Creating Your Sacred Space-Transform Your Energy

Having a sacred space for yourself can totally transform your energy, deepen your meditation practice and help you de-stress. Deb helps you get ready for more inner peace and calm! 

Deb Sheppard (6s):
Welcome to spirited straight talk the ultimate podcast for anyone who is ready to live a life with intention and help from spirit. I am your host Deb shepherd, spiritual teacher medium and author helping you open up to the whole enchilada or like we like to say the soul enchilada so you can truly make your soul rise. So let’s go.

Dana (34s):
This is Episode 12 sacred spaces creating your sacred space on spirited straight talk. Welcome.

Deb Sheppard (43s):
Hi, miss Dana. I’m so excited. Well, first of all, we’re now out of our closet. That’s the reason for the excitement we’re out of her closet. We’re creating another space in our home, which we have before we call them the sacred space. And this is where podcasts are going to start becoming as well as other things that we’re going to be doing. So we’ve been kind of, you know, decorating, getting things ready. But the reason why I wanted to talk about this is so many people feel a little frustrated sometimes with meditation or trying to quiet their mind. And one of the things is if you create a little space in your home, this can really help you set sort of the foundation and that energy in your home.

Deb Sheppard (1m 31s):
We’re fortunate enough that our kids have moved out. So we have a little more wiggle room than some people, but even in a really small space, even like your closet, which is what we were doing it for awhile, you can create any space, even a corner space in, in your bedroom or, in your home that allows you to know that this space is, has an energy to allow you to be in the present moment, to learn to meditate and release stress for the day. So we have a lot of ideas. And just so you guys know, Dana is really good at the decorating piece. So we’ve been working on this room here in the house for our doing our podcast, as well as for better meditations and for that sacred space.

Deb Sheppard (2m 13s):
And there’s so many things you can do that you already have in your home and while you’re out and about, or maybe even if people are looking for gifts, you can find some things that you can put in this space and it feels so good.

Dana (2m 25s):
It does. Yeah.

Deb Sheppard (2m 26s):
Dana paces the room

Dana (2m 28s):
I pace the room?

Deb Sheppard (2m 30s):
You go in and out looking for like, how does this feel? And you move things around.

Dana (2m 34s):
Oh yes, I do. I subconsciously I think I’ve always looked at the energy and where things are placed in the room, how it feels.

Deb Sheppard (2m 43s):

Dana (2m 43s):
Versus obviously how it looks as a part of that. But I think it’s more, how does it feel? And I always like to have either three of some things, so like three plants or one plant, which is, I think the feng shui…

Deb Sheppard (2m 58s):
Little odd numbers.

Dana (2m 59s):
Yeah. odd numbers versus, it just feels better for energy energetically. It’s, it’s, it’s better. Although we have two lamps in here that match.

Deb Sheppard (3m 11s):
Part of the two is also the balance of one on each side for balance and to be. So we’re gonna give some ideas, some thoughts about what you can do. And the other thing I think is important is when you create this space, realize it, change it throughout the year. It’s some things can get really stagnant and we don’t feel this shift. And sometimes when we’re going through different things in our lives, you want to shift that energy in that, in that space. And again, this can be very simple or it could be much more elaborate and you can build upon it with time. One of the biggest things is making sure there’s not a lot of clutter and that you feel good in this space that it’s clean.

Deb Sheppard (3m 53s):
It doesn’t have any head of heavy energy. Or like we said, fluorescent lights, colors are really important. And you know, you really have a thing with color. You know, what things look like and how you feel about it and the textures of this and the room that we’re creating now has a lot of, what color would you go with?

Dana (4m 12s):
Like Aqua Marine or turquoise, I guess.

Deb Sheppard (4m 16s):
Yeah, turquoise

Dana (4m 17s):
Turquoises is the color.

Deb Sheppard (4m 18s):
So it’s clean, but it’s warm, but it’s, it just feels safe in this space. And we’re going to put some pictures, I’m sure out there for people to get it. So you’re a finished product in this room. Smells are important. So, you know, if you have a window and the smells outside are not good, make sure you have windows that are closed, but bringing in fresh flowers quite often, and you know, maybe candles or incense and things like this, and this has space, it set up so that when you go into this room or this sacred space, you’re able to focus on you in the moment. When you have a bedroom, a bathroom, a living room, a kitchen, those spaces are created for a certain types of energy.

Deb Sheppard (4m 60s):
So let’s say you go into your kitchen and you may wash your hands and you look around or you open the refrigerator. Your stomach begins to look at what is something going to taste, what do I want to eat? What do I want to drink? And this space is set up for you to go in and let go of life for a few moments. And even if it’s five minutes, three times a week to kind of know that that energy is going to be set up in there. And the other thing great about the foundation of this space is, if you are at work or you’re in a situation in life that is causing a little bit of chaos, you can remember that space and connect with that vibration. It’s just like memories. When you think about going to the ocean as you and I love, or if you like to hike or whatever you love to do, when you take that memory back, it’s almost like a smell or the, the song that takes you back to a period of time.

Deb Sheppard (5m 48s):
And that’s why having the space is going to be very supportive of you wanting to be present and in tuned and connect with your guides and those that want to connect with their loved ones.

Dana (5m 59s):
So what you’re saying is when you’re in a different or a difficult situation, you can think of your sacred space and how you feel in that space and it will help with your stress level. Yes, that’s nice.

Deb Sheppard (6m 12s):
So the things that you may want it in this room, like if you’re still struggling with meditation, I’ve always think that, you know, adult coloring or using your mandalas, that you color are a great form of, we call it active meditations and you can use your Oracle cards or you can read, or you can take a journal and begin to write the thoughts that you’re trying to do. So meditation doesn’t mean you have to just sit there and quietness.

Dana (6m 37s):
What’s cool with the mandalas too, that we found, especially, you know, when you use them in your classes and we use them, is you will get messages while you’re coloring. And you can just write those down on your page that you’re coloring or what have you. But things will come through during an active meditation as well.

Deb Sheppard (7m 0s):
And people think their minds should be just clear. And as I’ve said before, if you’re a monk with no children, no job, no partner, no stress. You can think about nothing for the rest of us. You’re still probably going to have a lot of thoughts that come in and I meditate. I don’t hear nothing. I start getting information. So it’s okay to get a download of information you do want to hear from your guides. You do want to hear maybe perhaps from your loved ones.

Dana (7m 26s):
That’s what I was going to say is if you’re thinking about nothing, are you really striving to think about nothing, nothing’s going to come through? So that’s why I tend to like the active meditations better, I think because I can let myself kind of freely flow with the thoughts. I don’t have to shut it out. I guess you could say.

Deb Sheppard (7m 51s):
And I think the biggest thing to understand about meditation and being in the sacred space is just being present and leave all your technology outside the room and off, which is still hard to do.

Dana (8m 8s):
No Facebook

Deb Sheppard (8m 8s):
Because even your watches that go off. Even taking those off, because they will interrupt things. And we really want to have time where we’re just focused on the moment. You can include things such as the Zen garden, you know, where you do the little sand raking. You know, those are kind of fun for some people, stones that are really great, but you know, the talking sticks, which we’ve done a whole class on where you, the native Americans would use talking sticks and they would decorate these sticks and then pass them around. And whoever had the stick could talk and the rest couldn’t. So let’s say you want to have a conversation with a child or a friend that might be a great space because it’s very sacred. You have this talking stick, it creates an opportunity for no distractions.

Deb Sheppard (8m 51s):
So that you’re with each other as well.

Dana (8m 53s):
What about Malas?

Deb Sheppard (8m 54s):
But, you know, we, we love our Malas. So they’re kind of prayer beads. There’s 108 beads on a Mala, which means it goes through every one of your meridians. And the purpose of this space is that you can put your malas there in the room with you, but you can have that intention to go through each and every bead with an intention of what you’re trying to create. Maybe it’s your health, maybe it’s about communication, things like that, that can help you in that we’ll work through the vibration of your..

Dana (9m 25s):
Of course. I mean, we have, we have malas, we use malas, we wear malas, but also do the same thing with your other types of prayer beads. So what are the Catholic ones that we have?

Deb Sheppard (9m 42s):

Dana (9m 44s):
Rosaries! Why wasn’t the name coming to me? I have my grandmothers rosary.

Deb Sheppard (9m 47s):
Right. And I have my mother-in-law’s. Yeah.

Dana (9m 49s):
So you can use those types of things the same way in your sacred space to set your intention, say your prayer, whatever your belief system is.

Deb Sheppard (9m 60s):
And then the thing is creating a ceremony, I think is, can be valuable for some people. If you go in and you sit quietly, maybe you take some deep breaths, you light a candle, you create an intention. Maybe you go in and you write in your journal, you pull some cards, you do a prayer, whatever it is so that you have these regular kind of types of ceremonies, rituals. Yeah. To help you. And again, like we’ve talked about, you want to keep this space clean. So I would recommend not really having a lot of animals in there because our animals are really disruptive. They don’t relax. So You want to let people know also that if that door is closed or, you know, you can use screens or you can use beautiful scarves to kind of create that space that says, no one can enter.

Deb Sheppard (10m 44s):
Like, it’s kind of like when the kid says, do not enter my room, you know, don’t bother me. But then it’s knowing that no one’s going to come in and interrupt you when you’re in that space.

Dana (10m 58s):
We’ve talked before that that space will hold that energy. So the energy you create in that space, it actually holds that energy for you. So it helps you become better at meditation or access that meditation more quickly when you go into that space. Right?

Deb Sheppard (11m 14s):
Right? And if you look at around the world, if you’ve been to a place that’s considered very sacred, I mean, native Americans believe that. And I kind of agree with what, when people are buried, that’s sacred ground, or, you know, you don’t go in there and you don’t make disruptive. You, you quiet and you honor it, where you go into a building, that’s very ancient. The same thing. We’re, we’re told not to disturb it because it’s considered sacred ground. And that’s what you want that little space to be. Whether it’s a corridor in your room, or it’s a large room itself, is that this space is sacred for you to create that energy. And you can also do this outside. So if you’re an outdoor person, you can have an indoor and outdoor space. Now for us, we have winter.

Deb Sheppard (11m 55s):
We can’t do it all year long, but for those people that have good weather all year, they can also create a little garden area or something like that. That creates a sacred space. They can do statues or waterfalls and great flowers and gardening areas as well with the benches that they can sit in and do their kind of meditations. I want to labyrinth

3 (12m 16s):
Backyard. Now we do, I want to build a labyrinth,

Deb Sheppard (12m 21s):
Which is like a circle that you go through through all your chakras. It goes, yes, it goes through all your chakras, but you take a journey as you go through the labyrinth, which if he, if you guys I’m sure every state probably has one somewhere. So you may have to look for it, but it’s really, you took me to one here in Colorado and it was really cool. It was really solid on TV of the day. So we talked about putting yeah.

3 (12m 50s):
In our backyard. Okay. We can build

Deb Sheppard (12m 52s):
That’s her mindset and something. I’m sure you will have have one too. We don’t want mirrors in there. Oh yeah. We talked about that. And you don’t want to have things that are negative. So if someone gave you something and you thought, well, this is kind of spiritual, this cause my belief system, but you’re angry or there’s really negative energy. Don’t put that in there. And the same with that person that gave it to you. If there’s items that carry energy that you don’t want, don’t put them in that space. Dana’s here to make it more clear what I’m trying to say. Yeah. And you also want to change that energy in the room. So let’s say every three or so months, you may want to change what’s in there or rearrange things because everything gets stagnant.

Deb Sheppard (13m 35s):
The energy becomes stagnant and you do want that freshness and you want to have live plants. If you can, if you don’t want to put any plants or that’s fine, but you want to make sure nothing is dusty. You’re getting old. You know, that just feels like when you walk in, there you go, Oh, this is making me tired. Of course, stones. We love the salt crystals, the big salt, and the what’s the big stone that you want me. That’s like selenite. Yeah. That’s really good to help you open up to the universe. Yes. And it cleans your other, all your other crystals or stones had actually cleanses energy. So just sleep on it

3 (14m 14s):
And, you know, w whatever, like you can bring it

Deb Sheppard (14m 17s):
Feathers in or things that you’ve been given to you. I know I have some shells that were blessed in Hawaii and I’ve used those. So there’s really no wrong, or right. Of course, sound is going to be important. So basically what you’re looking at is all your senses. You know, what you’re smelling, what you’re seeing, what you’re feeling, all those things are going to be important. You know, maybe you want a piece of chocolate in there that when you go in there, you get a piece of great chocolate or peppermint or something that makes you feel good, right? So you say no electronics, but is it acceptable to bring your phone in, to play some music or

2 (14m 55s):
To, you know, I know one of the things we have is we have a tuner that actually, when you

Deb Sheppard (15m 6s):

2 (15m 6s):
Gives the vibration of love, correct, there’s apps and things out there where you can play certain vibrations to help you relax, to help you let go of energy or accept energy is in relaxing energy. Or as long as,

Deb Sheppard (15m 21s):
You know, technology is going to be around with us forever, as long as you’re not being disrupted in that space, if you’re putting it right

2 (15m 30s):
On, not silent. Well, of course, on silent, but turn on the little thing on your phone that blocks everything out. But what you’re doing,

Deb Sheppard (15m 38s):
I be given Dana that. So she could do that for me. If you like playing an instrument guitar, whether it’s a flute or, you know, the, the singing bowls bring those in there, you know, and play. When, if that really helps you again, your meditations in the spaces, I mean, you have to sit still and not move. And as you know, that’s just not me for me to sit still and not move very much. Yeah. It’s not going to happen. So I have to do active meditations or I have to actually be speaking. And it’s, it’s harder for me just to sit and be quiet. So find what works for you. And for some people, they get to that place where they can really have that quietness.

Deb Sheppard (16m 18s):
But if you can’t the meantime, it’s not wrong with what you’re doing. The other thing I know I wrote is making that altar in your space and alters can be appreciated and not the altar just represents maybe a shelf that can include some things that are valuable to you. So let’s say you want to connect with a loved one. It might have their photo. You may put crystals or sand or shells, the places you traveled. And again, these can be changed out with time, but you want to ensure that this stuff is bringing you that really great energy.

2 (16m 52s):
Is there anything else you, you want to not bring into your sacred space? We said mirrors are because mirrors, even in a functional way, when you talk about mirrors, you want to use mirrors sparingly, and definitely not in your meditation area because of the way they function and magnifying energy and not letting energy flow the right way. Correct. Sometimes. So is there anything else,

Deb Sheppard (17m 22s):
You know, someone that’s broken, okay. You know, if you’re bringing in something that you’ve cherished, but it’s really broken, you may want to either get it fixed or decide you want to bring it in. And you know, when you’re first creating this space, you may think, well, I can use these things, but you’re going to change that because you’re going to see how the energy feels and trust that gut. How does it feel? And if someone else comes in and looks at it and has a different feeling, it’s not your, not their energy, it’s your energy. So follow what works you. And of course, one of our favorite stores home goods,

3 (17m 56s):
Won’t be advertising for them,

Deb Sheppard (17m 58s):
But there’s so many stores out there, even world market and other places that you can pick up some really fun things. So this doesn’t have to be an expensive journey, or don’t feel like you have to spend a lot of money and find what’s around your home. That you can begin this piece, just making sure you’re comfortable. If you need a blanket, bring out your little spiritual things, maybe some of your favorite books. If you have some collectibles, I know I collected some drafts together a couple months ago because I really felt I was feeling draft totems. And so I just, I just got these two that were twined together and put them in that space in my office. And it just feels good when I look at it. And I’m like, yeah, but that makes me feel good.

Deb Sheppard (18m 42s):
So creating a sacred, sacred space within your home, but also applying these concepts, these the funks way. Cause functional way. If people have listened to all your podcasts, they know that that’s how you begin noticing the energy of loved ones that have crossed over. And you started to receive messages that way, when you change the energy around you, all of a sudden you had, you were bombarded by

3 (19m 12s):
People would call on the other side. Yeah. So, so space,

Deb Sheppard (19m 16s):
I think sometimes it’s not a big deal, but you know, when you go to a fast food restaurant, they have bright colors and you know, the, the floors look very different than the walls and the tables. And the reason why is they want you in and out of there, same with casinos, casinos, casinos. They make you, they put horrific carpet on the floor,

3 (19m 38s):
Darken the windows in the windows.

Deb Sheppard (19m 40s):
You are only seeing though the bright flashing lights of the games, no clocks, no clocks. So when you go into a restaurant that’s calming and or someone’s home or into a space, you go, ah, this feels good. That’s what you want to create. So this little space that you’re creating, whether it’s a room, whether it’s just a small corner in your house is going to allow you really to expand your abilities, to connect with your guys and your loved ones and find those answers and be able to create an intention to move forward in your life. And with 2021, I think it’s probably more valuable than any time that I’ve been doing this work is to create that sacred space and set your intention deliberately.

Deb Sheppard (20m 26s):
Right? So the 30 day shift, yes. Coming years, you’re starting the 30 day shift here this week.

3 (20m 31s):
Yes. So if you want to know more

Deb Sheppard (20m 34s):
About how to connect with your guides, this next class for 30 days, the first week is on funkshway, which is one of my favorite topics that I’m really good at. And this is how my journey and my life change. It’s also about connecting with your guys’ understanding your shock, which has all your energy centers and what things are blocked and how to open them up. And then dreams. Because when I do readings, I thought about this the other day, it looks like a dream. I have all this information that I’m interpreting. So when you can understand your dreams more, your intuition will also develop. So these four things are a great foundation and a core to really get you going for especially 20, 21 year, beginning of the year to really help you in your journey in life.

Deb Sheppard (21m 20s):
And what’s maybe what’s walking you. Awesome. Yeah. So we always do a soul enchilada wrap up well, since you say it like that, just kidding. I think after talking about sacred spaces, I think it’s just taking the time for yourself. Give yourself a few minutes, two minutes, five minutes, just to really center yourself no matter how long your list is. Right. And just take a minute to see how you actually feel. I love it. Yeah. Yeah. That’s what we keep creating these sacred spaces.

Deb Sheppard (22m 1s):
That’s true. Thank you. Thanks for joining us. And we’ll see you again soon.

2 (22m 7s):
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