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Connect with Your Spirit Guides – 8 Secrets to Get the Life-Changing Guidance You Want

Do you want to receive clearer guidance to help you on your path? Listen in as Deb shares eight powerful secrets to help you connect with your spirit guides and partner with them to harness the extraordinary power within you to create a life that makes your soul happy.

Deb (6s):
Welcome. I’m Deb Sheppard. I’m your host of Spirited Straight Talk. Thank you for joining me on this amazing and spiritual journey that we call life. You’re in the right place and you didn’t land here by accident. My intention is to help you learn to free yourself, of things that are holding you back and create a life that truly makes your soul happy. I’ll be talking about key insights and interesting topics to help you learn how to powerfully co-create with the universe. I will cover everything from turning your setbacks into triumphs, my favorite living your soul’s purpose. Of course, I’ll be connecting you with spirit, your guides, and your favorite one of course, is your loved one’s on the other side. If you’re ready to truly stop spinning circles and you’re ready to harness the power to co-create an authentic life with spirit then I hope you join me every week for Spirited Straight Talk.

Deb (58s):
Hey were back, its Dana and Deb. Hi, sorry. If you have missed us, we missed you guys too.

Dana (1m 7s):
Took a short hiatus This summer, just a, a couple of weeks.

Deb (1m 12s):
We needed to get some things done. So even though this is a priority to be doing it, it was the one that we could move a little around a little bit. Right? So because I know that there’s times in my life and I’ve gone through, it’s a really hard times and you feel really alone and doing this work over the years, I have to come to know we’re not alone. So it’s important for people to know, especially when they feel like the world is against them and they don’t have any support and they feel like they’re being judged or abandonded. And I know for me, when I started on this path, I had a great support system and I’ve been blessed to be able to work with those that we can’t see the supporters that we can’t see

Dana (1m 53s):
How we have a team of a team on the other side, basically, your team is in the universe that or dedicated towards helping us.

Deb (2m 3s):
When We first try to put her head around it, it could be a little bit of a complicated, but all religions all faiths over the years, we always believe that there was more than just the human species helping us out. And whether you believe it or not, people have actually leaned on those belief systems to help them through challenging times, and also to find the gratitude when they’re or helped. So I know when I first started doing this work, I had to go into really understanding who is their and what was important, what I share today, or my belief system. I want people to know that it’s my interpretation. It doesn’t have to be yours. If you believe differently, or you have a different name, four things you use what works for you.

Deb (2m 48s):
I don’t think any of us in my profession are a hundred percent, right. We are not supposed to be

Dana (2m 52s):
just like, when we refer to the universe or God or source, or, or a divine spirit, whatever you call it, it is the same thing. Right?

Deb (3m 7s):
Right. Absolutely. And so it’s, it’s learning these things, giving you my interpretation and then taking what you like. And like all of our podcasts, all of my teaching, all of my readings, I say the same thing that I have a perspective, but use what works for you. Most of all. So that the same thing like this, what resonates as we say, yeah, I’m the one thing I, I’m not in agreement with a, with a lot of people thinking of a loved one is the relative is there guide’s and I do believe your loved ones come around. It can give you that little nudge where that feeling. Absolutely. But they are not here to intertwine or a, and, and influence your freewill

Dana (3m 47s):
when you talk about that, and I think that this probably rings true for a lot of people. When you talk about that, I always go to, I don’t know if my loved ones that have crossed over a, a really ascended enough or enlightened enough to give me advice, right. Even if they left EARTHx and they were at the place where they left or right. I don’t Know if they can do that.

Deb (4m 13s):
They do change When they cross over. So the things that they believed or, or the things that they did, but they are different. But I believe that we come here to learn, and there are souls that are much more advanced. What I sense is a, before we incarnate. And if you don’t really believe in reincarnation, take that out of the, the talk here today. But whatever, again, works with you, whether it’s one lifetime or multiple lifetimes, but I believe we come down here to learn in to the earth plain. And we work through who we wanna learn with their soul group’s and what our intention is. But then we also have our teachers and our guides to help us to stay on track as much as possible or no, that we’re not alone. So those souls better or highly evolved will then help guide us at the times.

1 (4m 57s):
It, you know what we’re asking for it, then they can’t intervene. You know, they can’t take away or free. You will. They’re just there to kind of give us that other nudge about what’s happening and put things in front of us. So that’s what I, what do you think that they put things in our past to recognize them? Or I think a lot of people ignore, oh yeah. Those things, what

3 (5m 18s):
Are you this for a for a living. I’m like, yeah, I hear you. I am not ready to go there. So you don’t

1 (5m 25s):
Have that. You do it. You don’t get to a fail. They’re there to give you multiple opportunities to see something that they will give you a couple stories about this, but they’re actually they’re to help you. And they were different levels of tha the afterlife of soul’s and angels and the CIN, and master’s that our able to help us. And I remember one time, this woman told me I have 10 guides, spirit guides, like a, oh, you must be a lot

3 (5m 50s):
Of work. So, you know, we have this idea

1 (5m 53s):
Of how many guys we need and things like that. And, and for me, some people feel that their, or this profession, that they had one guy throughout the entire lifetime. And for me, I feel like I’ve had multiple teachers or guides through the process that I look at being in school. And so you have different, you know, teachers have levels that, or working with you in, as you work through, you’re things you get to a higher level, have a master or something like that that has more information to help give you what you need to do. So to build your skillset, it working with the other side, you will have different guys that come in or with you. That’s what I have experience. But I also don’t believe that, you know, everyone has to believe that as we talked about all of the religions have their saints, their spiritual helpers, those, you know, that you believe in Jesus or Buddha or Mohammad, all of those M souls, it can be very similar or whatever you believe in.

1 (6m 47s):
And that is that master’s in and master to, to guide us are to help us make a Archangel. Michael. Absolutely. Yep. And so our soles are here too, you know, learn to get through are fear, learn to be in a way that they have it an authentic life. It also to really learn unconditional love, to really understand that. And those are the things that we’re all working on in order to ascend and these spirits and guides and the other realm have done that. So, so when you talk about unconditional love yeah. And that’s like the ultimate thing we’re here to learn. Right. Right. And it was one of the hardest things I know that’s been a big lesson for me.

1 (7m 29s):
So people think in conditional love is loving someone, no matter what. And I’ve had some people say, oh, it’s like a dog, which is really true, you know, dogs or really unconditional for sure. But what I believe is that it’s learning to be authentic to our soul and receive love the only way they can give it. And what happens is if we don’t feel that love and support, that we believe that we need, we get angry or upset, we feel abandoned. And then we change who we are for people to like us. So that becomes a conditional love versus a unconditional. Love it. So in my perspective is what I am judged and abandoned.

1 (8m 12s):
My life lesson is to not change who I am and realize that’s all they’re capable of. They were only capable of judging me and the abandoned me, or they can’t change, or don’t have a desire to change, which has recently happened. So that big lesson is we feel that if other people love us, we must be doing the right thing. And so we get into this turmoil of the rejection of I’m not good enough. So I have to do this, or one of the things to be able to receive love, and really it’s like funding your own path. So, and I know this is, you may be, you’re going to address this, but so these patterns repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat, is it because we ignore them?

1 (8m 53s):
Or is it because they’re really to hammer it home? I feel like for me, it’s always learning to the next level. Like I compare it to math. You know, you learn to write your numbers, you learn to addition, subtraction, multiplication, division algebra, you know, numbers go on and on the tree, which I will never understand. We understand the addition. So it’s taking that in that next level of understanding of what we’re here to learn. And so we keep getting bigger teachers’ and bigger opportunities to learn that lesson. And to me, that’s helping us move forward to enlightenment. It’s just difficult because this is a journey. And so in live, does that mean we then become, we get, so once we reached that real true understanding, then we as a scent, correct.

1 (9m 41s):
And don’t have to come back here to keep repeating those less than a same thing that people go, well, I didn’t want to come back here. I’m like, it’s about learning. You don’t have to. I think there’s a way it’s to learn. On the other side, I was call it, you know, there’s another school system. We don’t stop learning. So even those that are ascended continue on the progression of learning more. And that’s because we were all seekers. Humans want to know more. We want to know knowledge. So we also want to, yeah, absolutely. So as a sole, we continue to grow. We just get intertwined and our own drama or a life experiences. And sometimes can’t step back and look and go, oh, this is my pattern. And this is what I’m learning and how do we change the way it works?

1 (10m 23s):
So that was a cool, but we’re not doing it alone. So let’s say you’ve had the support systems through your life, but those support systems no longer resinate or work for you. You always know that the spiritual realm, the universe, however you want to say it, you still have them there helping you and opening doors and opportunities. Whether it was a song, whether its, someone says something and a movie that aha is that we get to that animal spirit guides, animal, spirit guides, all of those things, or they’re to give you attention to it. I know what I teach. It’s slowing us down, pay attention or see what the signs are because most of us are just rushing through life. And we can’t hear you though. You may be begging and praying, pleading whatever.

1 (11m 6s):
But if you can’t stop and listen, you can’t hear them or feel them or understand them. And most of us are in our past, or we’re worried about our future instead of being present. And that’s where our guides communicate with us is when we’re present. Okay. And you had a visit last night. I did not. It, it, it was, yeah, it was yesterday and it was really cool. This is the first time I’ve experienced it this way. I do feel that my guides communicate with me at all the time. I may not say, oh, my guides told me this, but I might say, this is what I’m getting ready. Or this is what I got, or this is how we should do this.

1 (11m 46s):
And maybe I should give them more credit.

3 (11m 49s):
You shouldn’t, I should be grateful if it gets her

1 (11m 52s):
Information. Like ’cause, you’re a marketing guru or I get it. Well, I feel that way, but I basically, you get that information. That’s not for me. That’s my guides. Are you going to be working? And so if you’re an engineer or your, you know, you’re a farmer or a teacher, you are going to get your D guides differently because your doing different work. And I think for me, I just have a clear sense of knowing, and I get this very strong. This is the way we should do it. And it’s not necessarily, I don’t feel that it’s coming from my brains. Cause it may not be something that I even ever dealt. You know what your radar delved into her on my radar, but I’ll get a very strong sense of, I just know that this is the way it’s going to work.

1 (12m 34s):
And so yesterday I think I was in that Twilight state and I might’ve just been falling asleep, but all of a sudden I felt a presence and the presence kind of, it almost melded into my life. I could see them coming towards me and my third I may be or something and it almost melted into my own phase, but I don’t know how to describe that. It was almost like, yeah, very close. And I could sense them and see an image. And it was the image of a female. And it felt angelic when you sit in, Jelic when you, cause you tapped into what I was, what I can do.

1 (13m 15s):
If you are feeling your guides, I can tap into that dream of that experience to help you identify as, and when you are telling them, I go, oh, it was a and jelly. Like, so it, it was a higher bar that she was angelic light. Yeah. But it was, I wasn’t dreaming, ’cause it wasn’t like I wasn’t having a draining that in between states that was in that in between state. So it was just falling asleep. What came over for me was just the sense of piece. And so it was just the sense of peace in and comfort and that’s how it was. And then it went away. So it was just a quick, maybe it was a birthday present and it just turned, you just had it.

1 (13m 56s):
We did a couple of days, a week ago to a big five of them. But yeah, it was just a, or a really calm sense of, of peace, but almost like calming me. So it was just like it and I wasn’t in need of knowing that everything was going to, or everything is okay or that there’s nothing chaotic going on right now. But it’s just a sense, a penis with it. When you were at the peaceful place, it’s easier to connect more on ’cause it just, it wasn’t like you were calling for it. You would just felt, you were like, oh, they’re here. What people experience like I’m not alone. And he was a very cool, very, very cool. It was just a, just a calming call me like that.

1 (14m 37s):
You need to hit, I can tell people, okay, they are not staring at you all the time. So if you’re like go in to the bathroom or a sheriff showering, they are not staring at you. Okay. Even though they can come through during that time, they are not attached

3 (14m 49s):
Or they watching me, it was coming to Claus. Right. You know that

1 (14m 53s):
I would assume that you shouldn’t be bothered by the other side, looking at you and your title. That’s right. They are not in the interest of, of you and a way that I have a couple of stories at how the started for me and my first time it was. But my late thirties, I started really getting into this type of life. I, your first guide, my first guide for a guy that when we first started getting into this in my late thirties and I was sort of writing, I do the automatic writing that I’m writing down, but I’m getting, and I’m seen my third eye of what I’m writing. I’m a native American young woman. And I could see her having one feather in her hair. And she kept telling me her name was rain. And not the kind that R a I S N like the rain, if it was more of a rain on the horses’.

1 (15m 33s):
So I could feel her. Like, it’s not like it, it was a word of I’m guiding you. I’m leading you to think of, okay. And I’m a, as we all do, my first started on this or this path is that I’m like, okay, I want you to prove to me, this is really what I’m getting to you. What are you doubting is what you were getting that the anymore. But I did, then I’m like, okay, I need you. I need you to prove it to me that this was really, really you heard. And so I walked into sort of a metaphysical store or not exactly what it sort of, and right there on the front is a huge card of a native American woman that looked identical to the one I saw my third eye that was like, okay, okay. That’s what was your thinking?

1 (16m 14s):
Like, okay, how many more? And then I got this paper and the newspaper and the mail that should’ve come to me. It was in another city and talked about all of the native Americans in that area. And then a, I can’t remember all of them cause it has been. And you know, so there was several sites, the sites. Yeah. Well it says, I wanna thank you, have a need of America. I’m like, OK. And I had such kindred energy with her life, how you felt and the S you know, and the Twilight zone. And I started to know my, on my own writing then. And that’s how I got a lot of information about what I teach today. And then one day I didn’t feel her around her presence. And I, I basically started grieving her. Like, what did you go to, or do I not have supported anymore?

1 (16m 55s):
How do I fill alone? And I felt another presence and it was more masculine. And he said to me, you’re going to have multiple guys screw out your life. It is for you to trust this. And part of that helped me too, because when I work with other people, I’m working with your guides. So I had to learn to share the energy. Yes. Your connected to your own guides. But you connect to your client’s guides when you are channeling for them. All right. To get. So I have to learn that there were multiple energies out there in how do I, you tap into him and they all communicate a little differently. And then I just started trusting, like, okay, just show up. I don’t have to identify here. You are. I appreciate them.

1 (17m 36s):
I’m grateful for them. And I tell them that helped me with this. And they do, like we said earlier, don’t always listen to that. I’m getting died, but I will tell you a really cool story, but I didn’t really understand talking my guides, but I learn through some of the experiences that I, I had this medium ability and I didn’t know what to do with it. And we were really didn’t have a lot of money at the time, but I heard John Edward was in town and I said, I need to get tickets to go see him. I didn’t know why they didn’t have the money to, they were very expensive. I wasn’t expecting a reading. I just knew that it was important that I go there and be in that crowd. So after a couple of hours, I was like, what am I hear?

1 (18m 17s):
I didn’t get the message. I don’t understand what’s happening. I’m here though. But the one thing I noticed was there was a lot of people there probably four or 500 people that wanted to hear a message from their loved one. And then I realized, oh, wait a minute. I need to be able to step into this. Cause maybe I can help somebody, but it wasn’t still like solidified. So that was just like, okay, I see a lot of pain and this he’s helping people. So you have this ability and you, your, you know, it, it came naturally. It, it, it just, it was like a light switch turned on for you and everything started coming through.

1 (18m 58s):
And you really were just, I can, you know, there was a mediums, I didn’t know what a meme was that you were just trying to learn. Like, okay, well, I have this, what do I do with it now? And it turned a light, the light switch. It wasn’t shutting off at the time. So I was there. It was my late husband, but we got to the car and a radio station was on cozy one-on-one and they had a medium, or that was Rashi with the, so the psychic and, or what I learned about a year later is he had gone in the car at half time and turned it on to a Rockies game. So it was on an AME station. I get in the car to say, and the FM station, I don’t listen to the radio at night. I didn’t know who Rushi was or something like that.

1 (19m 39s):
And I call the radio station that had no, I was not doing this as a profession. And I just said, Hey, I was there. And the producers said, or the, the, the manager said I was supposed to be there. And it was a very popular, as I hope to other people through a, several events after nine 11, I got on the radio and I did 52 readings on a theater and to change my life. So I wouldn’t have listened. He got the tickets that made the excuses. If I wouldn’t of, you know, followed through it, what I was feeling without understanding why that clear, knowing that clear. No, it, yeah. And it probably still would’ve happened, but what it had taken longer, would it been harder or what would have been in the caveat to do, to change that?

1 (20m 22s):
So that’s how it works from those doors are open. When you walk through those opportunities, even though you were like, I can’t do this, or it’s not going to work, it doesn’t make any sense. It was walking through those steps, trusting that process. That’s when your guidance guided you too, the whole thing in, and it just worked out that I think that the other thing is learning when you don’t pay attention. And I always believe, and working with your guides to begin with was things. So I told the story of hundreds of times, but my parents were in town and I needed to go to the grocery store to get some food. And I wanted to a glass of wine. And of course, right. first. And I had four or five minutes of a series of spirits.

1 (21m 3s):
I have to go the grocery store. And so I go there, I’m getting my three, four items. So I could here, the guy’s got to get the bread crumbs. So we all know that, you know, we all had that all how to like, turn off the iron. Did you check this? So we’ve all had that. We don’t always listen, write, and I kept arguing breadcrumbs. I don’t need to break. It comes to that argument, even at the check-out and I get home, I pour my glasses of wine and I’m trying to cook. And I opened up the cabinet, I guess what, there’s the bread crumbs? And I’m like, oh man, and man, and in your hand, and I opened it up and it was full of arms and I can hear my guys go man, or a nanny. So it’s a simple things that we start learning to trust. So it’s like, when you are told to go to, I know we all have GPS and stuff, but if you have this gut feeling about what you can do or what you do, the phone calls, or you should make, or what direction and a direction or whatever, or if you have to go do this here and listen to those things, as that’s wanting you to build your trust with your guides, because they want to be easy for you.

1 (22m 1s):
I remember speaking of what direction the drive, we were driving through the radio stations one morning to you and I are trying to get you two, a radio show you or on. And I was guided to drive a different way. And I didn’t know why I’m like, well, we’re driving this way. Right. And, and it was completely different, longer way than we normally go. But not even five minutes later, there was a wreck. And we would have probably been right there either in it or around it. Yeah. Yeah. So those kinds of things probably happen too. Everyone. We just don’t attribute it to that’s our guides. Right. That’s so awesome. I’m laughing. If you could

3 (22m 40s):
Say you yelled at you, a freak you out, and sometimes

1 (22m 45s):
We do feel that loud voice or here or her name. It, it is to get our attention, but most of us are so busy that were normally, we don’t need to listen to the people we’re with. I find that when we’ve talked to somebody or we’re immediately tried to respond, we are not addressing like, oh yeah, that makes you so yeah, it was, that was a good thing that you did. We should do a podcast on listening and listening the most effective listener. If you don’t listen to the people you’re around and take pause, and you’re trying to fill up the space of communicating and you can’t wait until you have a moment where they pause, or you’re not going to hear your guides ’cause you have to do. And that’s meditation.

1 (23m 25s):
Meditation is being present. So if you don’t sit in the quiet room, that’s fine. But if you can’t just sit and listen to somebody’s and hear their thoughts or even repeat, but they say, it’s going to be really hard to hear your guides, my PD, what somebody says when your talking to them is so important, you learn that. And so it’s really important. It’s really important. Those are the good, that means you’ve been heard. Yeah. And there are so many times, or people are already wanting to respond to what you said to compare. Yeah. I had a sales manager one time that a and I was always just in kind of a natural it listening and being able to hold that conversation without wanting to jump in, but she would jump in every opportunity she had to sell.

1 (24m 12s):
And that’s how I view it. It’s like, you need to listen first before you know how to respond to you before, you know what somebody needs. You have to hear them. Right. And I always found that really difficult.

3 (24m 25s):
Yes. For you can ride with me, but you can’t talk well, becomes like you feel

1 (24m 33s):
That G and he’s like the fingers aren’t there on the chalkboard. And the people have always asked you, what can I ask you? There’s you can ask or anything. But I think the biggest key is being open to what shows up. When I started on this path, my whole intention of funkshway and doing all this was for my husband to get back into his VI VP career. And that’s not what happened in the universe said, there’s another door that doors close. It continues to close. What are you going to take this? So we don’t want to cause bad pain to someone that has hurt us. You know, we don’t want any karma and a style.

1 (25m 13s):
So it’s really, what’s the highest good for ourselves. And sometimes what we think is really great for us, isn’t a path that you are here to learn, or is it the best opportunity? And I think people, they looked at how many people you have helped over the course of 20 years and over 50,000 people have seen it. So at least, or at least. And I think its also that sometimes, you know your guys or not the helicopter parents or not over you are making sure everything’s fine, but there’s all that free we’ll. But I think the biggest thing is our, you open to other doors opening that you didn’t expect are you open to things, turn it out a different way because you believe that was the best way that the only way to do it.

1 (25m 57s):
And I think we have limiting beliefs. We do that. And that is what we talked about in our classes. As we create these limiting beliefs that if I just had this or if it just looked like this with it shown up this way and I would really know that. Yeah. And it’s letting the universe say, you know what? You sign this idea or we see this bigger picture for you. It might be a little scary, but wow. You know, you didn’t meet in you. And nobody knew that. My thoughts about being with a female relationship, a relationship and the universe says, well, everything you set on, your list that you asked for is here. I just put a him or her, but I loved the universe.

1 (26m 37s):
Bring you joy. And it was just like, well I can’t argue, do I go for it or not? Or

3 (26m 42s):
Do we do the same thing that I’ve been doing? Has it worked?

1 (26m 45s):
You haven’t heard that story. Is it our manifest podcast? But it’s letting the university what you, what you desire. But then a, almost like I wrote that it was already here that it has it as you as it, but that being open to how, how it’s handled of how it shows up. So that’s the key. Yeah. And it’s hard not to control. We think we know it’s best and these enlightened beings know a lot more than, than you write. So yeah. That’s, that’s, it is hard. Not so much

3 (27m 13s):
You control it. Absolutely. So that, yeah, there’s no correct

1 (27m 17s):
Way to ask. If you have a face that you follow you, you need to do it that way you ask somebody or you know, what do you do or to me it just being present in it and writing it down or being grateful or, you know, imagine your that’s what we do. Vision boards and things like that for us to sort of, to get those ideas that they can ask them to help us. And then, so we should talk about the S ascended masters angels. So before we started doing this, I was just kind of writing my notes down and I opened up a book called a S a Archangel sensitive masters’. And what I opened up to was I thought this was fascinating. So remember, remember her name is Dana it, guess what?

1 (27m 59s):
We opened it up too. So I’m Dayna. And when you open the book, the page opened up to an ascended master by the name of Dayna, which, who we even knew that that was a thing, I guess someone did. Yeah. So maybe you were just a synonym master it here to help. And the earthly level, maybe to come down here to a restaurant, going to get me and shape I chose. Or if that’s the case, I chose a really hard path. Wow. A lot with me with other things, but what’s cool. And I am mostly Irish. My, my bloodline is mostly Irish and Spanish. Right. I have a lot of Iberian blood, which is a Spaniard Portuguese.

1 (28m 46s):
So we have that, but I mostly Irish. So I believe it or not, or my grandfather was a a hundred percent Irish. And so there’s yeah. Conquistadores and if you want, but this is based in Ireland, this ascended master is a Celtic deity. So I thought that was really cool. And a female, which isn’t a typical, there are a lot of, because it’s the ending and the Celtic and they held it and the Celtic a belief system or where she, and she was wearing a King’s crown. And so I thought that was very cool. So she helps with abundance alchemy and divine magic animals and healing children and fertility and mothering elemental kingdom meeting and working with, I guess it says leprechauns here.

1 (29m 42s):
That’s just the belief system. Yeah. The spirits. Yeah. But also the spirits. Yeah. Worthiness self esteem and deserving this issue’s and fertility does it have to be, or it could be a abundance in some way, like getting things to be abundant. Yeah. That’s what you do. So do that. Yeah. So you guys just called Dayna and are a number and asks her for these things. My magic wand, a so the way to bring her into your life is where look at or hold something that makes you feel abundant or even better makes you feel like royalty. This could mean going to a jewelry store, trying on a beautiful ring, looking at a photograph of an opulent, a state, imagine yourself, or with unlimited resources, Phil a since of total financial security, or even if you can imagine an experience this sensation just for a brief time, that’s enough.

1 (30m 37s):
It says, so mentally say thank you for lending me your magical abilities, which I now use in the service of fun, joy, and support of my divine mission. Thank you for your generosity and showing me how to accept these resources and how to enjoy them. Thank you for helping me receive without guilt. And to know that I deserve this attention and support, and that will, it will ultimately allow me to help the planet. That’s kind of cool. So you basically it’s given yet, you know who you can call it. So the yellow pages, which we don’t have a yellow pages, but you can call it a bother. They’re there, they’re there just waiting and they won’t intervene.

1 (31m 17s):
’cause that’s a boundary it, oh, you should tell a story about Archangel Michael at the class that one time. So I used to having this glass. So what years ago, and, and people are laying in the floor and theirs one or two people with each person and we’re doing energy work. And I didn’t, I took, I do Reiki, but I didn’t do it. I just taught them to bring in the energy and the love. And before we brought an Archangel, Michael is a sin master for this group. As we were doing this, the room started getting warmer and warmer and warmer and all of a sudden, a light flashed through the room. And you can almost sound like lightning and everyone stopped and looked and go, what was that?

1 (31m 60s):
And when people could see the lightning in, and when you read a bar and his energy, that’s what happens. So he came into the room and gave me chills. I came to the room and it was like, even for me doing this work for those years, I was like, oh wow. So it is an amazing, and that’s what they were all energy, energy. Does it die? So they bring the energy in just like when people ask for prayers, it’s all about the energy of asking and attention, the intention. So whatever, or if you are not a person that prays or so many other things to do more of the intention, journaling, you are creating those things to manifest. So there’s lots of different ways and they will, some people pray or call it prayer, its all the same thing and tension.

1 (32m 44s):
So those are some fun stories when we have a lot more. But what are some things to help everyone get there? Which I think is always important is really be present. When you go here and breathe in, when we’re going through those rough times, there’s a feeling of panic and unknown. And I, I remember being their and still at times, and it’s, it’s been in that calm state, like when the angel came to see you. Yeah, that was so cool. Yeah, absolutely. And when, or if you can’t get them to remember a time that you were by the lake or by the ocean or you were holding that baby or that Pepe that gave you that peace and you want to go back to that time, but there’s a smell or a song and things like that. So that you can be, you know, really open and look at the situation, different, going outdoors, doing yoga or opening up your heart and all of those things or going to be another tool don’t be attached, who you need to ask for help.

1 (33m 37s):
Or this is a better way. A lot of times people want to help somebody to, but make sure that you have your permission because we always say stay in your lane. So unless someone can’t ask for it, but if someone is really having a hard time and it’s a family of, or a friend asked me if you can ask for help for them, because they do have the right to know what you’re doing to sow the fourth one is to give time to revisit and make sure that your, your a request to is clear. I think that a lot of people say one thing or they panic and it’s really being clear about what it is. And again, I can’t repeat the sentence to write it out or write it out or think about it and say it to a friend, record it, listen to it.

1 (34m 20s):
It is that really what I’m looking for. And I’m really good at when someone asks for something to say, wait a minute, is this, so this is Shirley of what? You’re not just a really, really what you are looking for. Yeah. So clarify it to be very specific or right. Well, and then be open too, how it shows up a trust trust. Is it really difficult? One, there is support on the beyond, but there’s also a timing. What I always say, if you are pregnant, you don’t want that baby earlier than the full term. So sometimes we want things to happen earlier because that helps us. But sometimes the timing is really important about when it’s time to show up. So be patient with that to seven, excuse me, six listening and watch, pay attention to the signs.

1 (35m 2s):
What happens is that it, again, we get so busy. We were in that spot. Listen, pay attention, take deep breaths. We know we have watches to tell us a brief, do that every hour to sit down and go, I need to breathe. I want to just be focused. I want to be present because you’re going to miss the signs. Otherwise you’re just racing by everything and not hearing what your guys or trying to do it. So if your listening or watching or you, you S you slow yourself down for a minute, what would you say? Like, should they focus on feeling grateful just for a minute, just slow it down. Or should they focus on just I’m here, I’m present or whatever.

1 (35m 43s):
So what is the best intention to set during that? That just minute of comm, you know what I mean? I don’t have any specific guidelines. Would they say is what works for you that moment? So if you’re in the car and your driving and you, or thinking about the situation, it may be putting on some great music and taking some deep breaths and saying, I’m trusting this process. I am open to what’s happening. I know that you’re there to support me. So maybe saying an affirmation, it a hundred percent of a be present affirmation. Yeah. I’m so glad you’re here to help clarify all the sudden, you know, what I would love. But I think, I think one of the coolest things that I ever owned was these little affirmation cards.

1 (36m 24s):
And I don’t know where they’re at right now, but that would be something that I think people would love for you to create. Okay. Don’t you think? Yeah, absolutely. It makes it easier. Yeah. And that’s what we think people want to use. The, especially that one of the crisis, right? A seven 99% of the time, you just don’t hear it in your head, your led to have the answer. So if your not hearing something and your having a question, I know this happens to me. I I’m with somebody I’m drawn to somebody and I have something going on and I’m not getting the clarity, the personal, or you talk to either has a similar story or they have the same experience or they’ve seen it happen in, they will say something to me that is very, very clear.

1 (37m 6s):
And so what we wanna do is look at opportunities that we can take, because you may not hear it in your mind. Are you here? It, and your not going to trust that, like the bread crumb story, I ignored it. Like I get paid two, listen to my guys and I ignored the breadcrumbs, the story eight, manifest it over and over a bright about, think about it, saying it out loud, opened your heart to possibilities. I think a lot of the end on that, but just to go back a little bit, we, we want to make sure that your not causing pain to somebody else for your happiness. No, you don’t want someone to suffer. And even if they had been horrible and difficult, we are not asking me to forgive them. We were just saying they all have their own journeys and their own path.

1 (37m 47s):
And to make it a frustrated and say, well, yeah, absolutely. But really it’s, I really like the opening your heart to the person, to your own possibilities. And they’re not Hitman

3 (38m 2s):
The guides. They’re not attorneys, they’re not, but you know, they’re there

1 (38m 7s):
So many different reasons and all different causes there. They have all of these different talents to help you. You love and light. I love and light. And so if you’ve had this happened to you, you know, that it was just not a one time or 10 times thing, the more that you continue to practice, this is going to be easier and easier, and it will become your natural ability to connect with those that are more enlightened than us. That’s awesome. That is cool. Yeah. Thanks for joining us once again, on Spirited Straight Talk,

2 (38m 37s):
Thank you so much for listening to this show. Each Monday is a new episode of Spirited Straight Talk, make sure you hit follows. So you don’t miss any of the guidance or bonus episodes. Your experience at the show means a lot to us, and we would love for you to leave a review or let us know about it. More topics you would like to explore. You can also follow Deb on social media and connect with our website at Deb Sheppard dot com. That’s Deb S H E P P a R d.com. If you want to join dev on one of the shows or have a reading from her on the show, or you can submit a request on the podcast page of her website. Thank you again and see you next week.

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