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Connect with Your Soul’s Guidance During Tough Times with John Holland

Are you feeling a bit lost or stressed about where you’re headed? Deb chats with very special guest renowned psychic medium John Holland and they give insight and guidance.

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Deb (6s):
Welcome to Spirited. Straight Talk the ultimate podcast for anyone who is ready to live a life with intention and help from spirit. I’m your host, Deb Sheppard spiritual teacher, medium and author helping you open up to the whole enchilada, or like, we’d like to say, this is “Soul Enchilada”, so you can truly make your soul rise. So let’s go Excited about this podcast today. Dana, you know that John Holland said yes to appearing on our podcast today. And this is a man that I have admired and followed for years.

Deb (47s):
He’s world renowned, psychic, medium spiritual teacher, author, radio, host, all of those things. I was so excited, when I saw him at a hay house event here in Denver Colorado a couple of years ago. You could just see his transparency, his kindness, his empathy for people who’ve had losses, but of course there’s sense of humor, a wonderful sense of humor. And I can’t wait to meet him. He’s has written six books. His first book Born Knowing came out years ago, he’s been around for quite some time. And then his latest book Bridging Two Realms was released last year.

Deb (1m 28s):
And it’s a great book. It’s learning to communicate with your loved ones on the other side. He also has just launched My Soul community, which at my Soul community.com. He has an online community for his followers to become students and we’re going to bring him on so he can talk more about that as well. So we’d like to welcome mr. John Holland. I want to welcome someone that is someone that I just appreciate and adore in with the year it has been in 2020, John you are going to be a very good part of my year. I am also here with Dana, which is my partner and a manager.

Deb (2m 12s):
So Welcome John Holland, who has been a psychic medium and teacher for a very long time. I know you’ve had some experiences and will probably talk about them but you have written six books and three tarot cards or Oracle cards. I have one of them that I love and I’ve used it, I use it with students, teaching students how to understand their intuition, you also, or a spiritual teacher, radio hosts, keynote speaker. I got to see you in Denver for hay house and things where there’s many things I love, but one of them is you have a sense of humor. And that is so important to me as well, is that you’re talking about people who’ve lost loved ones, and you bring out that humor.

Deb (2m 56s):
And that I think is so beautiful.

John (3m 0s):
Well, I tell the audience of people to that. You have to be who you are. And I do have a sense of humor, even though I know it’s not humorous losing someone or funny, but when you have a room of a thousand people, there must have been a lot of people in that room. Deb as you know, you have to raise the energy of the room because you have to get your energy up high enough, the audience’s energy higher enough so those are the other side, I always say, you meet them, have you go, you have, you go, ha you know, you go high with your enerfy and then they like, you raised your energy and they low where there’s. And then as a meeting of the middle. So if you go to a room and talk about death, but it ain’t got to happen to, you know, cause if there is no death, you can’t die for the life of you are. And to see a mother Deb and Dana to, to see a mother of a laugh, sometimes people feel guilty for laughing.

John (3m 46s):
They want us to be happy here. That’s what I tell the audience is. And, and, you know, my people is like, they want us to be happy, you know, because we’re the ones that are still here. So yeah, I will, I mean, it’s not a comical show, but I’m like that anyway, as a Sagittarius and a thought comes in, as it comes out of my mouth, I don’t know if it needs a detriment or if it’s a blessing because it makes me a good medium.

Deb (4m 7s):
Yeah. So then it actually helps me to raise my vibration when I bring you in that a little bit of their humor and, and, and when, especially when a child comes through in their sarcastic or whatever, I don’t know if you’ve used that, but you know, you kind of a play on that kid and the personality so that the parent knows for sure it’s their child. But when I went through some of your staff and I have done this before, but for the podcast, we have so much in alignment that I was really feeling good because what I have found is not everyone is kind of on the same page with our belief system in the work. And, and it’s not good or bad, it’s just, we have different experiences. And so I was even more honored to be able to talk to you today. So you have a new book and you’re also having your new, what is it?

Deb (4m 50s):
My Soul Community, your online community?

John (4m 53s):
Well, yeah, it’s been a busy, I mean, the book came out in 2018. I have the mediumship training deck. Well, when that came out, I immediately was working with Lauren rainbow in another billion, medium, a really good colleague in a really good medium. So heartfelt. We worked on the mediumship training deck, which is 50 tips to help you be a better medium or intuitive, or just curious. And then in the background, I was working on a community. I always wanted one place where people can go to, to learn because I’ve been traveling on the road Deb and Dana for 17 years. That’s a long time. So I’ve been with Hay House since 2003. My first book, boy, no. And so I said, you know what?

John (5m 33s):
As I’m getting a little older, not old but older, I said, I want to add to it. I want to dial it back a little bit and have people because a lot of people can’t fly in, especially now. So you come see me and they’ll miss out, or they know they can’t take pride in it. So I said, why don’t I do something online? So that’s when I started my Soul community.com. It’s an, it’s a community membership. I did 12 lessons, 12 live calls a day, six Guest. And I’m going to have a surprise guests too, is because of being a hay house author. I have a lot of connections and that’s not ego. It’s like a lot of these people in my friends, this is top speakers, New York Times, you know, self-help and medium.

John (6m 13s):
So that’s great. So it’s, the community is not going to know who’s going to be popping in a yeah. You know, so yeah. And, and then

Deb (6m 22s):
They’ll figure out here it is right now, just

John (6m 24s):
Go for it. And then, you know, to do a full, a group, live readings and in the Facebook. So I’m thrilled and people are already coming in and there’s, so it’s, it’s a like-minded community where, you know where you were, where people, not just the people who were in to our stuff, but they could come and they feel confident and supportive. And then the rule was, if you come in into the community, you got to have, you have to have some compassion, you know, because we’re sharing, don’t you think we all need that right now? COVID or no, COVID, you know, we need a community or, or, or your own tribe, at least too. So, but it’s open to everybody. So thank you. But it’s finally happened and it launched, and I was just so thrilled.

Deb (7m 1s):
So, you know, with COVID it was talked about, we have to really change the way we still reach out to our community. And what I always find with people that come together, the like-minded they’re going, I don’t feel weird anymore. I don’t feel like I’m on the outside looking in that they have that same language. And it really helps people flourished. They really kind of blossom into taking on their intuitive abilities a lot better and they feel validated. And I think that’s a big part of us as teachers is to help support that.

John (7m 31s):
Yeah, absolutely. And you know, it’s so funny when you say intuitive, you can say the word intuitive, even a businessman would be like, yes, I trust that the way the minute you say psychic and people are like, Ooh, that woo woo and they think it’s like we do with what’s in the movies. Right. So they over portray as overdramatize us, but, you know, psychic abilities, I mean, psychic, it just means of the Soul, you know, psychosis. So, yeah.

Deb (7m 54s):
And that’s what you have this book about power of the soul. Is that what it’s called power? And it’s the same thing as teaching people that layman’s terms that intuition, or like the sensitive person we’ve done a lot of work around the sensitive child, being their superpowers. For me as a child, I was cheesed a lot about being sensitive and now I get paid to be sensitive. So it’s really helping people turn that around, but it’s not a negative. And I know you talked about this as well, and when it people, no, you don’t want to get rid of it. You just want to avail to balance it and be grounded. And so that you can still do your work and live in this planet. But yeah, no, I think we are taught where we are taught to push that down so much as we grow up, we’re taught to, and to not pay attention to those things, or it must be your imagination.

Deb (8m 43s):
Well, yeah, it is kind of tapping into that imagination part of it.

John (8m 48s):
Okay. Yeah. And I, and I say to him and the, the, the, my Soul community was base really on that book. Part of the Soul I T I wrote that in 2007, and now everything is, Soul an empath while on 13 years ahead. Okay. I wrote her way back when, and it’s now it’s becoming, it’s more accepted. But if you think about it too, everyone is born intuitive and you connect it to the source, right? When you hear and kids, I think they’re still connected. You see them dancing, running joy. So we come connect it to the divine source, God, the universe. And then we spent, and then we spend the rest of our lives, trying to find it again. And why do we get disconnected?

John (9m 28s):
We don’t get disconnected from us. So we forget that we are resolved that comes with a body, not a body that comes with the Soul. You are so long before you incarnated here. It are you going to be so long afterward and you write a day in life, life happens like pushes in a way, whether it’s purpose or on purpose, we kids start school at what five, six in the right side of the brain is pushed aside a little. And then the left side comes in, spelling within it. So the analytical, let me thinking so that it comes in and that intuitive side of the awareness of our Soul back, I mean, in the East, they teach their kids about energy centers and tap into that meditation and yoga, but here, because we have to go to school, it’s like, it’s pushed aside.

John (10m 10s):
And then we forget about it. We forget about it. What you and I Deb and Dana too, probably it’s like, we never forgot about it. You know, I was like, I was born sensitive and I’m tired of apologizing for it, you know, but you can control it. But I love when the students come, they said, God, this train is making me more sensitive. Well, the price of sensitivity, sensitivity,

Deb (10m 34s):
I get paid for it. And they kind of just shift that thinking, well, Oh yeah. So embrace it, honor it respect It you know,

John (10m 41s):
And, and there was a whole lesson in the community that I teach because they are getting 12 monthly lesson. I mean, one, a one a month. And empath is one of them. Cause it’s big. It’s It you can learn to be aware of it. What the biggest thing is, what are your triggers? If you’re empathic, who’s taking your energy, what event is taken? You it’s, you know, have some boundaries, there are techniques. So you can don’t I don’t want people to lose it because it can, it can be one of your superpowers. Right. You know, being empathic. Yeah. So, but there are some people that are the people that don’t know what to do with it is because they are unaware that they even are and pass it

Deb (11m 16s):
The anxiety. And we just did a podcast on sensitive kids or a superpower. ’cause all of these kids right now are, especially during these times are over it stimulated by having to be home and not being with friends, not to be able to go to graduation. And I think it’s really building up and we’re doing it.

John (11m 34s):
It was still with that to them, to the video games. We’ll make them.

Deb (11m 37s):
Yeah. So it was just giving them tips about how to balance that out and learn it when they’re younger versus older. Right. So one of the questions here I have for you is inside wisdom for the outside world. What is the inside wisdom and how do you use it for the physical life? Know? I think it’s, you know,

John (11m 54s):
Soul, this is my belief to you. You know, first of all, you talked about kids should understand about psychic abilities. If you have a young kid, I think with the parent, the teacher understand, they let them understand about the energy. How are your spiritual batteries in your ROI work? That is the transmission of this energy, right? So I tell parents, learn how the mechanics of this ability works. So you can teach your child. And if someone who is listening right now, you have a little kid that is seeing things in the room. I’m not talking about night terrors. That’s a whole nother thing. Okay? If this scene like a face or, or the same as me, I see something. I ask the kid, what are you seeing? Is it a person where do they look like? Well, how do you know? What’s not your grandmother there visiting the child now or two.

John (12m 37s):
Right? You understand? So, and you can teach the kid to turn down their lights. If the kid is looking to get it turned, okay, let’s turn down your lights in it. You know, you can explain it to the kid that we have a light here. That’s powerful. Let’s turn them down. It will make the kid less sensitive. So he’s not picking up stuff to go. But the inside wisdom is the knowledge of that. Your soul already knows. I believe that you’re so no, it is the real you, what your true essence, it’s consciousness constantly trying to pull you towards what its best for you for your highest good and bringing things to you through a synchronistic events in the right people in your life. But the issue is, or it’s not even an issue. You could be wanting to be a nurse, right?

John (13m 17s):
And your, your, your working as a chef and you always want it to be a nurse. And then all of a sudden you’re in a supermarket and they’re a nurse’s behind you or someone else says, have you ever thought a nurse in you’d be good at a synchronistic event? It will keep happening. Or that just Soul is a way of saying, you know what, what we do? You explain it away. Yes. We explained it in a way, like how weird how’s the drain?

Deb (13m 40s):
I don’t know how people use that word around me. Like this. Isn’t that weird. I’m like, that’s my normal. Exactly.

John (13m 46s):
If you click on it, if somebody’s out of the blue write Deb and then if you haven’t seen them in three years, you go to the supermarket. There they are. And they do this. Oh my God. It was just thinking of you. Why did that happen? If they just spend a little more time than this, this might be a message for you. And your soul is if you learn to go to your soul, it knows what’s best for you. Okay. You really, really do it. And there is a way to say, this is my imagination, or is this really my soul? If you have ego and then you have Soul right. Ego says, write a New York time. Bestseller, your soul says, write a book. That’s going to help people. Just It. Yeah. So that’s my whole, that’s my whole thing. So the inside wisdom is the knowledge that your soul so knows what’s best for you.

Deb (14m 25s):
Why don’t you think a lot of people worry about being judged if their psychic or their kids are seeing these things. I think that’s what holds a lot of people back from really trusting their intuition.

John (14m 36s):
Or maybe not so much lately though. Deb maybe when you and I were kids, you know, it would be, which was on. And I dream of Jeannie and doc in the shadows, you know, my favorite, I was always drawn to those subjects as a kid, not playing baseball. Yeah. Yeah. But I think there’s, it’s more accepted now,

Deb (14m 53s):
But they are still those that are trying to break their through their past or their challenges of let’s take it still they’re on some level things a thousand times better.

John (15m 6s):
Well, that’s what I say. And another part of The the book and the community is one of the section is like, I call it, you can call it the energetic cords, or you can call it a psychological slavery or past conditioning. We’re all brought up with things that were instilled in us. Whether society did it, or parents with teachers they’re not bad. I mean, they’re not bad things that the parents said. It’s what they were telling you and beliefs, limiting beliefs, like the rich get rich to poor, get poor. My mother raised us. What the monster

Deb (15m 38s):
Is, the money doesn’t grow on trees, but it

John (15m 40s):
Doesn’t grow on trees. Nice guys. Finish last. My mum raised us with the mantra. We never have any luck. That was her mantra. ’cause we were on welfare, live in poverty and living and you know, and so that’s, what’s her. She didn’t have the consciousness right. To seek beyond that. So, and this is many of them are nice guys. Finish last, buy, like you said, money doesn’t grow on trees. Be glad for what you are, you a big laugh of what you have and be happy and be happy. You got it. Yes.

Deb (16m 6s):
Yeah. Yeah. So what is your kind of idea about this? How do you help people through understanding of their soul’s purpose? Right.

John (16m 12s):
Well, a lot of people think that there are Soul, I’ll get that. When I have my radio show for 14 years on hay house, I mean, I love doing it. People were saying, it would say, what’s my purpose. And I said, well, how much time do you have no choice? But a lot of people think their purpose is to be a mom, a dad, a speaker, an author, a, a dentist and admin, as you know, and, and I think that’s just that’s I believe you are. Soul purpose. You can be a divine being from God that universe using your gifts, talents, and abilities to help all of us with our time here.

John (16m 54s):
That’s what I think. So my ability as a medium or my talent, I don’t like to say gift too much because I’ve heard this one. Yeah. Well, John, I’ve heard Join Edwards say It and he and I are on the same pay with a lot of stuff. He said that if he says gifts to some, what it means is that he has something that you don’t. Right. So I love that. Right? So The Wednesday, this evil in my mind, on a show or a TV, I say we can’t use that word. Absolutely not. Yeah. I do use gift or ability because there’s, someone may be gifted with something special and something different. But it’s my ability as a medium is my, is one of my, the soul purpose to be all that you can’t be, like I said, using your gifts, talents, abilities, my mediumship, or my psychic ability or spiritual skills or practices is an ability that I have to help others.

John (17m 46s):
So it’s not my preference to be a medium. See? So try to get people to S some people say, and there was a way that they can take him to a process. It’s not huge. Some people don’t even know what their talents are, what their abilities are. And so I help them. And there is a, there is something you can do to say, Oh, so that’s what it is. Cause I had a friend of mine once she’s in the music business, Deborah. And I said, well, Debbie, you’ve got gifts, talents, and bill. And she goes, what? And I said, I said, well, look what you do with music. She can take, she spots talent. She can get it on radio. Umm, you know, and she has that business mind with music and she knows what, that’s my job. And I said, well, you also have something else. I shouldn’t have it. I said, but it’s in a building.

John (18m 26s):
Not everybody can do that. I said, so if she can take up a plain piece of would cut it up in a circle or square and take these beautiful tile. I mean these tile, ceramic tiles makes the most beautiful mosaic designs, no one ever trained her. And I said, w that is the ability and what did she do with it? She gives it to the family members into others. So she’s using that a bit. She goes, Oh yeah, I guess you’re right. So people stay, people stay away from, I think we were talking maybe earlier when I said someone wants to be a nurse, but they are an admin assistant right now. But vice versa, it might’ve been a nurse. And I want to go back into, you know, being an outcome. What happens is what’s instilled with us. Like we were talking about earlier, right?

John (19m 8s):
It’s that it’s that the past conditioning and you could do all the spiritual work. I always use this story. I had a friend called me and she kept playing the same story over and over and over about how things are happening to her. Why I need this, you know? And, and everything was on a negative with her, right? With the greatest respect, even though I tried to help her it, if you, if somebody keeps calling you over and over with the same story and you are giving you a precious energy, alright that you are given it out, helping, and then they’re still calling you with the same thing. That’s when I have to say you are, if you keep listening to it now, and it comes a time where we have to set a boundary, because every time you listen to it, that story over and over, you’re enabling.

Deb (19m 56s):
Yeah. So, you know, you know what I do, John I have them record their story and listen to it 10 times a day. They don’t call me back.

John (20m 6s):
So you, you might be the best thing I think to do is say, you know what? I’ve, I’ve tried to help you. Or maybe I’m not the right person. Maybe some, it may be a therapist or maybe someone else. And if they don’t call you anymore, trust me, they’re going to call somebody else unless they decide to do the works. So I said to her, you got to start thinking more positive. I said, because you know what? You put out your attracts. She goes, yeah, yeah, yeah. I have the angel cards. I got the tarot cards. I wonder Wayne Dyer books. And she said, she said in her belief really is that people are out to get you. And everybody wants something. So I said, this is what I try to tell people. You can do all the spiritual work you want is for it doesn’t mean taking a workshop.

John (20m 47s):
It’s it’s how you learn, how you live. What do you believe? How are you take care of yourself? The animal’s the earth. So I sent it to her. How can you have, how can you manifest that? If the underlying theme, like, you know, when you’re watching television, you see that ticker tape on the bottom. When the news come, that’s the thought, you know, you’re not good enough. I’m too old. It’s too late. Who do I think I am? I am not going to be good at that. How can you manifest anything? And if your thoughts, and if you are a believer of your thoughts, create your reality. It’s quantum physics. How can you, your soul may say, Hey, you go. And you’re like, no, I’m not going to go.

John (21m 29s):
I’m going to, I’ve got to suck if I go in there and do this, or I’m not going to be good at it. Even though this is Soul set, here you go. You’ve heard this. Yeah. Like there was a woman. I was like, I had a small spiritual group. When I was living in LA. She worked for cable. She was a volunteer for the local cable station. She did it for years, directing, writing, acting camera. She got a job at a major production company, like Sony or a MGM. And I was so excited for her because she put it on the volunteer time. She looked at the cameras and I said, I said, how was, I’ll just say the name of how Susie doing. She said, I said, how is she doing what? That job? She had it. She had the job as an intern go in, in their pain.

John (22m 9s):
And it said, how is she doing? She never took the job. She was too nervous. She wasn’t good enough. Oh my God. I see. So that you have Soul trials to get your attention to him. In many ways, dreams’ intuition, synchronistic events in, if you don’t pay attention, you’re going to get a wake up call like I did with my automobile accident. Not that that my Soul caused it, but I didn’t listen to the three other things. So she walked away from that opportunity. You see what I mean? So when you follow what your soul is trying to tell you and your sole purpose, she has the talent of knowing television stuff to, okay. And she could use that. I know it’s you switched around because people, so purpose has to be the mother that the wife that, you know, it’s not, in my opinion, if you are working on mine too.

John (22m 54s):

Deb (22m 55s):
We’re this is what we’re learning. You know, it’s our, our difficulties and our, the soulmates. They come and teach us. That’s what we’re learning is like for you. And I, we can get a lot of judgment from what we do in our relationships and how we believe. And it’s really not trying to be a people pleaser. It’s really listening to your soul, being in alignment with that. Like, no, this is who I am. And hopefully I’ll attract people that are like minded.

John (23m 19s):
Exactly. Yup. And I believe what you put out, you all got, that’s the kind of people that are, you’re going to, you’re going to attract. And you know, when you’re on alignment with, so it doesn’t mean like we have a higher consciousness than people know, but this situation in your life, you’re going to say, I don’t understand why or why can’t they think their at a different consciousness in you? And I believe that everyone is exactly where they’re supposed to be.

Deb (23m 42s):
How do you say we’re going through kindergarten first, second grade, third Grade. Some of them are getting our PhDs and this is so it just depends on how you approach it and face it on and what you’re willing to do and what you are willing to deny. Right? You know, you have a chapter about breaking free and I really liked this. So how do you turn the past and bring that bridge and to where you are today. And it sort of like what you were talking about with this person on TV, but what are some of the other examples you have?

John (24m 12s):
Well, when I say break and free to now, remember I have been with hay house for 17 years. One of the leading publisher on self-help and that, that kind of genre. So I even before hay house, I think I’m, I’m on a five kits. Not one of them is read my books when people are like, Oh, and I’m like, no, my brother was a mailman. Do I follow him on his job? No,

Dana (24m 35s):
No. That’s exactly

John (24m 37s):
Where they’re supposed to be in. They seem to remember, I was raised with the module, like I said earlier, we never have any luck. I can’t force that it’s on my siblings. I tried or, or try to teach them. They just, they were at a different consciousness. Okay. So I think when, you know, if you could now being, With a hay house, I got to meet Louise hay, the queen of affirmations. And that is a woman. God bless her. I miss her. I got to meet you personally dinners with her. And she really walks the Talk. She walked back out Talk if you came in to the room miserable, you couldn’t come into the room. She didn’t want it around her. Even though she knew that there’s life happening outside herself too.

John (25m 18s):
One time I was with him, I was in California. I think this is when Mount st. Helen’s X, you know, sent the smoke across the hall in the United States where we were there for a number of days, we couldn’t fly. And so she heard me say, we’re stuck here. And she said, John Deere, we’re not stuck here. You might be detained slightly, but you’re not stuck. So she tries to teach you in the affirmations. What we do, I try to tell people only by example is I try to tell people, it’s almost like Deb people come to see us for intuitive information. They’ll say, am I going to meet somebody? And I’ll say, are you going to get off the track?

4 (25m 53s):
Yeah. That’s the same thing. Yeah.

John (25m 56s):
I have to meet people halfway. And the analogy I look is, if you don’t know what you don’t get, what you want, figure it out what you don’t want anymore. Okay. At least by figuring out what you don’t want. You may want it to be no, don’t focus on it too much. Cause that’s all the universe hears. Right? Okay. But it’s almost like you got to stop bouncing the ball. If you bounce the ball of some ideas or thoughts or even ideas with the intuitive can see where that ball’s going to go, but you got to at least, you know, a bounce the ball and I’ll tell people, if you want to relationship, you can’t sit on the couch. Say in an affirmation, the perfect relationship is coming to me now. No, it’s perfect relationship. So I have to get off the couch and meet and a half away.

John (26m 38s):
But this is the part where we stop people know about affirmations and vision boards. All right. Seen it too. You have to see it, feel it. Okay. I mean, I see it the first to get, to take a seat and then believe it. So I’m a big believer. His, if I want to know you want to sell your house. Okay. Instead of saying that if the house itself, this house will never sell, that’s all that you’re putting out there. I see the house Soul in your mind’s eye. Just really visualize because your mind when the universe doesn’t, I mean, you could cut a lemon and your mind’s eye and your spouse to get that taste. Right. Okay. All right. So that’s like, body-mind connection. But if you want in your household C the house being installed in your mind’s eye, see yourself walking in there with a big sign on it.

John (27m 20s):
So you see yourself pop in a bottle of champagne, bring in the joy as if it’s really happening now. And that’s also, Joe Dispenza’s work now when it comes to the, you know, to the, to the field that he talks about. So

Deb (27m 33s):
I tell you how we met. John go ahead. No, no,

John (27m 37s):
No, no, no. Did you stay, I’m sorry. I don’t know if it was that. Did I tell you or okay.

Deb (27m 42s):
so I, yeah, it’s not a second question. So I have been my husband’s suicide and I’m like, I want to know the relationship. We had not had a healthy one for a long time and I really enjoy having a partner and it was dating and it just, it just wasn’t going on. And like what you’re saying, I got to get yourself out there. And finally, I thought I’ll do what I teach. I wrote to the universe, what I’m looking for. Exactly. So I, but I’m not writing. It’s a two page three page letter, and it’s just, she wrote, you know, so then I meet Dana and we like, Oh my God, this is my soulmate. I mean, I don’t know what this is about, but there’s something here. Well, six months later I found that let, or it was her to a tee, but I didn’t put a gender.

Deb (28m 25s):
I didn’t put male or female, everything on it. It was identical to her. And I just put a letter away. I said, I’m still going to go out there. I’m still going to be open with my heart. But the universe, this is what I need. There’s not a great surprise.

John (28m 42s):
You know? And see, like I said, see yourself already in it. So you have it in that. But it goes out to the university. It’s like, some of them wants to lose weight instead of saying I’m so fat. That’s all the universe is hearing, see yourself already healthy out the way you want. So Your you put it in to the quantum field or to the art, you know, to the university of, of the army, which gets multiplied, which it gets magnified. And then it’s starts to change. The energy comes to you. And then you start getting the, whether it was synchronistic or event will coming in or the right diet, we’ll come to the right way to go about it. But that then the, the brain. So, you know, we’re so programmed get up at my coffee, scroll through the, you know, it’s just that you got to break that pattern.

John (29m 25s):
So with me, all right, just really quickly when it came to, cause you were talking about how do you manifest this? How do you break free? You’ve got to change your belief. If you are, if this is such a good podcast for you to send out to people that are happening in the same relationship over and over, over, they don’t realize that they’re drawing this in. Some will be like, no, I don’t want that. You haven’t worked on yourself. In my opinion, to say, you know what? I deserve more. I learnt there’s a lesson for you. If you’re with someone who is a drinker and you keep meeting drinkers, all right, it’s either, you’re saying, you know, you haven’t learned the lesson up self-esteem self-worth or, or you’re not loving it.

John (30m 6s):
This is something there that it keeps happening in with you. And it’s good. And you can’t say, send me a, a, a relationship. Oh, you’ll get one.

Deb (30m 15s):
Yeah. Be careful what you ask for.

John (30m 19s):
That happened to me in the personal here, which people could love probably when I was, I, I didn’t because I travel so much, it’s kinda hard to find someone that’s I need someone strong in their own life. It says, you know what? To go do your thing. Not like when you come in and home, I’m a lone, but I’m not lonely. Right. You get a dog, right. That there are some people they want it to be in a relationship. So at some people can be in a relationship. They want one and they stay in one because they are written one. And I’d rather be in one than not have anyone else in it. And some people are more alone in a relationship

Deb (30m 55s):
people will tell me what I do. And I said, you know, you can say, and do whatever you want. I just don’t want to hear the complaints right now

John (31m 5s):
Was ready for one thought. It was after a number of years, I said, okay, you know what? I’m ready. I didn’t write the letter. Okay. The spiritual tool went out the window on that one. That’s somebody it and a great person. Beautiful, younger, different than what I’m used to as far as coloring and age. And, and it wasn’t a baby or anything, but it was a number of years. And as soon as I met this person, I knew something was off. When they are not looking at you a dinner, they’re looking to your side. Oh my God. Right there should have been a clue. And then I kept, then something else happened and a flag would be like, Oh, okay. And then someone was like, Oh, how’s it going?

John (31m 46s):
I said, good. I said, you know what? Something’s not. Right. Right. And then it kept saying, It, something’s not right.

Deb (31m 54s):
You were having a lesson.

John (31m 55s):
Yes. And then I realized, I said, and then it was more, they get louder. So that went on for 10 weeks and I ended it. ’cause it just wasn’t right. And somebody said to me, it took you 10 weeks to figure that out. I said better than two years. Yeah. Right. But what happened was this I wasn’t in one for so long that I kept thinking, well, maybe because I’m a, I haven’t been in one, it’s a lot of practice with something. And a friend of mine said, you know what? John why now? Because you were raised in an alcoholic home, maybe you have in an intimacy intimacy problem, which I didn’t think so, because I was in one, a relationship for sixth and then 13 or so. Okay. So I wrote the book and it just didn’t reflect anything.

John (32m 38s):
I said, no, this isn’t. I realized that I wasn’t specific enough that maybe I felt like was ready at the time. But it was just, I wasn’t really, I don’t need an, I don’t want someone. I always say, I don’t want another one to me, not want another one to me.

Deb (32m 54s):
Right. And I always say, John you don’t want a project. You want a partner.

John (32m 58s):
Exactly. I don’t want to know. I want someone that’s going to be grounding. I’ll I’ll elevate them. They can keep me grounded. That’s the best kind. Because the last relationship that happened when I for 13 years person was very grounding for me, not into spirituality, all it, they started learning about spirit and talk the lingo now. But we realized to be left as friends. Some people are meant to come together. Okay. And you’ll learn everything that you were supposed to. And sometimes it’s, you’re supposed to learn from each other and then go on. And in some people they can’t, I mean, I love this person. It, you know what I mean? It broke my heart or, but we’re friends and we both were on the same page. Like, you know what?

John (33m 38s):
It isn’t,

Deb (33m 39s):
It it’s no, for us, we could, no, you should know, because that’s what we do for a living. Right. So when it comes personally, we still have to reflect and kind of go, okay, am I forcing this? And why is this my intuition? Where am I in my head? Then with Dana, I had been with men before. So it becomes a woman. I kind of went there, but I went, I don’t care. It, this is the best Soul I’ve ever had in my life.

John (34m 0s):
It felt, it felt right. Right.

Deb (34m 3s):
It’s like, you know what? This is. And she’s a lot younger than I am. And she is that grounding force, which is what I was writing. And I couldn’t be happier. We say, sometimes she’s like this balloon and I’m kind of holding on to her foot. And, you know, because she’s spends a certain amount of time in the veil, you know? And it just kind of pulling her back down to the ground, basically.

John (34m 27s):
Right. You can, and it’s a 50, it should be a 50 50 thing when it comes to relationships. You have to, I talk about this too, if you’re in a relationship and you’re the one that’s always giving and some people are givers and it just like that, but it should be like the infinity sign, like that figure rate, you know, on the line of sight, give and receive, give and receive in every relationship is really a mirror reflection of view of what you need to be working on also. Yeah. And that’s how, you know what I was saying earlier as we do the affirmations, but the, and we could see the visualization, see it as it is. If that’s happening now, B a B S as if it’s a S say the information as it’s happening now, I see it, feel it and believe it. But a lot of people, they don’t stick with it.

John (35m 8s):
They’ll give it a week when I was, when I was a time to write my book. All right. This is just a, I just want to show people how it works. I remember it. This was before hay house now. Okay. So I and the affirmations, I just knew this. When I went into Barnes and noble, now I was raised, like I said, over and over again, we were, you ha you never have any luck. Alright. And I didn’t, I don’t believe that. Okay. I said, but mom, what about me? And she’s like, well, my aunt, you Johnny. And I says, okay. So when it was time to write a book, I walked into Barnes and noble. And I said, you know what? I think it might be time. I feel like it’s time to tell my story. I don’t write one to write one. I had to live it first.

John (35m 48s):
Okay. Exactly. So I’m writing the, I wanted to write a book. I walk in a Barnes and noble, I see all the thousands of books on the shelf. And I said, well, if these people can do it, I can do it. And I never go on to college. Never take a writing class.

Dana (36m 2s):
So when I knew who you, what? I, same thing

John (36m 10s):
When I knew it was time, I said, okay, I think I’m ready. I just put it out there. I saw myself walking into Barnes and noble in my mind’s eye. I saw myself going to a shelf. And I even saw the cupboard that I want it. And the title of ball and knowing, because I was born knowing, and that title’s always been with me. And I looked at the book in my mind’s eye and my visualization. And I brought in the joy of seeing it as if it was really happening. And then, you know, and then I put it away. And then I kept going back to that. And every once in a while, seen it and not just the ones that went back there. So what happened was my, you know, I think this is before the me going to England, went to England.

John (36m 52s):
You know, it was synchronistic events that brought me there. But when I moved back to Massachusetts from California, after two and a half years in England, studying with the spiritualist, when it was time to write the book, I met a woman in new England. Her name is Lynn Robinson. She’s an intuitive coach. Brilliant. So she works with a lot of businesses with people in a lot of people, a lot of businesses use intuitives. They may not talk about it, but they use it. I’ve been hired. So she Called me out of the blue ones. Not even knowing that I wanted to write a book. She goes, you know what John I’m thinking. She’s like, do you want to meet my literary agent? I want to show her. Yeah. Remember I have the visualization. Didn’t reach out for literary to Jane. As she approached me, I met him.

John (37m 35s):
We put a book proposal together. I signed with hay house in a month. Wow. So some people hate that story. They were like, was it that easy? But they weren’t done with me yet. They said, okay, we see your testimony. As we like the book proposal, you’ve been on unsolved mysteries. We see that you do some stuff on stage. How do you have in front of the people? We haven’t seen that as well. As a matter of fact, I’m doing an event tomorrow, or I’ll have somebody tape it, I take it. Somebody’s video. We’ll take a, sent it to them. They said, okay, besides just slowing down a little. Now we know we want you, because we’re about to start the, I can do a conferences and we’ve been looking for a medium. We have a psychic, which is a sign your, to your cat. We need, we need a media for sure. In Colorado, on a sheet from Chicago, we need a medium to help us with this.

John (38m 19s):
So for 12 years I did the, I can do a conferences. And that’s when I got to put in front of 3000, people got to go to England, got to go to Australia. I didn’t have the ability. I didn’t have the The advantage of will. Let me start off with one-on-one readings to do groups of 10, a 30. It went from 30 till like 800 once to 3000. No, John no John bed would actually in Vegas for us with over 2000. It wasn’t people. So that’s a, that’s a whole nother, nervous, nervous experience. And then, Hey, at the very first time before boy, no one came up, there’s re Tracey on this in the backstage. I’m like, where are you doing here? We were in Vegas because I’m here to support you.

John (38m 59s):
And I’m like, I think your here to check me out a lot. It was a good event. But from that to the bigger events, the CSO, and then when born knowing came out in 2003, I went to Barnes and noble. I went to that shelf. I took that book off the shelf and I, you know, I, myself looking at it. I mean, I, I S I took the book, just like it, my visualization, except in my visualization. I was the only one in the aisle. Except as a woman, she stand up to this true story. She’s looking to the left, she’s open to the left, looking at something else, a another book. And I said, and she looks at me and I looked at her and I said, and I said to her, this is my book. And she says, no, it’s not. I said, yeah.

John (39m 39s):
She goes, no, no, it’s not. You know, so yes, it is. Look on the back. It’s my picture. She goes, Oh my God. Oh, no, she didn’t have a good a job. He goes, and she goes to that issue, a book. She said, well, no, I feel like I have to ask you for years on a graph. And she’d bought the book. So that was my very first autograph. No, I try to tell people is you have to change the psychological thought of the, you are not good enough. I am good enough. I am worthy. I am worthy. I am worthy of love because it’s, it’s, it takes a little work. You can’t manifest. If that underlying thought is, I’m too old, I’m not good enough. This will never work. Who do I think I am? And if you don’t say this to yourself, we’ve had other people tell you, if you want to be in a certain field, please hang around.

John (40m 24s):
People that are already doing it, right? Because you may have a friend or someone. They say, you know what? I want to go into I computers in it. And now you may have a friend who says to you, you, you can’t even focus on, Oh, no, no. Or a piece of paper, how are you going to write code? And then you listen to that person. Does I believe that other people see your, your contracts. And I mean, I say so, contracts, I don’t want to do it. This kind of it’s deep, but you may be with someone and then you just meet them and you say to them, Oh my God, you’d be a great nurse. I don’t know that you buy it. And they’d say what, Oh my God, I’ve always wanted to be a nurse. Or somebody walks into your house in its, in its beautifully designed and says it to the person, men or women.

John (41m 9s):
You know what? You are so good. You should be a designer. You know, I always want it to, but I never really went for it the same as the other people read it. So the Soul that, you know, most people know what they’re good at. And so find that gift town ability and see how you can make a career out of it. Or at least if you have a full-time job and you like that, and you got to pay the bills, at least do it on the site so you can use so you can fuel your soul

Deb (41m 38s):
Passion. Yeah. Yeah. I agree. Well, I think this is I John I cannot tell you how much this is brought so much joy to me today. And I know Dana too. And you know, I just, I hope we can cross paths again. And I hope that after 2020, that a lot of people can gather together. And I hope this launching of your community is so successful. Anything else you want to share with the audience?

John (42m 1s):
I would say two things to do one, throw it about the community. I want to keep it intimate. So it won’t be open forever. Okay. So, because I want to work with these people and I’m excited. It’s almost like teaching you, you know what it is like that you can do a weekend workshop. Some people are coming in and it never seemed good. But if you have the same students over it and you got to call it, you’re going to hold them to not accountable. But you got to be able to say, well, what work for you? What the lesson? What didn’t and what are you doing today? But I want people to realize to though, remember this, you don’t have a Soul the comes with a body, not a body, the comfortable with the salt. Let me leave. And with this one, tip you either one of the, you sleep with your phone beside the bed.

Deb (42m 38s):
No plugged in, but it’s over on the side. Okay?

John (42m 41s):
Okay. Some people do though, right? They use it for an alarm clock or something, or right before now, remember when you wake up from that sleep, whether you are dreaming a night, you have to dream, okay. You just forget it. You sometimes you forget the dreams and this is a whole nother thing you can do about dreaming to program. So you remember them, but you get that phone beside you. You came from the beautiful place, your spirits on the other side, revitalizing while your body’s revitalized. And it goes back home. It sounds like you mean I dyno are still connected, by the way, if they record, you know that you come back to that slide, you come into just waken up and then you are, your foot has a demon touch the floor, and then you are reaching for that phone.

Deb (43m 19s):
Okay. I’m getting to you about that.

John (43m 22s):
And then you scroll. And so you’ve taken yourself from a spiritual, beautiful place. I believe in to the technology. You’ve already started that way. I always say this before you start your day, before you get out of bed, before you reach for their phone, you put your hand on your heart and say, I am Soul and start your day off with one word, love, compassion, abundance piece, as opposed to a social media, that’s throwing stuff at you. Alright. So before you touch the floor, I always say, reach for your inner technology before you reach for your outer technology.

Deb (44m 1s):
Love it. Yes. That is a profound John right.

John (44m 5s):
And that’s the key. And that’s in that I can almost say John hoppy. John, John, John, Holland copyright, right? In that case, that came to me like, and I’m like, okay, well, did that come to me? Or was it given by someone who is for the universe is something right? So start with that because you know, if you start your day off like this damn another week, and that’s how you step out of bed, you’re going to stop your toe or the refrigerator’s not going to work, going to be bad. You know? So if you remember, your soul knows what it wants, and if you keep getting something that’s not happening, it means that in some way, like all the doors are opening and then go for it to look for the window. Look for that opening.

John (44m 46s):
It means that your Soul is trying to be, there are ways to tap in. So you have direct. Guidance what you saw. All right. But it’s a pleasure meeting you too, because I know we could have a, we could have a cup of coffee and just talk it when you have free time, please come back and let us know. Cause we would, we’d be honored again to yep. As long as I answered everything for you, it, you know, I can help anyone who’s listening or maybe just the one little tidbit. If they’ve got something from this podcast and then a fantastic, but if they want to look at this community, if it plays in time, my Soul community.com, we’re going to go to make sure people know about you. Okay. More than they already do.

John (45m 26s):
All right. Well, thank you so much. Well, it’s like they get something to somebody called me a few weeks, actually a couple months ago, pioneer on the business. And I felt I’m like, wow, what? I kind of felt like an older man. Right? John and then I thought about it. If I’ve been teaching since 2003, which is coming up, you know, you know, I’ve been a meeting for 25 years teaching it this way through books and you know, workshops, I guess I am. So I find it in, I don’t find it a and I didn’t want to be, it wasn’t an insult. I was surprised if someone considers me a pioneer, then I guess, I guess I’m doing my job right. Using my gifts, talents, and abilities to help others.

Dana (46m 7s):
Yes, yes, yes, yes. Thank you. John You hope to connect with you again soon. Lots of love. Thank you for joining us for this episode of Spirited Straight Talk. If you enjoy the show, make sure you subscribe so that you get notified of new shows. We’d also love it. If you could leave us a review and let’s Connect visit Deb sheppard.com for more insights support workshops, and to book a session with Deb plus entered to get a free reading with Deb. All you have to do is sign up for the e-mail list and you’ll automatically be entered. Just go to Deb sheppard.com that’s Deb S H E P P a R d.com.

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