1s):
And because we want to share what we, how we grew up in things that we did. So to me, that's another way to honor mother's day. Perhaps if you have adult children and they want to know what to do, just say, I want to talk about my answers is my mom, my grandmother, my aunts. I want to talk about these women, tell stories a great idea and maybe record them because we don't remember these stories. And I know before, like my in-laws passed, I, I was always asking them questions and I would want to know the details of actually had my father-in-law write down some things, because it's not passed down. Like it was, you know, 50 years ago. So I think that's important.

1 (12m 41s):
Yeah. And now we have cell phones ready to record at all times. So it's a lot easier now, but are we still doing that? And that speaks volumes. Like I, you saying that now I want to go record. Yes. Some stories because, and I remember people saying a lot of times, I wish I would have recorded that story. I wish I recorded my mother's voice. I wish I would have recorded their voice while I could still hear it. And that's it. We can't get that back and even doing a reading, I can make that great connection. However, there's still that voice that we want to hear personally from our family, which I think is valuable for healing.

1 (13m 22s):
I had a recording of my grandmother's voice and it got erased and it, this was Bri cell phone, you know, at will, but it was recorded on a answering machine. Well, it was automated answering machine, so it wasn't like a machine. It was integrated into the phone line, but she had left me a message before she passed and I lost it and I still got, I wish I would, would have had still have it, you know? Yeah. To go back and listen to that voice. So, so make the holiday special plan in advance. That's my biggest thing. Plan to maybe write down a recipe that your mother or grandmother or an aunt did, or someone in your life and hand that out to people.

1 (14m 8s):
I think it's important to carry on that legacy. Tell the stories, things that you remember. And I think it can be, I mean, I, you know, getting cards and gifts are great, but having people's love and support and to be able to tell those stories can be a wonderful gift to everybody. I am so grateful and honored because we have a listener. Her name is Elizabeth, and she's willing to let me do a reading for her and put it on this podcast so that other people can enjoy the experience. So I'm so glad that you were open to doing this. Elizabeth, are you ready?

2 (14m 44s):
I am. I'm excited.

1 (14m 46s):
Thank you. So I know that you've lost your mom, right? Yes. What's your mom's name?

2 (14m 52s):

1 (14m 53s):
Okay. Janet feels like a person that could be energetic, but also there was always a lot going on. Does that make sense?

2 (15m 2s):
Yes. That makes sense.

1 (15m 3s):
And I feel like she hasn't been gone very long.

2 (15m 6s):
Yes, that's true.

1 (15m 7s):
And I feel like you didn't have enough to prepare yourself for her passing. It's almost like there was some tough choices before she crossed. And I'm also feeling because we're talking about mother's day where you sometimes the adults in your relationship with your mom.

2 (15m 21s):
Yes. Very much. Sorry. Yeah,

1 (15m 23s):
Because I feel like she's saying thank you for being that person for me that I needed. And I even feel like after her death, you're still doing a lot of, I'm getting the word mending, managing, taking care of things that were left, maybe undone or things that you had to take care of as well.

2 (15m 42s):
That's for sure.

1 (15m 43s):
Yeah. And I feel like she was still relatively young before her passing. I don't feel like she was that old.

2 (15m 50s):
No, I wouldn't. She was I'm 74.

1 (15m 54s):
Yeah. And we live longer than that. So she's just letting me know that she is okay. I also feel that things are not done with her situation. So this could be with a family member or a couple of family members. There are still things that you're trying to iron out. She's given you a thumbs up by saying she is appreciative of what you're doing. She's not upset with the choices you've had to make. Cause I feel like somethings were, had, you had to kind of create on your own. They weren't written by her or laid out by her what she exactly wanted for things.

2 (16m 27s):
That's totally true. Yes. Yeah.

1 (16m 29s):
And she's also saying that you have Billy, well, of course this is not unusual, but you've really been missing here. This could be because it's mother's day or a lot of things are happening in your life that you're having to deal with. So we always want to hear her mom's voice of comfort. So that's what I'm getting as well. I did hear a dog in the background, but I'm also getting that she has some dogs with her that's past. Does this make sense?

2 (16m 51s):
That is very true. Yes.

1 (16m 52s):
Whether were they her babies? Like they were a big time spoiled rotten dogs.

2 (16m 56s):
Yes. Especially one of them. Yeah. Okay.

1 (17m 1s):
I'm almost feeling like, yeah, you're, you're a little adult, but my fur babies are my real babies is kind of the feeling I'm getting.

2 (17m 9s):
Is that true? That's very true. Especially the last one after I, I grew up and moved out. Yes. The last one had it made,

1 (17m 17s):
Made in the shade. I also, your mom was sharing with me that she wishes that she would have made better choices. Even with her health. I feel like there was some ignoring it or not paying attention or maybe even the medical community was, but that she would have pursued some issues that were going on that she didn't think that were as serious as she thought

2 (17m 38s):
That is very true. I, I personally think she could have taken much better care of herself. And I think there were things we didn't know. Yeah.

1 (17m 45s):
So she's apologizing to you. I think that she did know some stuff, but I also feel like I have those blinders on, you know, when you see the monkeys, I don't hear, I don't see. I don't talk. I feel like it's that she just wanted to ignore things versus leaning into it, getting things taken care of. And it's like crossing your T's and dotting your I's. She did not do that.

2 (18m 4s):
Exactly. That is so true. Yeah.

1 (18m 7s):
She's also very proud of you. She says that you still are taking care of things you're still managing. Did she not really understand the work that you do or understanding? Exactly. Cause I feel like, yeah, I get what you do, but I really don't get what you do.

2 (18m 22s):
That is very true. Yeah. She had no idea. She just knew that

1 (18m 27s):
It's almost like, oh yeah, you do this. Yeah. Don't tell me more because I'm not going to understand, say on this at all, she is actually apologizing for not asking you more in-depth questions about what you did. Like, I feel like it was a hurried conversation or she didn't take the time to go deeper into your life at times. And so sometimes those conversations were more one-sided which I'm assuming maybe it was more that you listened to your mom's and she listened to.

2 (18m 56s):
Yep. Yeah. That's good. Yeah.

1 (18m 59s):
And she says that you were basically, I don't want to say you're her therapist, but it definitely feels like she relied on you for a lot of things that you would expect for you to lean on your mom for those things.

2 (19m 11s):
Very sure yet. That's it?

1 (19m 14s):
She is there. Her parents are past.

2 (19m 17s):

1 (19m 18s):
Okay. Did she not know her father very well or is her father been gone a long time

2 (19m 22s):
And he's been gone a long time. And I also think, I mean, I think he, I don't think he was absent, but I think it was just a different time period.

1 (19m 32s):
I don't feel that she has that good male role model for herself.

2 (19m 36s):
That would make sense.

1 (19m 37s):
And so I, I I'm assuming from what she's saying, maybe some of our relationships were challenging or that she really didn't know what, how to ask for what she wanted. That's the best way to get it. I feel like she just didn't always know what to ask for, but I feel like you kept leading the way or giving her support that I feel at some point that she didn't know what she would do without you And that you were really that rock for her. And I feel like for other family members as well, like you were there as that solid individual, and she's saying that she never gave you credit for being that solid individual all those years. It was almost like she expected it.

2 (20m 17s):

1 (20m 18s):
Versus thinking you didn't have to do it this way.

2 (20m 22s):
Yes. Yeah. Very much so.

1 (20m 24s):
And so it's just sort of that feeling of my feeling from her is I wish she says to me, I wish I would have taken the time to listen and been the mother for her when she needed me. And what she's telling me is that you were just always so strong. She didn't think you needed her, which is not true.

2 (20m 46s):
That is very true. Yeah. I mean, there were some times when I was going through difficulties and she was, she would be there if I really needed her. But when it came, yeah. What you're saying is exactly true. Yes. Okay.

1 (20m 58s):
Do you want to ask your mom anything?

2 (20m 60s):
I just wonder if she has any insight for me moving forward. Like just, I'm making a lot of big decisions in my life.

1 (21m 8s):
So when I see the ocean, but on the beach, when I see a line in the sand, that's what I'm getting from your mom is almost like put the line in the sand and trust that the choices that you're making are divinely, what you need to do. She's also feeling that she only wants happiness for you, that you deserve it. And that it's about time that you learn to be okay with you receiving. So what she said earlier is that she forgot how to ask for what she needed. She never learned that. And she's telling you at this point to learn, to ask for what you need, she wishes she would have taught you that to have your voice.

2 (21m 49s):

1 (21m 50s):
How does that feel?

2 (21m 51s):
That resonates. That makes sense.

1 (21m 53s):
Okay. I feel like your mom like believed in stuff, but I don't feel like she was highly religious. I don't see a high religious connection. Just a feeling of there probably is a God or there is probably more, but didn't know what that was. And so I get a feeling of a little surprise that she's connecting with you like, wow, this is sort of cool. And what's going on with your car?

2 (22m 16s):
My car. Nothing that I know of.

1 (22m 18s):
Okay. Is there, are you selling or buying or is there something with her car after her death?

2 (22m 23s):
There could be something with her car. My car is three years old, so I'm not planning to change it, but she did have another car, but I don't know if my stepfather might be selling.

1 (22m 33s):
Okay. You may want to check in on that. If you're interested on something, you know, or if someone in the family is interested, cause she's saying pay attention to the car.

2 (22m 41s):
Okay. Okay.

1 (22m 43s):
She has no regrets being a mom. She just feels that she could have done things in a different way. And I think most of us moms, we always look back and go what I wish I could've, would've should've kind of thing. So I don't think it's unusual, but I also feel that she just hugs you to me. She's hugging you. Like just be, find that joy, find that happiness, be the person you're here to be, which I think all moms want us to do that are most of us.

2 (23m 9s):
Can I ask you? Yeah. There was some confusion about her estate. Do you have any insight into whether that might work itself out?

1 (23m 18s):
The first words I get is you have to be patient with this. And I feel like the line in the sand, isn't just about maybe things that you're making choices on, but maybe also about this, the estate of stay in your power, you know, be vigilant, but also you can't push it. You know, it's like holding back the ocean. You can't, you can't do that. And I also feel like there's some deceit going on regarding the estate is stepfather the one managing it? Yes. Okay. So that's probably why she's bringing up the car as well. Maybe some of those things in the estate are not being told to you and maybe any other family members. So it's important that you just check in, trust your gut on this because as census is, he's going to tell you what he thinks you need to hear versus the truth.

2 (24m 6s):
Okay. It's funny. I thought of her car like two days ago. So that has kind of random.

1 (24m 15s):
Yeah. So when they bring stuff up like that, that means your mom's probably communicating with you. When you think about the call, you're thinking, okay, that's random, but it's probably your mom. Because if she said that to me, she obviously said it to you, like check on the situation.

2 (24m 29s):
Okay. Do you have any

1 (24m 32s):
Message from your mom?

2 (24m 34s):
So that was going to be my next question. Like how do I know when she's or are there any signs I should look for from her or

1 (24m 41s):
Your mom is she's a strong energy, but she's not that demanding energy. So sometimes I get people that come through. I'm like, oh my goodness. There's no way you can't hear from them. Your mom feels like she's willing to sit back and kind of participate by watching it. Was that your mom sometimes. Yes. So I don't feel like she was, had to be the, the main center person. She could be on the sidelines watching. So that's why it's going to be very subtle if you're doing something and all of a sudden you're thinking about her car, there's a really good chance that your mom connecting. She's also telling me that she really loved flowers. Was that important to you?

2 (25m 20s):
Yeah. She loved flowers. They were everywhere around their house.

1 (25m 22s):
Yeah. So I feel like there was, I don't feel like there's a certain type, but it was really important. So if you are getting some flowers in honor of your mom or something like that, that would be another way to connect. And I also feel like there's, I keep hearing a sound of your mom. So this could be her favorite music or something of a sound. So if you're busy working all the time, you're not going to hear these things. So it's to listen and connect with your loved ones. You do have to make that time. And you it's important for you to have that quiet time. And my hit from your mom is you're never sitting quietly.

2 (25m 56s):
Okay. That's true.

1 (25m 58s):
She says, even when it's downtime, it's not really downtime for Elizabeth. So the feeling that I'm getting here is taking that moment or opportunity sometimes to sit and have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine or anything, and you know, pull out some photos of your mom and you and family and start really reminiscing. And you can feel that connection. So if you ever get the chills, the back of your neck or in your head, you get those like little goosebumps.

2 (26m 23s):
It's funny. I have a little bit now in the back of my head. So I can,

1 (26m 27s):
I'm just standing right behind you. That's what happens. It opens up and your mom is subtle. So if you're feeling that that would be your mom standing behind you basically saying yes. What Deb is saying is correct. I'm right here with you. Okay. And she's also saying that that is those pictures of your family behind you. Cause we're people don't know that we're on a zoom call, but is there a picture of your mom on there?

2 (26m 52s):
It's right directly behind me actually. Right now there's a frame she's younger in that picture, but yes. There's

1 (26m 59s):
She says, make sure you have one that I look really good and have a good profile.

2 (27m 4s):
I have one over there on the opposite side of the rack.

1 (27m 6s):
So if that one's not as good, you have to shift them up and change them. Also. I keep getting the colored gold for your mom. Did she wear gold jewelry?

2 (27m 16s):
She did. Yeah. She did not wear a silver.

1 (27m 18s):
Okay. So to me, when you were in gold of your mom's, are you wearing gold jewelry? That might be a way to invite your mom into. Okay. And your mom said that she thought silver jewelry was for poor people, low income people. What if it's white? Gold, I guess white gold looks silver. So it doesn't the appearance. Is that what she thought it was? But

2 (27m 42s):
Yeah, my mom, we didn't have a lot of money when I was young, but yet she made sure I have the name brands. So it

1 (27m 50s):
Okay. Yes. The name I'm getting that, like, you know, I'm going to make sure that we all have, that looks really good. So yeah. That's your mom. So again, buying something that would be of her style, things like that. And I also feel like your mom always tried to make herself look good. Like she did take care of her appearance. Like she didn't go, okay, I'm this old, I'm not going to do anything. I still feel like she did manage to take care of herself and keep that feeling of being proud of her, her body.

2 (28m 18s):
She did. That's very true. Yes.

1 (28m 21s):
And she's also saying that her hair, her, it was important that our hair gets done.

2 (28m 25s):

1 (28m 27s):
Is she saying that, that you need to get your haircut?

2 (28m 30s):
I don't know. Would

1 (28m 31s):
She, would she be saying, what are you doing with your hair, Elizabeth or cause your hair is beautiful. It's nice and long and pretty, but what was the criticism about hair?

2 (28m 40s):
Th it might be from her. She started, we all have very the care in our family, but we all kind of, I lose mine from stress. So I've lost about half of my head of hair, which is still thick, but

1 (28m 51s):

2 (28m 52s):
Losing her hair, same sort of thing. Very thick. But also, so she was obsessive and later in life, you know, like I, I now have her hair wand, which is busted out. Like it's a, like a laser. So I don't know if that could be

1 (29m 6s):
Yes, I, Elizabeth. Absolutely. How many moms give you their hair wants? I'm sorry. That's some pretty specific validations. Want to make sure it's gold or it's a name brand. Okay. And so in Tazzy

2 (29m 21s):

1 (29m 23s):
I didn't even know there were, so when you get odd things like this, it shows it without a doubt, your mom has given me information. That of course I would not know. But when we're talking about her car, this is something that you were thinking about, about your hair. It's about the whole idea of, you know, losing your and things like that. She's also telling me that there's been some losses of grandchildren that she has with her as well. So just, you know, that if anyone in your family has had losses, even miscarriages and things like that, that they're there with your mom as well. So she's holding space for that. And she says all is good. Maybe she says, maybe I'll be a better mother with these grandchildren.

2 (30m 3s):

1 (30m 4s):
Do you want to ask her any more questions?

2 (30m 6s):
It's just one thing with the fair hair is I actually, before I got on this, I was noticing I have all these little hairs cause I lost a lot when she died. So it's funny.

1 (30m 14s):
Okay. I always mean cut your hair. It's just a symbol that I get regarding hair. And if hair was important and you've had a lot of stress since your mom's passing, I'm so sorry. So you're playing psychic, SREs, psychic SREs. So I don't always know exactly what they're saying, but enough to interpret. And you were great enough Elizabeth, to figure out the heroin. We're going to have to talk about the heroin, but it's letting you know that she's there. She sees what's happening. She's present. And you can talk to her at any time. What will happen is if you ask your mom questions, you will get information from the universe from her. So it may be in a song. It may be something, someone says, you watch a TV show.

1 (30m 54s):
Hallmark cards are big for that, right. Hallmark moments. So if you're thinking about some help that you need or questions, pay attention in the next couple of days to see if you get messages and validate by saying, thanks, mom. I needed to hear that.

2 (31m 9s):
Okay. That makes sense. I will do that.

1 (31m 11s):
Yeah. And the goal, I kept seeing coins and she goes, no, no, no silver coins. I only do gold. So, so if you find some gold coins, but I think gold is really her way of expressing that. When, when you see gold, it's your mom saying? Hi.

2 (31m 27s):

1 (31m 27s):
So what are you taking away? Miss Elizabeth?

2 (31m 29s):
I just, yeah, I'm really impressed. You got the car. Cause really, it just randomly did pop into my head yesterday. Just thinking, I wonder what is going on with her car. And the hair thing is so funny. Cause she talked about her hair a lot. Yeah. I'm really impressed. I mean those, those things and you hit on the just yeah. Her personality and those little details about things in my life. Yeah. Wow.

1 (31m 54s):
Okay. One more thing. Your mom is still talking. I'm so sorry, but she's also saying eat more than vegetables.

2 (32m 1s):

1 (32m 3s):
Are you that true? Is that true? Are you getting only vegetables like salads?

2 (32m 7s):
I must say I, that is kind of true. I'm a salad. She kind of sees me as a, like a bunny. You know, I do have a lot. I, it salad basically. And then cupcakes. So not a very,

1 (32m 22s):
Got a great balance girlfriend. She sees you. So I think it means have more than salad have cupcakes. So that's the message from your mom. Eat cupcakes. Thank you so much, Elizabeth, for allowing us to connect with your mom, your mom is definitely a strong woman for you to get those signs. So just pay attention, ask the universe for her insight and see what shows up. Okay?

2 (32m 46s):
Okay. Thank you so much. This has been really amazing.

1 (32m 49s):
Thank you very much for joining us. I'm so grateful and honored that Elizabeth was willing to let me connect with her mom. And I hope it's very healing for her. It's it felt like it is. And she got some information that she has some questions, great reading. I liked the gold, that hysterical. So when things like that come through, you know, without a doubt that it's really that individual because I wouldn't know those things and I've never even heard of a heroin, but I am going to Google it later. Oh, well maybe we need some extra extra help with our, so with that all said, part of this is understanding that mother's day can be a tough day for a lot of people.

1 (33m 32s):
And if you want to connect with your loved ones, like your mother or grandmother, someone that was a mother figure in your life or your child or your child. One thing that I do know is helpful is before we ever connect you cards that I have on my website, as well as on Amazon. And there are messages from your loved ones. If you want ask your family members to buy that for you to go into and buy the forever connected, they're very easy to use. Even children can use them. So they're very appropriate and you'll get those messages that you really are like, wow, I needed to hear so forever. Connected cards are basically their Oracle cards. They're just a tool that you can use for connecting with your loved ones on your own.

1 (34m 14s):
It's like Deb, seven bucks, take them home. The other thing is, look for signs. I mean, butterflies are big. Coins are big. Electronics are a huge thing. They love messing. Cause there was with electronics it's energy. And so they like messing with energy. And of course you and I have had the TV going at two in the morning. Things don't work. We can't connect with stuff. So electronics is a big one, slow down. What could we serve as Elizabeth? It's important that you take time to meditate. And if that seems complicated, just be present, sit down, have a glass of tea or a cup of tea, have a glass of wine, whatever it is. Take out some photographs, start thinking about them and making time versus them chasing you because they're not going to chase you down.

1 (34m 60s):
You've got her busy. They're going to go about their way. So, so those are the ways you just sit down and think about them and talk about them. One of the other ways is can be very successful, is automatic writing. And how that's done is you want to sit in a quiet place. Again, once again, being quiet, light, a few candles, play your favorite music, or maybe your loved one's music. Let's take their phone, have their photos, have their photo, whatever you need, maybe something that they'd love to do. Maybe they have their certain food, you know, you know, make their food, any that however you want it to do it. And then just pen to paper and just start writing whatever to you. And you'll be surprised. You don't want to punctuate.

1 (35m 41s):
You don't want to worry about spelling. You just want to write it. What comes to you? And normally you'll start feeling this energy coming through you that you know, it's not your own. And it's really cool and don't get frustrated because it feels like it can be overwhelming or you're making it up. But for me, when I get information, it does come from my imagination. So with Elizabeth reading, I did see only gold. And mom's like, no, silver. I mean it, you know, it's just things like that, that you're like, how does that, how do I see that? And so by practicing and writing these things down, it's going to help you have that connection because I really want you to know that it's possible to connect with your loved ones.

1 (36m 24s):
Thank you for listening to today's episode. I hope it inspired you. If you enjoyed our conversation, make sure you subscribe so that you get notified of new episodes and let's get connected. Visit Deb shepherd.com for more insights, support workshops, and a book, a session with me. And finally, always remember your loved ones in spirit or just a thought away, even though they're on the other side, they're always by your side.