#3 Most Popular Episode: A Guide to Opening Your Third Eye and Accessing All Your Senses

We’re counting down the top 3 episodes thus far that have made a big impact on listeners! Here is third most popular of all time. Listen in as I share little-known steps to access all your senses and open your third eye – so you can feel more empowered on your path. Learning this is KEY if you want to expand your intuition, connect with your guides, and get messages from loved ones on the Other Side. We also play a special singing bowl meditation which will help you open your third eye.

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Welcome to spirited straight talk the podcast to help you thrive with the help of spirit. I’m Deb Shepard, psychic medium spiritual teacher and author. Each week. I bring new insights to help you heal from loss connect with spirit and turned setbacks into triumphs. So let’s get started.

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Do you feel like your intuition is blocked? Do you wish you could get more messages from loved ones or guides? If so, this episode is key or counting down our top three podcast episodes. So far, number three is a guide to opening your third eye and accessing all your senses. And I think that this is really popular because most of us really wanna tap into our intuition and start to receive and understand messages so that we feel more guided and connected with our loved ones and our guides. And it seems like having the experience of actually seeing, or having a little bit of a movie playing inside of your head really can help validate things as you move through life and through difficult situations.

2 (1m 19s):
So being open to receiving and seeing, and really paying attention to that, I think is something that a lot of us are interested in and how to open that up a little bit more. So in this episode, you’re gonna find that we give lots of tips, ways you can unblock or open up your third eye and your senses to receive more messages. Hope you enjoy it.

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Welcome everybody to our podcast here, I’m here with Dana. Hi, and we are going to talk about how to use all your senses that you were born with to have a better life. And for me, it’s about the third eye, but we’re gonna talk about how all of these senses were together and developing that third eye so that you can use that sense that we turn off and we all have it. It’s all there. We just close it at times and we’re born with these senses that we’re gonna talk about, but with life between our culture communities, our experiences, we shut down a lot of those senses that we could be using in an everyday life.

3 (2m 28s):
And I think we were talking a while back about the game of life. You know, that board where you would had that little car with the stick figures

4 (2m 37s):
And you can pick the pink girl or the blue boy, what did you pick two pink?

3 (2m 44s):
You knew way then. So it’s all about how we get through life. And our belief system is you go to school or you go to college. You, you know, you get married, you have children. And, and a lot of those senses are, are taken away because we are programmed to have life fit in a particular box. And what I am enjoying now about source society and, and the kids that are being born today, they’re not playing by those rules. Right. And I think a lot of people are trying to figure it out. And I think they’re using all their senses. You know, they’re

4 (3m 18s):
Probably a little bit more, yeah.

3 (3m 19s):
More than which

4 (3m 20s):
Lot. So the senses we’re born with, right. Are sight, sound, taste, touch, and

3 (3m 27s):
Smell. That’s what we’re taught in. You know, school you’re in kindergarten or whatever grade they teach it now, or if you’re at home. Okay. And, but it’s, it’s really much more complex than that. And they actually believe that we have seven senses, but as we go further, there are a lot more than that. But what is regarding our body and our position, our body and how we react to things. So yes, there

4 (3m 52s):
Are names like our balance, our

3 (3m 54s):
Balance. Yeah.

4 (3m 55s):
So one is vestibular, which helps us balance, I guess, balance while we’re walking or if we need to stand on one leg

3 (4m 4s):
Or your mind does not work,

4 (4m 6s):
Your vestibular is lacking. Maybe that’s what I need to work on, which

3 (4m 10s):
I have been working on that

4 (4m 11s):
One. Yes, yes you have.

3 (4m 13s):
And then the other one I’m gonna let you

4 (4m 14s):
Proprioception, which is body position, which allows us to do something like crack and egg without crushing egg in our hands. Yeah. So it’s a sense, I mean, as I’m imagining that yeah, it’s a, it’s a knowing not to go too far. Right. Or how far to go right within your action. Interesting.

3 (4m 35s):
It is. And then I was reading about how we also have the senses of being hot or cold and if we’re thirsty, so all of those are additional, hungry are hungry yet. All those are additional.

4 (4m 45s):
Or if you’re like me, I might be thirsty, but I feel hungry

3 (4m 50s):
Or I really know I need another glass of wine. Maybe that’s a sense.

4 (4m 55s):
Okay. Anyway, anyway,

3 (4m 56s):
Getting back to this and also we have, what’s called chakras and for individuals that are not familiar with chakras, a lot of cultures like Hindu and Buddhism and, and people that practice yoga, understand that chakras are those energy centers. And if you see a picture of someone that has their legs crossed and they’re, there’s colors up the spine up to the top of the head, we usually work with seven of them, but actually we have 114.

4 (5m 22s):
That’s a lot, that’s

3 (5m 23s):
A lot. But anyway, we work with the seven,

4 (5m 26s):
Well, the seven are the seven main

3 (5m 27s):
Ones, correct that we work with on the daily basis.

4 (5m 30s):
Right. Okay. Okay.

3 (5m 32s):
And we use these in order to figure out what’s going on in our life and how to, to me, it’s interacting our physical senses along with our chakra energy center. So we combine those together and we’re using a lot of great power for our ability to be here and face. What as humans do in life,

4 (5m 52s):
Like the game

3 (5m 52s):
Of life, like the game of life.

4 (5m 54s):

3 (5m 55s):
So we wanna use these senses. And so the sixth chakra is our, what we call the third eye.

4 (6m 2s):

3 (6m 3s):
And that’s when you will see people talking about their third eye and what they’re seen in their third eye and cultures have been around even back to the ancient Egyptians where they had the IA horse. Yeah. Yeah. You know where that they, so it’s, it’s something that’s believed in.

4 (6m 19s):
I was just in the hieroglyphs, they would draw that on. Yeah. Or they would draw it in the hieroglyphs.

3 (6m 25s):
Yeah. As I was thinking about this, I thought, well, does that mean their third eye helped them build those pyramids? Or was it aliens? So, or was a little combination. Both

4 (6m 32s):
Do, do, do, do

3 (6m 35s):
So together. If you have 114 chakras and 21 senses that equals 135 ways to use these

4 (6m 43s):
Energies. Oh, wow. Okay.

3 (6m 45s):
So when you put all that together, but you only

4 (6m 47s):
Use, so the 20, 21 senses, if we go back to that, cuz we didn’t talk about that

3 (6m 54s):

4 (6m 55s):
The fact that science actually believes we have 21 senses. Correct. So the five that we are taught that are the main five, plus the ability to balance, which is that vestibular and then the, the body position. Right. But we also have so many more, the ability to sense tension

3 (7m 21s):
Like your body, you know, when you don’t sit right all day or something just is hurting and or

4 (7m 26s):

3 (7m 27s):
Or hot. Yeah.

4 (7m 28s):

3 (7m 28s):
Hot. If anyone here is listening, that’s gone through menopause. Nobody knows

4 (7m 32s):
That sense how hot it can get.

3 (7m 35s):
So our body has so many, many things and it’s so much more complex than

4 (7m 40s):
We use. Right. So that’s like all the, the

3 (7m 42s):

4 (7m 42s):
What our brain uses to monitor our system. Correct.

3 (7m 47s):
Okay. And then we have the spiritual side, which we normally use the, the seven chakras and all the different colors and they all have a different vibration and we try to keep those balanced. So when you look at both of these together, you know, mind, body, and spirit, you’re looking at the, the combination of the

4 (8m 6s):
Three, a hundred and thirty five

3 (8m 8s):
Senses that we, we have well, okay. That we can use. But if we’re only using five, we are not really loading up our entire being with all the tools that we can use to understand how life is. And we come into the body, not using

4 (8m 24s):
A full team

3 (8m 24s):
Of, you’re not using our full team. Yeah. You got a lot of them bitched back. And it’s because what we’re

4 (8m 30s):
Told, we’re

3 (8m 31s):
Told don’t trust your intuition or you’re making that up. Or,

4 (8m 34s):
Or through experience, you start to not trust your intuition because you were wrong about

3 (8m 39s):
Something or they said you were wrong. Right. I mean, I think a lot of times we’re right. We’re just not always getting the clarity or it’s figure from the past. And so when I started thinking about all these senses that we can use and the lack of what we’re using, how do we open up and balance all those? So we can feel more in our power. Okay. And with chakras, it’s very easy to be able to understand where our shocks are unbalanced. So like we were talking about earlier tripping and falling, it could be a health issue, which is one of the senses, the 21 census, or is your chocolate outta balance. Are you feeling like you’re not in your power?

3 (9m 19s):
You’re feeling like, you know, your, your security isn’t there. You’re not sure where your future is going. Like the rugs been pulled underneath you.

4 (9m 27s):
So let’s talk about the sixth cents and the Pinal gland again. Okay. Because we started on that

3 (9m 33s):
And we’re going back. Okay.

4 (9m 34s):
That’s so interesting.

3 (9m 36s):
The pen gland or Pinal gland

4 (9m 39s):

3 (9m 41s):
Is actually shaped like a pine cone and that’s why, oh, really? It’s name. Yeah. And it’s in the center of your brain. It’s not very big, but

4 (9m 47s):
Yours is large.

3 (9m 48s):
Well, I think it is, you know, now we’re gonna have envy around how big

4 (9m 51s):
You have a big pen because your oh my God. Yeah.

3 (9m 57s):
So that’s a good one. So it regulates, you know, you’re sleeping and we have this great doctor right now that it’s Aless doctor. And he talks about being out in the sun

4 (10m 6s):
Before 10:00 AM.

3 (10m 7s):
O’clock yeah. 10:00 AM. So that your, what is it? The back of your eyes,

4 (10m 12s):
Your retina

3 (10m 13s):
Can start regulating sleep. And that’s what that is

4 (10m 16s):
Attached to your Pinal gland. Wow. Okay.

3 (10m 18s):
So what happens if we’re inside all the time, it’s affecting that gland,

4 (10m 23s):
Circadian rhythm,

3 (10m 25s):
It’s affecting it. And so you look at how many people are working indoors. You know, years ago people were outside, they were milking cows. They were harvesting and you know, they were outdoors. We’re inside so much of the time. So it is affecting that gland.

4 (10m 38s):
So that’s our sixth sense. That’s our sixth chakra third. So our third eye, which is also linked to

3 (10m 48s):

4 (10m 48s):
Intuition. Yeah. Perception, awareness, intuition.

3 (10m 52s):
And if you look through life, how everyone became, you know, they saw visions or they knew things that, that gland was much more awake basically. Okay. And aware, but we stopped using certain earth things to keep that going.

4 (11m 9s):
So do you think, I wonder if animals, because animals don’t shut down their intuition, they have to be intuitive to survive

3 (11m 16s):
And they’re outdoors normally.

4 (11m 18s):
Yeah. I mean, you, you look at the way animals react to append earthquake or a storm coming. They know

3 (11m 25s):
The tsunamis they know to get on hike right

4 (11m 27s):
Now. Yeah. So their intuition is on high alert. Right. So that, that’s interesting. They have big pins. That’s funny. We’re gonna have to, we’re gonna have to use that now.

3 (11m 42s):
I know. Absolutely.

4 (11m 43s):
So it’s also

3 (11m 45s):
Called the spirit molecule or the seed of the soul. And when I was thinking about this years ago, when I first started doing spiritual work, I called my business, the seat of the soul. And I never knew where it came from

4 (11m 58s):
Seat. Isn’t you sit

3 (11m 59s):
In it, sit in it. Okay. S E a T of the soul. And I don’t know where it came from, but obviously now you staying on, because when I was doing a bit more research to have more science behind this, this is what I saw. And I was just like, wow. Okay. That was obviously my intuition talking to me. Yeah. And it does feel like you’re making stuff up. I mean, that’s the whole thing of, because

4 (12m 21s):
You have to trust, you have to trust your creative side. Yeah.

3 (12m 24s):
Right. So anytime that we’re out of balance, then we try to figure out how to create that balance. So like recently I haven’t been to the eye doctor since I was 19. And I’m a little older than that. Now I just been buying readers, but I had to get glasses that had trifocals glad they don’t have the lines in the glasses anymore. But anyway, we try to do things to improve what is failing us. So if our hearing,

4 (12m 51s):
So your third eye is really refined my third eyes, but you’re humanized a little, I need some work.

3 (12m 59s):
So that third eye, if you are wanting to open it, use your intuition and develop it. There’s things you can do with all your senses to, to, to bring that to balance.

4 (13m 10s):

3 (13m 11s):
So our, our intuition also comes from our stomach and that’s when we have that really strange feeling of, oh, something doesn’t feel right. So if your penal gland is seen or feeling something or knowing it’s also attached to that stomach feeling, or maybe even your body, so it will work with your other senses to be able to give you some

4 (13m 35s):
Full picture,

3 (13m 35s):
Full picture. So when, when you’re explaining to people, what, how do I do these readings? How do I get information? It’s realizing I’m using, of course my penal gland, but I’m using all my senses to come together to communicate. And that’s how I’m able to hear from people who crossed over or get past lives. What’s going on energetically in your life and what things can come forward. Cause I means you all of these senses,

4 (14m 3s):
Well, the, and the other side communicates with you, but you’re in tune enough to know what part of your body is, has that feeling or has that,

3 (14m 16s):
You know, we get

4 (14m 17s):
Those chills can, can receive that message.

3 (14m 19s):
Yeah. Yeah. Those chemistry, like when, the times when you get that chill of your body, that’s another sense of hello. Yes. I’m here or yes, you’re right. Or even the feeling I know when I first started doing this work, I feel really cold. I don’t feel that anymore, but there I’m using all my senses. So my third eye will give me visuals of things to be able to tell you a story or what I’m feeling and seeing. And then my body body, my body, my body will react to all of that. Like, does it feel positive? Does it feel, you know, like I should be worried or concerned and the tools, so what

4 (14m 53s):
I thought, so your, your emotions, but all your, so sight, first of course, sight in your third eye, but sound, taste, smell.

3 (15m 5s):
Well. How many times do I taste alcohol? I can tell you what kind of alcohol that you

4 (15m 9s):
Now, if you, if you could get down to the brand of wine, I’d be impressed.

3 (15m 14s):
One time though, I did get the, the whiskey. It was the, the kind that it’s in that bag, you know, that purple bag.

4 (15m 20s):
Yeah. Yeah.

3 (15m 20s):
Crown. I saw the crown bag and, and told she that’s exactly it. And so sometimes I can see the visuals of it, but then again, it’s understanding I’m using all of these senses

4 (15m 31s):
At one time, at one time. So they’re all connected.

3 (15m 34s):
Yeah. So when you wanna develop that intuition, your third eye and open that up, it’s remembering it’s connected to other parts of your body by body and spirit. Okay. Okay. So if you third eye isn’t working, one of the ways to tell is that you may feel confused, have a lot of, you know, uncertainty about your future, a lack of purpose. The one thing that I will see with people is being very negative. Yeah. You know, they’re, they just feel like everything is gonna happen bad. They’re waiting for the other shoe to drop. Right. And for me, it’s even heavy them change their pattern of thought. You know, I have them wear that thick, rubber band. Right. And when they’re saying something negative, they begin to change that by snapping that rubber band to change the thought pattern, to help open up that third eye.

3 (16m 22s):
Gotcha. Because everything is so negative. That’s all your third. I see.

4 (16m 25s):
Yeah. Yeah. It’s like, and, and we, we meet them a lot. The S that everything is a low vibration, a low energy they’re, they’re not in that. They’re always the victim joy or power, right? No, they’re always the victim. Yeah. So,

3 (16m 42s):
And they can’t see finding like, well, it’s not gonna change anything. This is how my life’s always been. I’m like, oh yeah.

4 (16m 48s):
So that’s, that is your six chakra is completely blocked. Correct. Okay.

3 (16m 55s):
Okay. When your third eye is open, you usually have more clarity. Now I laugh at that because I will forget names

4 (17m 3s):
For certain things.

3 (17m 4s):
So it doesn’t mean if you have Alzheimer’s or something that

4 (17m 7s):
You might forget a name, but you remember

3 (17m 10s):
Like things

4 (17m 11s):
Very detailed. So you have great mental clarity. I, I think it’s, you know, like the typical things, like I forget names all

3 (17m 22s):
The time. Yeah. I think that’s just part of age in our bodies, you know, something that part of it. But it also, I think the mental clarity brings problem solving. You know, we try to figure out how we can manage something that shows up. We can’t stop things from happening, you know, but we can’t know that there is a future. I think there’s more self-expression. I think people that use their third eye are usually artists, scientists. If you look at someone that’s an, an inventor, you know, that they’re seeing things that’s true. And trying to figure out how to make something better in our lives, problem, people that problem solve. I think you, I, no, I trust more. I feel like a lot of people that I work with when that third eye is closed, they just don’t trust the future.

3 (18m 9s):
That they’re always worried that some, like we were talking about when you’re, when your third eyes closed, where I don’t worry about tomorrow. I mean, I do those smart things. We repair insurance, right. You know, you do the human things we need to do. We eat right. You exercise and we drink wine,

4 (18m 24s):

3 (18m 24s):
You’re not worried that horrible things are gonna happen the next day or the next year. You, you say, well, I’ll deal with it when it shows up, because there’s a feeling of trust. And that’s the intuition in your gut and your third eye link together with your,

4 (18m 38s):
You don’t have that. Yeah. That impending doom stuff is not no

3 (18m 42s):
A part of, I would say everything’s just fixable. And even if someone dies, you know, we can still have a communication with them, but it’s, it’s realizing that we’re here for lessons and to learn, and that we are wired to be able to respond to every situation in our life. We just don’t use them.

4 (19m 1s):

3 (19m 2s):
We don’t, we don’t,

4 (19m 3s):
We don’t play with a full deck. We don’t play with a full deck. Yeah.

3 (19m 6s):
Yeah. We’re, we’re playing that game of life with no one else with us don’t mean a car. We’re just going on the board.

4 (19m 11s):
Rolling. We’re rolling. We’re rolling. Our little pink or blue guys are rolling.

3 (19m 17s):
And this is when you are able to use all of these senses that we’re talking about, especially the third eye, it will help you not live in fear because everything is connected and everything is there to tell you how to pay attention and help you with solutions or how to find a solution.

4 (19m 36s):
So how do you, how do you open your third eye more, or I guess in this case, for this conversation, how do you develop your Pinal gland to be bigger? Like yours, figure like mine

3 (19m 50s):
Let’s compare our

4 (19m 51s):

3 (19m 52s):
You know, I, I think one of the biggest things that I use all the time is sense of humor. And even though I wasn’t thinking that on my list, but humor, as you know, I, I love humor and I find humor. And when, when I’m working with people and they’re in that, that darker place or feeling overwhelmed, I always say grab humor, because I think it does let up a little energy. It shifts that energy that when all of your energy, whether it’s worry or fear, those kind of things, if we bring that laughter into our life, it does create a lot of balance for

4 (20m 26s):
Us. Well, and I think you, it’s, it’s something that you can do quickly and easily, right. To raise your vibration and, you know, yeah. It’s a simple thing,

3 (20m 37s):

4 (20m 38s):
Simplified, but you know, look up your favorite standup artists and watch a YouTube video.

3 (20m 44s):
Or what’s one of my habits now,

4 (20m 47s):
God, God tick talk. I

3 (20m 50s):
Look for the funny ones. OK. They’re 15

4 (20m 53s):
Seconds. Yeah. Look at the goats jumping around. Yeah. So

3 (20m 56s):
For me, it’s, it’s just a way sometimes when I am doing work, that’s really deep with people to shift that energy is to bring in some humor for me. And not that the situation isn’t serious, but I don’t need to hold on that energy all the time.

4 (21m 10s):
Right. So, and, and raising your vibration, that’s a really quick, easy way to do it.

3 (21m 14s):
Correct? Yeah. So things that we talk about quite often is to be present

4 (21m 19s):
The next one. So this would be number two, be present,

3 (21m 22s):
Be present. We are all, and this is a consistent thing. If you are worried about the future or holding onto the past, being present is not gonna open up that third eye. It will not because it’s, it’s just, it’s almost suffocating it, you know, squeezing it meditation though. People think it has to be, you know, the serious thing where you’re sitting on the floor and that Lotus position. Well, if you’re over 45, you can’t even do that. Probably very much.

4 (21m 48s):
You can’t get back up, you can’t get back up. You have to sit on a meditation, pillow, pillow,

3 (21m 53s):
But we like active meditations as well. Yeah. So Dana, you know, you love doing your, your garden, your

4 (21m 58s):
Flowers, swimming running for me, there’s certain things that are active meditations for me. Yeah.

3 (22m 4s):
I’m coloring. Mandalas are really great. Yeah. And just allowing yourself that when thoughts come in to let them go out and allowing that third eye to relax and, and watch what you’re doing to open that door up versus squeezing

4 (22m 19s):
It and keep a notepad next to you, because absolutely lots of stuff can come through during that time when you’re doing either an active meditation or

3 (22m 29s):
Being present,

4 (22m 30s):
Or just being present or an actual trying to meditate with no thoughts. Right. But you know, lots of things can come through. So that’s always fun.

3 (22m 41s):
So for number three, if you see, woo woo. People with crystals, there is a reason why

4 (22m 46s):
Or you wearing your mandalas? My

3 (22m 48s):
Mandalas. Yeah. Right. Armas,

4 (22m 50s):
Excuse me. Oh, sorry. Mandalas. The thing you colors, MAs what you wear.

3 (22m 56s):
So crystals are vibrations of the planet and like everything sound, taste, feelings, all have a vibration and those vibrations affect how we feel. And that’s why I go to laughter and humor, cuz it helps me feel lighter and that, you know, burden on my soul. And so all different colors of, of crystals out there for different things or stones. I know when my kids were little, they like to collect rocks and that was all for grounding. I mean, I’m sure they come into this planet going, what the heck? And so these rocks made them feel like they could hold onto this planet because this is a, a heavy energy in this planet. Right?

4 (23m 35s):
Well, we, in your ma line, we have a lot of people who purchased the hematite correct, or the lava stone, because that helps them feel more connected to the earth or more grounded. And we

3 (23m 50s):
Need that many times when we’re out there with crazy stuff going on in our lives, you know, we need to know that we are connected with mother earth.

4 (23m 57s):
So the one that is for the third eye or the pin gland would be

3 (24m 2s):

4 (24m 3s):
Purple. Yeah.

3 (24m 4s):
That’s why you see a lot of psychics wearing purple

4 (24m 8s):
Soda light.

3 (24m 9s):
Yeah. Which is white

4 (24m 12s):
It’s it’s yeah. It’s I think it’s the one we have is blue. So it’s blue. It’s blue to, yeah. Okay. But yeah, we use a lot of amethyst, but there’s also how light is on your spiritual connection Mala. Okay. And that’s for all, for your third eye.

3 (24m 31s):
Yeah. To open that because it’s all about intention. And remember again that the stones, all these stones have an energy vibration, a sense, and your body, since you have all these senses and all these chakras, it will vibrate and pick up that energy because it feels familiar.

4 (24m 47s):
That is so cool that

3 (24m 49s):

4 (24m 49s):
Yeah. So they even say wear your Mo against your skin, correct. So that your, your body can feel and absorb that vibration.

3 (24m 58s):
The store that we go to, to buy our malls, the three dishes, just amazing. Sometimes I can’t even go into that store because there is so much energy of all the stuff I get almost out of balance. And I remember walking up to the pendulums, did I pronounce it correctly? And they just started moving by me, standing there. And I took a video of it because that’s how energy is affected when you have all your senses open to feel everything. And so it’s when I do go in, I have to remember shut things down because I, I wanna walk through the store. I don’t wanna feel everything and have everything moving. Right. So that’s how you can be wired. And when people say, I don’t feel anything, you know, are you shutting everything down or is it something that you don’t need or finding that stone or that crystal that does change your vibration.

4 (25m 48s):
So number four, there’s things you can eat.

3 (25m 51s):
I know. And, and we, we eat these things, which is really cool.

4 (25m 55s):

3 (25m 55s):
And then also one of these things that we just started taking, cuz we’re low in. So I think this, yeah.

4 (26m 1s):
Interestingly enough. Interesting. Yeah.

3 (26m 2s):
So we love garlic who doesn’t love garlic. So all those Italians, right.

4 (26m 7s):
And Hispanic salad. Yeah. Garlic and everything. Lemon

3 (26m 11s):
Watermelon. Which one of your

4 (26m 14s):
Favorites? Cilantro love cilantro

3 (26m 16s):
G sing

4 (26m 17s):
Vitamin D three. Yeah. Which is in fish. You can take a supplement.

3 (26m 23s):
The supplement of you take D three. I think there’s something you’re supposed to have with, is it K?

4 (26m 28s):
Well we’re I mean our doctor told us D three K two, just to help us absorb absorb it. That may not

3 (26m 36s):
Be for everybody.

4 (26m 38s):
Hemp seeds, honey and coconut oil and goji berries.

3 (26m 43s):
So now you have your whole diet to wake up your third eye.

4 (26m 46s):
That’s that’s awesome. That is, I mean that, to think that ingesting foods can help open up your, your third eye, make your Pinal blend healthier. Well,

3 (26m 58s):
Think what organic food does to us. Right. You know what? You look at all the different foods are out there and, and that’s on our planet for us to have all that balance. So eating these things and the intention that you with crystals. So maybe, you know, maybe you could wear your ma crystals along with garlic knot.

4 (27m 20s):
You’re trying to ward off the vampires at that point.

3 (27m 23s):
Again, this is all about intention with this, but these are the things that we eat all the time. A lot of these anyway.

4 (27m 29s):
Interesting. So five would be essential oils.

3 (27m 32s):
We love you introduced me more to oils,

4 (27m 34s):
But I love essential oils. And actually one that I wear all the time is Jasmine. Because when I had my VA astrology reading, she said to wear a lot of Jasmine. So I got a Jasmine roll on. So I wear that a lot. Actually. I didn’t know that it was helping my third eye. I know lemon. So diffusing lemon into the air and then sandalwood, which sandalwood is amazing

3 (28m 3s):
Too. Yeah. But I think when you look at citrus, it just has lemons here, but how citrus energizes us, it changes an energy vibration when you smell oranges and grapefruit. Right. So I think white lemon is used here a few times. It just that good smell it, it lightens the room.

4 (28m 21s):
Yep. It sure does. So sixth would be

3 (28m 25s):
Chanting. It’s a vibration. Yeah. And

4 (28m 29s):
I mean, there’s a reason for the own vibration

3 (28m 33s):
And also each chakra or each energy center we use, there is a, a sound that creates a vibration to open up those energy centers and balance them. So for the third eye, when you see O out there, that is because it’s about the third eye, it’s helping that. Wow. So by chanting that, saying it, however it works for you, I cannot sing. I’m not a singer, but I can say that yes,

4 (28m 60s):
You can, sixth would be sun gazing. So tell me about that.

3 (29m 7s):
Well, when we talked about our ageless doctor, he talked about being outside before 10 o’clock for

4 (29m 14s):
15 minutes.

3 (29m 15s):
Yeah. And I think part of this too, is to help that gland, understanding our sleeping and waking and creating a balance. If we don’t get enough sleep, our body can’t heal.

4 (29m 27s):
And so I wonder cuz it’s, it’s responsible for melatonin. Correct. So I wonder if taking melatonin actually, you know, before you sleep, not in the morning, but I wonder if that actually helps your pin gland or your third eye become more active,

3 (29m 44s):
I would assume. But like when we’re taking vitamin D it’s because we’re lacking it. So either way, whether you’re taking it or whether you’re in the sun or doing both, especially if you are in a place that doesn’t get a lot of sun, then that might be definitely taking more melatonin. You

4 (29m 58s):
Know what we found out too, I just remembered this is that having a handful of pistachios and cherries, cherries or pistachios, they’re natural melatonin,

3 (30m 8s):
Which we both love.

4 (30m 9s):
So they can, you know, maybe work with your body on that too.

3 (30m 13s):
And bringing this back to having the balance of sleep a few years ago, you know, I was not sleeping. Yeah. And that’s how we met this doctor and I was having dropped seizures and they’ve only took a sleep study test and the results came back that I had 31 to 41 episodes in one hour of not sleep or waking up, not having my rim sleep, having

4 (30m 35s):
Your breath catch to wake you up. Yeah. Right. Yeah. You weren’t going into deep sleep.

3 (30m 39s):
No. So 31 to 41 times an hour, I stop breathing basically. And I have a huge gland,

4 (30m 46s):
But it wasn’t working for, you have a large Pinal.

3 (30m 49s):
Yeah. So since I’ve been sleeping, my health is better. Actually my readings have been better. My health is better, all those things. So again, that’s the gland that you need for sleep, which creates the balance in how your body responds to everyday life.

4 (31m 5s):
Interesting. Next one seven.

3 (31m 7s):
Okay. This is one I came up with years ago

4 (31m 9s):
Should be number a right. You came up with a lot of

3 (31m 12s):
These. Okay. One is to use a lit candle. It doesn’t matter what color I use white ones, but it doesn’t matter which one. And the room could be dark, not pitch dark, but you know, not a lot of bright light. And you stare at the flick, flicker the light of the candle, the flame, the flame. And then as you stare at it, it almost looks a little bit blurry. Like when you look at certain things and you can make things, look a little blurry outside outside of them, and then you close your eyes. The third eye will see the flame as dark and around it as bright. So it’s exercising that, that third eye, the longer you can hold that image, you’re using that muscle for that third eye.

3 (31m 58s):
Interesting. It’s really cool. So that’s one that you can do at home being creative,

4 (32m 2s):
Number nine,

3 (32m 4s):
Being creative in my classes, I have students do some crazy things and they always say, I don’t know why I’m doing this, what this is.

4 (32m 13s):
Why do I have to do

3 (32m 14s):
This? And part of that is to get them out of their box because we are designed to be creative and not live in a box, but we wanna feel safe. We don’t wanna be judged. And so it’s learning to be creative and using that third eye in all your senses so that you can practice using your intuition better. So if you continue to play it safe and you’re coloring within the lines and, and you’re not trying to do something out there a little bit, it’s basically it stops the growth and the ability for this, for the third eye, this

4 (32m 50s):
Client. Cause you don’t how you’re not doing anything where you have to actually trust your gut. No. Or use your intuition. You’re not doing anything if you’re not stepping outside the

3 (32m 59s):
Box. Yeah. And you have all these senses and you’re playing by the rules. Yeah. And they’re going, these are human rules. These are not how you were wired when you were

4 (33m 6s):
Born. Wait a minute, we have 135 of these.

3 (33m 10s):
So what I I think is really good to know too, is that whatever line of work, like I look at we, we like the food channel. So when you watch chefs or detectives, I think detectives are very good at using when I’ve worked with detectives about using their intuition. That’s what they’re using because this may be science to prove it, but they have to use their intuition to get there. And when I work with detectives, I can see things and feel things and, and give them information. But then they have to go do all the research. Right? So that’s, that’s the difference of them. I think the way to kind of know about, or how to understand about your sixth sense or your third eye is going back to your times in your life, when you felt something wasn’t right, or you knew you had to do this.

3 (33m 56s):
Those are the moments that, that third eye, that sixth, 6 cents was there and you, and you trusted it and you move forward. That’s how you continue to practice is going back to that time, we create fear and the illusion that if we don’t think it all through, then we’re not gonna be safe versus instead saying, I’m gonna use all my senses. I’m gonna use my entire full deck to figure this out. And that’s what we try to use as using all of those 135 senses so that we can use it in this earth body. As we walk up on this earth, everything is there for us to be able to get the answers and that being present or be, to be present is the most important part of using these abilities.

3 (34m 42s):
So it’s pretty cool. Yeah. And you’re gonna play a little bit of a meditation here, right?

4 (34m 47s):
So when we were talking about this, the, obviously the, the O sound making that word is a vibration, but there’s also, we have singing bowls. Correct. And one of the singing bowls is the third eye chakra bowl. So that vibration, it has a specific vibration which connects to your third eye. And so this sound is what that

3 (35m 14s):
Is. Right. And what’s interesting. There’s so much of, there’s such a variety of music, isn’t it interesting that some of us vibrate or aligned with certain music. Yeah. And there’s a reason for that because of how we’re wired. We are aligned with certain sounds because of how it makes us feel.

4 (35m 31s):
Oh, isn’t that cool? That is so cool.

3 (35m 34s):
Yeah. Yeah. So when you look at probably what, what notes they’re using in that music is related to all these senses

4 (35m 42s):
And maybe your chakras need or desire that specific

3 (35m 45s):
Sound interesting. And we, when we feel good, we still want more of that sound like the humor in the laughter, listen to a baby laugh.

4 (35m 53s):
Oh gosh, it makes you laugh automatically.

3 (35m 55s):
So those sounds do affect how you feel. Okay. So you may go to a concert that, oh, it’s just really great music. Someone goes, God, this, this like fingernails on

4 (36m 5s):
Chalkboard. Yeah.

3 (36m 6s):
Yeah. So it’s our senses. And that’s how you can understand how sound can affect your third eye.

4 (36m 13s):
Okay. So we’re gonna play this sound for everybody

3 (36m 17s):
And hopefully have

4 (36m 18s):
The intention and let you yeah. Open

3 (36m 19s):
Your eye, open your third eye, close your two eyes. If you’re driving,

4 (36m 23s):
Don’t close your eyes. If you’re driving do this later. But if you, when you can come back to,

3 (39m 28s):
When you’re listening

1 (39m 29s):
To that over and over again, imagine that

3 (39m 31s):
Third eye opening up so you can use all of your senses. Thank you for joining us.

1 (39m 39s):
Thank you for listening to today’s episode. I hope it inspired you. If you enjoyed our conversation, make sure you subscribe so that you get notified of new episodes and let’s get connected. Visit Deb she.com for more insights, support workshops, and a book session with me. And finally, always remember your loved ones in spirit are just a thought away, even though they’re on the other side, they’re always by your side.

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