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2022 Predictions You Need To Know

What’s in store for 2022? Find out as Deb talks with Vedic Astrologers Mark Alexander and Sarita Shrestha about what they see for the coming year. Discover the important themes of the year, major events that may happen, and much more!

Deb (6s):
Welcome. I’m Deb Sheppard. I’m your host of Spirited Straight Talk. Thank you for joining me on this amazing and spiritual journey that we call life your in the right place. And you didn land here by accident. My intention is to help you learn to free yourself, of things that are holding you back and create a life that truly makes your soul happy. I’ll be talking about key insights and interesting topics to help you learn how to powerfully co create with the universe. I will cover everything from turning your setbacks into triumphs. My favorite, living your souls purpose. Of course, I’ll be connecting you with spirit, your guides. And the favorite one of course is your loved ones. On the other side, if you’re re ready to truly stop spinning circles and your ready to harness the power to co create an authentic life with spirit, then I hope you join me every week for Spirited straight talk Hi everyone.

Deb (1m 0s):
This is Deb Sheppard from Spirited Straight Talk. I am here with my dearest friend best person in the whole world, Dana.

Dana (1m 7s):
Well, thank you.

Deb (1m 9s):
We are going to talk about 2022. So I’m so excited. We’ve got two really great people here besides you that are going to give their insight. First of all, it was Mark Alexander and he’s been a longtime friend as well as a student. And his website is called astrologytalkradio.com. And he’s a great astrologer

Dana (1m 28s):
Vedic astrologer. Yeah, so he it’s an ancient astrology way before Western astrology was started. So people who follow Vedic, astrology, I think look of it in different terms than Western astrology. And Mark can explain all of that, but yeah, he’s awesome

Deb (1m 45s):
And also if you have a reading with him, it is unbelievable because the depths of where he goes expect at least an hour, hour and a half reading with him because of his details.

Dana (1m 54s):
I can’t wait to hear what his predictions are

Deb (1m 57s):
Me too. So, and then we have Serita the beautiful Serita she is from Nepal. She owns one of her favorite stores here in Denver called Tibet imports. It’s on sixth avenue and she makes all of her Malas and our pendulums and it’s our own line. And she is just this incredible soul. And she also does Vedic astrology, and hers really gets to the point, if you want to a quick Q and a

Dana (2m 23s):
It’s more, she’s all about the remedies, like, correct. Whatever’s going on in the stars. She’s going to tell you what to do to balance the energy, to help yourself too. She loves to deal with the remedies in the Vedic astrology.

Deb (2m 36s):
So we have the front end, the middle would be me,

Dana (2m 40s):
Your the medium in the middle

Deb (2m 43s):
In the middle. And Serita ties it all together in a pretty bow. So thank you.

Dana (2m 47s):
Cant wait to see what you’re going to share.

Deb (2m 50s):
I haven’t Shared with you all these little details. Just a couple things.

Dana (2m 52s):
Well, no, and you go into meditation and I don’t see you for awhile.

Deb (2m 57s):
All right.

Dana (2m 58s):
Awesome. I can’t wait. Let’s begin.

Deb (2m 60s):
So have a lot of things that we’re going to share today to help everyone for 2022, all of this come from a different perspective of what we see, but we are seeing these great similarities, which I think is the best part of this is that our intuition is very lined up. So no matter what sort of, kind of intuition you use, or if you use taro cards, or if you do astrology rooms, whatever, there is a common theme that usually will come through in the messages. And that’s the beauty of all this that we can come from different places. One of the things I did want to kind of announced, I did wear stars because we are talking about astrology today, which I thought was great. But also if you haven’t heard of the James Webb space, tell us go, thank you was launched 1 million miles away from earth to pass the sun, to be able to give us the history of the big bang theory and all that.

Deb (3m 49s):
So it’ll be interesting for astrologers and people that do study the space. What will reveal itself in the next couple of years? I think it will be interesting, like, or things that have changed. Is it, what do you think?

Mark (3m 60s):
Because there’s so much out there that we haven’t seen, we’ve seen about this, of all the telescopes that we have. It seems like we’ve seen a lot, however, there’s so much space out there. We’ve seen like a fraction of whats there

Deb (4m 13s):
Yeah. So the voices in the background are not, are deceased. those have been following me for a really long time. No, my partner in crime does everything deb, is actually managing this. And then of course, Risa is here, which is a producer for channel nine. She’s also a friend and we also have another friend that’s here. Her name is Simone and she’s our cheerleader on the left deb. So they give him just like smiles exist. So as you come on, can I talk about the totem animal for this next year though? Can I fill in? So in the past I used to look for a Toto that I saw coming through and meditations and things like that from the universe to talk about, you know, what, what animals deleted.

Deb (4m 55s):
So I think to bring any kind of a Shamani part of a journey to bring in different parts for balance and Dana and I kept watching these programs and I kept seeing the parrot fish, which I knew nothing about. And I kept seeing it come. And I even had it in a dream. I’m thinking, okay, this is a Totum for 2022. And the information on it was just kind of a little like didn’t land that with me. So I started really tuning in and I was thinking, I shared with you guys before the show here is it can be both male and female. It can also change colors all the time. And it has, what’s called a pajama, but it’s eyes and it kind of cloaks itself, so it can sleep. So it’s this not prey, but the biggest thing that they can do is they clean up the coral reef and they bring our ocean back to life again.

Deb (5m 41s):
And I feel like the theme that we’re going to be talking about is a lot about how do we clean up our energy. Yeah. The planet, all those kinds of things. So I thought that would be a great totem to bring forward. So yeah, for 2022 in numerology is in number six, which is the, the third eye. So again, this is not our intuition, seeing things looking deeper. I also feel like there’s a lot of twos into 2022. So my feeling too, and see what you guys are got is all about your relationships. And I feel like it’s a relationship with yourself, relationship with what you believe, your relationship with money, your relationship with fear, your relationship with all the people in your life what’s working.

Deb (6m 22s):
What’s not. So what, what did you get just to validate me? Okay. That’s all,

Mark (6m 30s):
I think this upcoming year is really very much about how the influences will the planetary influences. Astrologically will kind of force us into either paying attention to that attunement. And if we don’t things you’ll be feeling more challenging, it’ll certainly be different from 2021, you know, come March, April. I think there’s going to be a huge energy shift with like, okay, now the whole concept or the fears around the COVID thing and all of that, that’s going to be like very minimal. So I just don’t see a lot of that. I don’t see a lot of more of the COVID stuff after the third month or so being an issue.

Dana (7m 18s):
So in March,

Mark (7m 19s):
yeah, March when the nodes Radu K2 shift signs, I’ll talk about that a little bit, but there, there will be that influence where the whole flu issue was like, it’ll, it’ll be definitely knocked down significantly. As far as the concern, the fear, the incidence that people getting sick and all of that, however karmically we’re going into a particular yoga, that’s called a Cala sarpa yoga call. I mean, time served by being serpents. So you’re caught between this, this moment of time between the planets, which means basically, you know, all the planets are on one side of the bracket K2.

Mark (7m 58s):
So that means there’s, you know, there can be contention in this kind of sense of like being forced to either, okay. I need to either go within and work on my own sense of attunement and alignment and, and not immediately reacting to whether it’s media or family or friends that you may not agree with. Anything like that.

Deb (8m 20s):
Cause that’s been my big thing this year is doing a knee-jerk reaction versus call me down, breathing through it. You know, I feel like it really, our radar is up so much higher. So you’re saying that it’s going to kind of, we’re going to re focus on it

Mark (8m 35s):
We’ll be, we’ll be, I think in a way for us to kind of refocus on it because come spring, you know, may June, you know, the Neptune Jupiter connection, that’ll be kind of expanding more of a, more of a, I don’t want to call it a spiritual revolution, but there’s that energy behind it. There’s more people kind of opening up to maybe this kind of form and which will be really nice, cause there’s so much truth that comes through it. So it’s, it’s kind of like, yeah, I, I totally, I totally validate that of like that being pushed to like, okay, I need to like really tune in because if I don’t and I just react, you, you either get in arguments or you make yourself upset or yeah,

Serita (9m 24s):
I think I agree a hundred percent what you said. It’s pretty amazing to see. And I love what you talk about. Carla sharper, the two planets, you know, like the pushing to the planets and one side that will be very incredible change could happen. And it’s like April, April, or end of March. Yeah.

Mark (9m 45s):
I think we’ll start seeing things shift and, and starting in February a little bit. But once the girl who brought, who K2, Ron, who represents the north node of the moon and the nodes simply represent like potential points of eclipse, if that’s the easiest way to describe it. So eclipse is all about light being blocked and that sort of thing. So they want to bring light to all of our churches, which forces us to bring light in those moments.

Deb (10m 13s):
So the serpent piece of it, would that be the Kundalini or the healing because snakes are really about our healing. It could have been,

Mark (10m 22s):
I think that’s connected to if, if we own what’s going on, if we, if we own with what’s going on, we own, so we have to be responsible and authentic within ourselves as far as like, if we’re just reacting from ego and what we see on the media we’re toast, we’re, we’re done 2022 is we’re going to have some fluctuations ups and downs and the easiest way politically. Yeah.

Deb (10m 58s):
Oh, to expand religion and all this does affect how we each feel. So it is part of our energy, but how you respond, you have a thought I can tell you,

Serita (11m 6s):
Well, I, I thought it was 2022. It’s like a, if you added, like you said, six and a third eye chakra. So I think a lot of people have awareness of so many things into ignoring and I always call it open your, you’re having clarity, you know, because by the time we do things and where’s, you know, having more clarity. So I think it’s more clarity will come to us.

Dana (11m 33s):
It’s like everyone, sorry, the voice behind the camera. It seems like everyone is making tremendous changes in their life. These past years. Yeah.

Deb (11m 41s):
No, I’ll talk a little bit about what I think they’re saying. Makes sense. Yeah.

Serita (11m 45s):
And Third eye chakra, it’s like the wise wisdom awareness, left side of brain, right side of brain,subconscious mind, your mind, how it’s working. I think so when you awareness, when I talk about awareness, I said, even even doing little things, if you aware of it, it things happened. You know, like I give always example in story, like, even if you’re eating salad, right. If you have a one is you’re getting styling that salad, the leaf, the grow four months, just to be that leaf, you know, and have a gratitude in the future. So I think 2022, it’s a lot of nurturing and eyes opening for a lot of people.

Deb (12m 25s):
Yeah. So when I saw the parrot fish, being the unit of the, I think it’s true that we can get really one-sided. And I think in what I saw as a pandemic is people sort of revisiting the value of life, like what was important. So you saw a lot of baby boomers retiring. That’s why there’s a shortage because they’re like, I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m done people say that their job is a passionate enough and they’re looking at the relationships. So I think a lot of that was that cleansing and stuff. Where now it sounds like we’re putting maybe things in place better. That makes sense like that when they do that.

Mark (12m 60s):
I think so I would liken the number six two for example, in six house and astrology. And that’s about, that’s kind of like the workhorse of the chart. It relates to the 10th house and that’s about vocation and career. And our standing in society, the sixth house is about kind of like getting in the trenches and work in it and, you know, doing our due diligence every day of just whether it’s are just, just being committed and mindful to our son now or our spiritual practice or just our mindfulness or that sort of thing. Because I think the greatest benefit we could do ourselves is really about just taking the time to go into that stillness, you know, whether that’s a meditation for yourself or whether that’s being in nature or whether it’s being an artistic project where you lose yourself for hours.

Mark (13m 54s):
I mean, that’s definitely

Dana (13m 55s):
Meditation. Yeah.

Deb (13m 55s):
Yeah. It sounds like you’ve been too distracted and this is what, 2022 it’s about not being so distracted.

Serita (14m 4s):
Yeah. Yes. And if you go back 2020, you know, 2020 that’s when COVID started and that was added to for, right. Right. So everybody stayed home for houses to stay home. And lot of kids actually went to their parents’ house because there’s no job, you can’t pay the rent. So actually a lot of kids , you know, wow, in 2021 is added to five, right.

Serita (14m 45s):
So we are in now still more,

Deb (14m 50s):
Seven more days.

Serita (14m 52s):
And that will be, I will say pro and we did communication hi, you Brock has started very, very high everything if people are, you know, watching news and third chakra, so much argument too, but you know, it’s all positive. It’s all speaking your throat and you know, some people express themselves, you know, maybe we all express ourselves and we’ve had a little conflict.

Deb (15m 21s):
It was also listening. Yeah. That’s true. Yes We did. Or we’re supposed to have to think, do you think 2022 is about bringing in that listening part because if we’re trying to not have the distractions. To be more present

Serita (15m 34s):
I think the words are out now. And I think that, like you say, six house into action and 10th house how’s it working. And so I think the, the remedy, the work, the service, I think it’s gonna come out more in 2022. So I’m kind of excited. It’s one of my favorite numbers. Yeah. Cool. Number six, my number. Yeah.

Deb (15m 54s):
So what else do you have on there Mark for next year? What are the things I got to that you’re looking this up. I got an ending like middle of the year, maybe an ending of things, like the way things look, maybe leads are going to be ending. And that was through an intuition. I don’t use these kind of cards like them for fun. And I felt like there’s like an ending and I don’t know if this is politically or the earth or our own stuff that we have to limit opportunity or just, what did you see with that?

Mark (16m 27s):
What I see is the, on it kind of feels like it, all of that energy gravitates toward the government and the politics and all of that. And, and to simply kind of note, a couple of points to share with people first off when, when the nodes are very influential and in many ways. So what I mean by that is for example, they can be very challenging and I’m concerned about Biden and his health and all of that come February because when the nodes move, because I have his, his start as well. And, and as soon as the KT or the south node, which represents the Kundalini energy and,

Deb (17m 13s):
And people don’t familiar Kundalini, it’s just all the energy through all your chakras moving and exploding at the same time, it’s like three birth. You’ve got the epidural, basically going through changes

Mark (17m 33s):
. Yeah, exactly. So when that K2 by degree, really when astrologers are fanatic for like what degrees it in, you know, where where’s it

Deb (17m 45s):
The rest of us are just tell me the stuff

Mark (17m 45s):
So beginning of February, the K2 is going to get really close to Biden’s son. So that, and The, and that is in his first house of Scorpio. And the first house, one of the main indicators of the first house is the human head. So that could be a potential greater challenge for him mentally and health wise. I think it’ll be to the extent that he may even need to step down. And I, I would be shocked if he was still in office by end of summer. I mean,

Deb (18m 17s):
I was kind of getting a low and not that we want to go really political, but maybe you’ve got something to just because we don’t want to kind of go there, but I was getting in a lot of the countries, there’s going to be a shift in some leadership. Yes. Is that what you get to, you know, we’re going to see, you know, England and China and all these other things that I was getting was yeah. There’s going to be just kind of that rebirth and then it changed and we don’t want to be fear-based because everything has to change.

Mark (18m 48s):
Exactly. I think it’s part of the whole revolutionary kind of awakening process. And just for a point of interest, you know, Kamala’s chart is pretty strong for the next year and a half, two years. That would be like, well, what’s that mean logically, you know, somebody’s going to move to a higher position. Right. So that was just one thing that’s a lot of astrologists talking about. So the other thing that on a more positive note, the Jupiter and the Neptune, when they, I mean, they’re basically together in the sign of Aquarius, the degrees are a little bit apart, but as a kind of like spiritual revolution where people are kind of opening up to different modes, spiritual modalities, if you will,

Deb (19m 29s):
We’re just looking for different themes and what they’ve had in the past to whether they go back to religion or they go back to some sort of tradition or things that they’re looking for other answers, but they become more like us. Well, I think, I think that people are now more, it’s more accessible given.

Serita (19m 53s):
Yeah. I think that is spiritual. I think people are lots of people live in there are staying home. I think that yoga meditation, that learning and opening stuff, spiritual learning and learning to be intuitive. And all of that, I think it’s really coming in 2022. And I always say like 2 0, 2, 2, and two has like pair. We call it a lucky number for two, each a moon since our mind and our emotions, you know? And so I always think, okay, there’s a two and zero and two, two, and now this lining up. So I was thinking the first two it’s represents the sun, like, you know, the, you just said the telescope, it’s going to go towards this plan and getting new information.

Serita (20m 47s):
Right. So I thought that was really cool. So that’s like two and son is having more, you know, something that we never seen before, you know, so to, to first one present son and I always got a chiro it’s emptiness. We all, you know, nothing is permanent. You know, nothing, I need a, this is mine. This is me. This is, you know, it’s learning to be not a permanent learning to be not like letting go, but kind of not, you know, that’s emptiness learning to be that one as emptiness within us,

Deb (21m 22s):
We were talking about him being, having a relation with yourself. not The external always external.

Serita (21m 28s):
Yes. That’s not to say like having your own own things to, in order to it’s I call it one will be for the earth. So we are tuned zero to that will be the earth and earth has a moon as a partner and moon has an earth to that care. So that’s what I was like as this writing is like, thinking like when he does this, it’s very partly yours and it

Deb (21m 53s):
and it creates a balance.

Serita (21m 54s):
Yes. Yeah. I think that’s,

Dana (21m 57s):
You guys want to take one question? Sure. And then we can come back. And so Shannon is asking, I understand there’s a main or major energy, energy shift happening becoming more spiritual. People are becoming more spiritual on a big level. Can you give tips on how to easily adapt enjoying this and also how to figure out, well, what the heck our purposes are on a, on a big scale? Or what do you guys think about that you

Deb (22m 21s):
Guys want to share first? Or do you have any insights?

Serita (22m 27s):
I think first thing is, you know, we all have free will, we can change our destiny. We can be wherever we want to be. I’m from Nepal. I mean, I’m from the hardest life you think about it, you know? And I think she can grow spiritually to just meditating, just meditating, you know, and people telling me, I don’t have time. I’m like, you always have five minutes before you go to bed. And I think spirituality is what kind of pull her Anders do wise to do better invest in her life. Yeah.

Deb (23m 4s):
And I think it’s relieving that you did do deserve, I think so many, especially women or healers or givers all the time that we don’t find the time for ourselves. And that’s really saying, I do deserve this 20 minutes to just sit down and be present and that receiving will help because people want to hear their guides. They want to hear their intuition, but then they’re not willing to take the time to hear and receive cause there’s that guilt there’s that, that to-do list it’s like cross over that to-do list. When you cross over that to-do list will not mean anyting to you.

Dana (23m 35s):
So this is an interesting question. Debbie is asking, do you see a war with Russia or China

Deb (23m 48s):
What is it? 2022

Mark (23m 51s):
I am more Concerned about what’s going on with China? Do I see a war? I, I see contention. I see

Deb (23m 58s):
That was my thought, The vibration of the word you’re using. I,

Mark (24m 3s):
I see the, you know, the, the media word of saber rattling, blah, blah, blah. You know, where there’s just this bickering back and forth. And yeah, we’ve seen, you know, on the, in the media and the news, you know, China doing those military flights close to Taiwan and all of that, but that’s probably not that far from the norm. And I think we have to be careful. This was another thing I wanted to touch on where we pay attention to what we’re seeing in the media, because most media it’s it, there is, this is my, this is, this is what I see through the charts, but I also resonated with it because there is a kind of almost agenda through certain media programs.

Mark (24m 43s):
Because if you look to see who owns the channel, thank you for shaking. It You’d look to see who owns the media. Then you’re going to know which way they want the narrative to go, depending upon who that person is. And if you know who the person is and what their beliefs are, then that’s how it goes. But as far as the war, I don’t necessarily see a big, big to do. I see more issues with the economy and, and prayed and that sort of thing. Cause China is trying to become the currency of the world, which currently it’s not quite there yet. It’s still the dollar, even though the FITA dollar is basically worthless, but it’s still backed by the government.

Mark (25m 30s):
So it’s, and it’s still the global economy, the global currency.

Deb (25m 34s):
And what I believe when you use the, like, I’m all about the words we use, like the question about a war and I think we have a war within us. So when you look at, when we use war, where’s the conflict. And I think we’re always going to have some sort of conflict with other countries and our belief systems. So it’s, how do you respond to it? And I think, you know, the us has really wanted more economic growth here. So if you look at where we’re getting our, I mean, right now it’s not getting things from the ships, things like that. It’s really kind of another wake up call about, well, how much for depending. Yeah. So is that war within all of us? Like, do we want to support where it’s coming from

Mark (26m 14s):
Yes. I will say this summer, mid summer to end of summer, there’s a conjunction to a combination of several planets, Uranus, Mars, the north node Ramu. That’s an aries. Aries is ruled by the Mars energy and that’s a fire sign. So it can, and it’s a very type a personality, but it’s, it can get out of balance very easily with all that energy in there. So that being said, that could be like a possible terrorist attack or something some in the summer fall timeframe. It just kind of have your wits about you when traveling

Serita (26m 50s):
I have a Date for that. Actually it’s, it’s a Martian era who comes up and number Ronnie to stark her in a fire sign. So that could cause a little bit of conflict, but that it’s, I, it’s not a predict that kind of Change. Yeah. I’ll just tend to it. It’s very hard time. August to July 16th, to August 10, pelvis 10. It’s a hard time, hard time. And it’s for all of us, even though we are spiritual, spiritual and all that, it’s just a little war going on. And that’s what about

Deb (27m 31s):
And that’s a little over a year.

Serita (27m 32s):
Yeah. And yeah,

Deb (27m 33s):
Yeah. The garden to row, isn’t it just an ending of something which may mean the way these conflicts are going to change with that Happening.

Serita (27m 44s):
Yes, definitely.

Mark (27m 44s):
So that was one of the biggest points I wanted to share with everybody was the end of summer that, that contention and possible terrorist attack.

Deb (27m 55s):
Doesn’t mean that it’s here. It just means somewhere

Mark (27m 57s):

Deb (27m 57s):
And we know have to remember too, because we like to be careful if people are new to this kind of belief system is there’s free will in everything that you do. So when things line up, we’re sharing you with the energy is in the universe, but it also means that there’s choices along the way.

Mark (28m 15s):
Yeah. And the other aspect I wanted to share an aspect in astrology terminology is just two planets influencing one another, but either line of sight or being together. So for just to touch on the country, view US real quick, because I think this affects the world in a way, you know, we have Saturn and Pluto and Capricorn. So the last time Pluto was in the sign of Capricorn was during the American revolution. Wow. So it takes Pluto, literally 248 years to circumvent this around the sun. So Pluto is about change. It is about a death of bringing things to a closure, to restructure something new with the Saturn there.

Mark (29m 5s):
It definitely kind of creates even more of an emphasis or push to kind of continue creating a change within the government. It’s a good it’s about government structure change. That’s, that’s what that represents to me. So that’ll be going on for some time, but

Deb (29m 23s):
Is that all Government or pretty much in the U S

Mark (29m 27s):
that’s primarily for the United States,

Deb (29m 29s):
but there’s always that ripple effect, but

Mark (29m 32s):
there’s also, also also the ripple effect and, and, you know, Saturn in and of itself represents governments, authority and that sort of thing. But it also represents rule of the people. This is a common folks like us, like us and with Togo there, it creates this kind of, this, this energy that’s like forces us to like, okay, we don’t agree with what’s going on. And so that is kind of part of the theme of the years as well.

Deb (30m 6s):
Did you get something on that too?

Serita (30m 8s):
I think, yeah, he’s right with them.

Deb (30m 10s):
Do you guys feel England going to have their change to the queen?

Mark (30m 13s):
I think so. Yeah.

Deb (30m 17s):
I keep getting that. It’s going to be a big rebirth. I was getting the feeling of this is going to change because it’s like this monarchy for so long and there’s been some turbulence in their house. So to me, it’s like what you were saying about people having voices and making changes and what’s that going to look like? Do you feel that way too? Or

Serita (30m 36s):
I feel a little bit that way, but it’s when it’s a February 19, it’s coming soon after that day will be after that day, we’ll be, can see lot of changes. Okay.

Deb (30m 51s):
So after Valentine’s day after

Serita (30m 53s):
Valentine’s day, we’ll be seeing

Deb (30m 56s):
Yes. Your loved ones make time your seat belts on.

Mark (30m 58s):
I think, I think the Nuttall influences of the rock in the K2 when they shift signs. Cause right now they’re in Torosand then Scorpio. So in the Vedic system, for those who don’t know, we take into account the possession of the earth, which, which means where our calculations are a little bit different from Western astrology. So some may be going, what do you mean it’s in capital one? There’s like a 23 degree difference in our calculations.

Deb (31m 31s):
If you lose 23 degree or did you gain 23 degrees,

Mark (31m 35s):
It’s a serial system, which means it’s astronomically reflective of where the planets are in real time, which was kind of a Saturday. And so I’m an Aquarian some on about to show me the facts. That’s how I kind of also acclimated to the Vedic system. But that’s kind of one of the biggest changes I wanted to.

Deb (31m 55s):
What about mental health?

Serita (31m 56s):
I think that it’s still number six. You know what I thought I chakra, we call it brain and I think the latter mental will be held well, I just have a well, 2020 to add it to 6 0 6 number is a Venus. So Venus is, you know, people have, but it’s not like one leader, mental health will be hard or something. People have a hard time in their mind. I always call a remedy. Six house could be remedy. So I think we have more remedy and more energy or remedy should come up. And Venus is one issue we’ll we’ll have, I think we’ll be skin issue in 2022.

Serita (32m 41s):
We’ll have, the eyes will read more or I’s issue, you know, and we’ll have a lot of clumsy hand to thing, more, a falling down and tripping more

Deb (32m 55s):
No! Why is this?

Serita (32m 57s):
Why is this it’s because if you add to that is a venus number. So we’re going to have more Venus and Venus. We know when we start the new year now and Venus been retrofitting since November, December 29th through no December 19th. Yes. Yeah. All the way through January 29 Venus in retrograde. So what happened? It’s we are looking a little bit backwards. Like, you know, what’s what I did, what it’s going to happen. Reflection reflections. Yes. So, so twenty, twenty two. So I call it Venus.

Serita (33m 37s):
It will be highly influenced or Venus centers. You will have more in the Venus skin if it sticks, chakra provides. And so,

Deb (33m 53s):
And yeah, it’s an act to how people perceive us, how we look, how we feel about ourselves, how people perceive, if they’re happy, how we feel and how we see yourself. I mean, we are going to be very judgmental about how these work, what we feel, you know, the skin, when it gets irritated. Is that also an irritation of what’s going on? You know, those kind of things. So is they’re going to show inward or outward,

Serita (34m 22s):
Yes. And then that’s why a lot of my groups we’re talking about 2022 it’s. If you’re going to open a business like nail salon, skin, clothing, anything that outlet like oils, the outlook, you know, models, outlook will be best time to do that business. So people who is looking for part-time business or their own or

Deb (34m 56s):
Perfect, also heard marriages and relationships are for 2022.

Serita (34m 60s):
Yeah. Yes. I had already done. You talked about it a

Deb (35m 4s):
Little bit about relationship,

Serita (35m 5s):
Relationship and love will be really important for 2022.

Deb (35m 7s):
You know what I still different about this year than the previous years is there was so much uncertainty that I think we got into the idea that there’s not always a normal anymore. I think before that we were kind of asleep. That’s true. You know? Autopilot, like this is my career, this is my schooling. This is my marriage. And to me, the pandemic, isn’t a spiritual thing. But when it happens, I like to look at the spiritual meaning behind things. And when I look at it, didn’t just affect one country. It affected the world economics and relationships. And so I feel like a lot of that was for us to sit back and kind of purge and look at stuff and be together and just sit.

Deb (35m 50s):
Even if you don’t meditate, you know, we’re sitting in your stuff, you know, you were able to get away from your stuff and it’s right there looking at you. And so I think that kind of reset program to us to go, okay, I can’t just ignore everything in my life. I can’t just put the blinders on and keep going. And so the 2022 to me, from what we’re all thinking here is having that reflection again and going, okay, so what’s next in your book? What’s the next chapter? What’s the next piece of it and how you can’t continue to ignore because this turbulence is going to be there. We can’t control things. And I think most people feel safe when they control.

Deb (36m 29s):
Yes. Well, our life purpose when people are asking them, like, what’s my life purpose. I believe it’s getting through the fear. It’s leaving Nepal and coming here, it’s, you know, leaving, what’s your normal and what’s comfortable and putting yourself out there that’s different. And that’s probably why the spirituality as well, where people are going to go, yeah, this isn’t working for me anymore. So I want to try a different type of system.

Serita (36m 51s):
Yes. And that’s why 2022, I think people are going to change their, look, their hair colors, their hair style, even the body. So many people gonna have change that are located there. The way they eat with the doodle Tinsley, what they be doing. more, I think we’re to love more, but also going to be change, change, meaning by like, like, like looking at truth and themselves, but change few things outlook to look to because Venus is the uplifting color. So I think a lot of people, we always wear so much black.

Serita (37m 35s):
We always pulled towards that gray, you know, darker color. So I think people are looking for a little more uplifting color too, because Bringing that uplifting energy. I think it will be fascinating to see people see, oh, can I see more colors?

Mark (37m 56s):
Yeah. Let me just add something real quick to the Venus. Because as you were saying, you know, skin issues or your attention and all that Mars is, is going to soon be conjunct together with the Venus. So that we’ll do a couple of things in alignment being connected together. And it’s going to be close. There’ll be close to one another for about three months. So that means a lot of, for example, relationships that are like Mars, Venus relationships that are what I would consider to some extent like a Hollywood relationship, Kind of like It’s a passionate connection, but not necessarily a long lasting one, but, but the Mars influence could create that your irritation to the body type thing.

5 (38m 51s):
Those elements kind of come up a little bit, but going back to the meditation and going within and all of that, as we go into the spring time, I wanted to touch on this because for it’s not to scare anybody it’s really about, okay, the more we can come into our own sense of self-love self-love, self-awareness just being okay with ourselves, you know, through our own practice. However, that looks, that’s going to be really important because you know, the planet Neptune with Jupiter in Pisces, when that hits in, in June’s summer timeframe, if we don’t take on a kind of practice, it goes easily into addiction because it’s like nuts.

5 (39m 35s):
It’s not dealing with the issue, especially if you’re using something to cover it up. So that’s,

Deb (39m 41s):
And what mark is saying about not to scare people, it’s like knowing that there’s this, you know, we’re in Colorado, if there’s a storm coming, it isn’t a scare you’re prepared, you know, give yourself more time, make sure that our staff got gasoline. Make sure if you have a second, there were water in the car. So all of this is how things are going to be approaching all of us, but not with fears with tools and power, you know? Cause people do go into when they, when they, some people don’t want to go see an astrologer or a psyche because of the fear we’re going to give you tools. You know, this whole attention is to give you two tools to prepare. Like, if you’re not looking at your stuff that something’s going to hit you to make you look at your stuff.

Deb (40m 24s):
I just think I’m like I said a lot longer, but it’s not going to happen two years ago. Really? Like your health, your health, like yeah, yeah, yeah. , you know, it’s freewill. It’s getting information on. So it’s like people buy at home or you buy a car. Absolutely. So you can always do mantras to make it feel better. And people always ask me, I don’t know how to pronounce it. Am I saying wrong? I said, nothing is you don’t have to do a mantra in your language.

Deb (41m 12s):
You can just go type of thing. It’s not just like intention, digression intention to it. When you put intention to intention, when you have that, , if somebody does have

7 (41m 28s):
The question, when our beliefs are more aligned, this is from gender. So when our beliefs are more aligned with the community, like those on this call and they are more intuition based, how do we hold true when others want to be contentious and argue and use what the media says to create doubt for ourselves and our life path.

Deb (41m 48s):
There’s a lot of ways to do that. Yeah. Tools, more tools. Part of it, I think is trying to make sure that you listened to someone else’s perspective because they are where they are for the reasons. And we’re not there to change them. So it’s respecting those, but also seeking out people that are, are aligned. So you continue to get those juices. Like you have that party at your house and everyone there had gotten into Paul. They’re very spiritual. We can say things without going over. Some they’re gonna be awkward. You know, it’s not going to be awkward. So it is finding what I call your tribe so that when you build yourself up in that energy, you feel really good and safe so that when you are out with people that are not aligned, it doesn’t bother you.

Deb (42m 31s):
You just say, okay, we agree to disagree.

Serita (42m 34s):
Yeah, you already, you know, you are who you are, you know, it’s other people it’s just Outside of you.

Deb (42m 39s):
And if you’re new in this, don’t, don’t be like, you’re in multi-level marketing. Like you want to change it and market them little good life. They’re going to want to know more questions. But to me, it’s not really about having that discussion when, if you love that person in other ways, find what’s common theme versus a belief system that doesn’t work. Yeah.

Mark (43m 2s):
Yeah. Let me give you a perfect example. This was years ago when I had been meditating for a couple of years and read autobiography and, but I was in the military. I was in the air force for four years and I was stationed overseas. I was in Turkey and I was wanting to like get back into reading the Bible and, and just kind of understand some of the scriptures and all that. So it just kind of sounds a little strange coming from an ashram kind of mentality. So I started reading the Bible with a small group of couple of guys and they would make a comment once in awhile, carrying the Bible and the autobiography together. And they’re like, what are you doing? You’re still reading that.

Mark (43m 42s):
I’m just like, you know, and I just like blessed them and go, you know, it’s just that this is my path. And I left it right there and I didn’t feel a need to engage in. Sometimes it can be frustrating cause someone’s just maybe so on you that they think they’re going to hell and

Deb (44m 4s):
Well, we’ve never had that. Okay. I’ll see you there. cocktails. You know and I think part of it is when I talk about what I believe, I, I really try not to have people believe I want the skeptic. I want someone to come in and go, I don’t agree with you. Go great. Yeah. You know, I don’t feel like it’s my need or desire my life path.

Serita (44m 25s):
Yeah. I also get a little example. Like if somebody throws you a rock, you don’t have to throw rock back to them. Yeah. I have some restores you rock, you don’t have to to them. You know, if somebody throws you rock it, absorb it and we stay calm, just like water, water, doesn’t reflect, you know, absorb it and you don’t have to absorb it. And in all my posts, I’m feeling really bad and this and that, you don’t have to do that. Absorb it. Let us sit bottom of the ocean. Just like sits it and just let it to be. You don’t have no drive. No, you don’t have to move it. You don’t have to talk about it.

Serita (45m 6s):
You don’t have to feel bad about it. Just absorbing that’s way meditation and all that you know, comes to when you like,

Deb (45m 15s):
I’ve studied a lot of different faiths. And don’t one thing I do know is they’re all looking for immortality. Every single faithThat’s the bottom line. So when you look at all religions, that’s the number one thing. They just have a way of getting there. So sometimes it might be what’s the light versus what’s not like, yes. You know, versus like, what is it that we believe? Because a lot of cultures have a very similar belief system. They disability things around it. Another question

Dana (45m 45s):
With all the talk about possible change in leadership and media influence, will the democracy be okay looking for reassurance.

Deb (45m 55s):
I got some chills

Mark (45m 57s):
Looking through insurance.

Dana (46m 0s):
Will the democracy be okay looking for assurance

Mark (46m 7s):

Deb (46m 7s):
Because this could be like farmers or state for me, commercial

Mark (46m 12s):
The F the fact that the Saturn and the Pluto are together is going to, to some extent changed the face of what I think the democracy looks like. We see it happening. We see it starting to change already. Now, how is that going to affect the executive office and the congressional budget and, you know, judicial and all of that? I don’t know. It just, I, what I, what I see is some kind of metamorphosis, which is, I like that word because it’s, it’s kind of, there’s a, there’s a revolutionizing kind of energy going on with these aspects, especially with the Saturn and Pluto together, that specific report, the U S but it’s, it’s a shifting of energy for all governments, because Saturn is about government and authority.

Mark (47m 6s):
And all of that Pluto is about change. And

Deb (47m 9s):
My intuition on that, I am interrupting, interrupting you. But part of it is, if we look at, we will always put it into my pot, in my opinion, have a democracy in the U S but I do see that it’s necessary for change. I feel like some people that are in these offices for life terms. So to me, when there’s a fear, it’s like we might be in the rebirth. We may be in the challenging time to see what it looks like, but do we really need life terms in these situations?

Mark (47m 36s):
I think that’s one of the biggest things that needs to go away.

Deb (47m 38s):
So it’s a Good thing. In my opinion, if you look at some of the people that have been there for 60 years, it’s like, you need to go retire, we need new blood

Mark (47m 49s):
1 to 2 Terms. I think that’s perfect.

Deb (47m 50s):
So to me, if you look at it that way people are fearful of and change our democracy. I really feel like that’s a positive change. I just think we don’t have it set up. So it’s an easy process and that’s where we need to figure out how do we change that meantime, but we’re part of that growth. Yeah.

Dana (48m 9s):
One more question. Okay. What will these changes from Saturn and Pluto together cause for the stock market? Investments,

Serita (48m 26s):
To make you think bigger picture in your life all the time. So buy gold. I know people talk about cryptocurrency. People talk about investment, all of these things, but it’s, I think it’s individual and how they look at it, what they learn. And so many classes in 2021, it’s like how you’re going to invest money, having money growing so many things. So I think we all had lessons to all the 2021,

Mark (48m 56s):
gold and silver are The biggest ones.

Serita (48m 57s):
Silver burdens. Venus.

Mark (48m 58s):
Yeah, no go gold and silver together. That’s God’s currency basically.

Deb (49m 13s):
Okay. So does that bring in Bitcoin at all? Or? Sure.

Mark (49m 19s):
However, let me, let me add something to the cryptocurrencies that I am sure. I, I would bet my life that, you know, the, the paper stuff is going to go away. However, there will be some digital form of currency to some extent, and whether that is Bitcoin or, or, you know, whatever cryptocurrency it is now that the, the contentious part about this whole thing is if you want to understand anything about Bitcoin, it’s a essentially secure algorithm about transaction concerning transaction. So I’m not going to go into any more depth than that because I don’t know.

Mark (49m 59s):
So I just know, let’s say there’s a security element to it that the markets love. However, the federal government, They want their own digital currency, which they’re working on the fed coin. I don’t know when that’s going to of about

Deb (50m 20s):
It’s so much wisdom here.

Mark (50m 23s):
So it’s going to be interesting to see what the governments do with these cryptocurrencies compared to their own digital dollar where digital union or digital song, all of that sort of thing. I’m not, I think, I think Bitcoin has some life to it. And some money-making opportunities to it’s still along with all the other cryptocurrencies. I don’t know which ones I, and, and as far as, you know, far, as far as investments, you know?

Deb (50m 52s):
Yeah. That’s why you don’t see any of us being invested with your money lottery numbers

Mark (51m 9s):
But it, there is something to it. So there may be some unrest dealing with changes, you know, with the currencies between the people that agree and people that don’t agree. So that’s a whole another, session

Deb (51m 24s):
So basically if you have any money in your mattress or under your mattress now is the time to pull it out and buy some gold and silver, gold and silver

Mark (51m 38s):
I agree, gold and silver and Real estate. Yeah.

Deb (51m 40s):
Yeah. Anything you want to add to the Bitcoin?

Serita (51m 43s):
Yeah. I don’t know much about coins and stuff, but we do buy both like, you know, gold in Nepal in India. I can take the go-to bank and the money. Wow, nice. Yeah. We’ll take the gold. and then there’s so many gold shop, you know, you can, it’s always going very, very high now, 45 degrees going this way. Okay. So it’s going pretty, i mean it has a little up and do

Mark (52m 22s):
its very reliable.

Deb (52m 23s):
Yeah. Reliable. Interesting. We’re wanting things of the earth.

Serita (52m 26s):
Yes. And that’s why, you know, I know it’s earth, it, lots of different things, but that people do timber, that people do like the land, you know, all of those has to do with the properties home and you can see it’s so high

Deb (52m 42s):
and please take care of the oceans. I’m sorry.

Dana (52m 45s):
Yes. So I know we want to talk about remedies.

Serita (52m 51s):
Yeah. Well, she was, I had a liver remedy. I said where white on a Friday, Friday’s a venous day. So you can always wear white or pink. You know, pink is a little disappeared.

Deb (53m 6s):
I have a question. So Venus, it seems that a female, female so well is because feminist or the color. Okay. And then pink, pink, pink is it’s also a person’s most flower because being a sits in a Hindu, person’s more like luxury. They got prosperity and beauty. Yes. And sees fit and is a godless India and Nepal, and then Sasquatch Hindu . And she’s a goddess of prosperity, abundance and beauty.

Serita (53m 48s):
And so bringing the luxury that we came here, it’s also remedy to Rena. So I always say wearing oil, you know, it’s also vanity to bring Venus

Deb (53m 59s):
any particular oil,

Serita (53m 60s):
any oil that they call it, sweet, sweet, or sweet, or else, but the fruit, the Venus citrus. Okay. I love it. So Venus doesn’t like sweet citrus. Even it doesn’t have to be big. Lime is this little tiny piece of citrus everyday to balance your pH and all that. So that might be pretty remedy. And I always say mantra, I’m a fan of mantra chant all the time. So the simple mantra its own swim on it’s N O M S H R E M is the screen. But when you do this mantra, when you do own three, you can’t wait to take the breath, breath in, you know, a lot of work we do.

Serita (54m 44s):
We put in and we put in and put in and put in and put in, but we don’t put out. So when you do home homestay, your mantra, it helps you to put out what you don’t need. So like, but it’s also entrepreneur attraction. So attraction, we are human. We need to attract love, you know, all these things that I said only mantra will attract what you need and let go, what you don’t need. Okay. The oil thing about, yeah, it’s really cool. I do. When I’m cleaning, I do ocean mantra.

Serita (55m 24s):
I took all my next. Let’s be real. We’ll be about how to use them all. And I love that. And then oil is a lot of time or we do it’s we were perfume and perfume has alcohol, you know? So oil might be better than a spray per pound. So oils. And then, like I say, when you’re white and then, or pink on a Friday and to make your Venus happy, or I think you should face it to the east when you eat food. I know, I know it’s really hard when you’re sitting in dining table and maybe you’re sitting always faced with, to south.

Serita (56m 6s):
So I always kind of think about, you know, like little turning. So they had some in my mind. So I do that sunrise from east, right? So our NRC, solar plexus is a sun. So bringing the food, when you go through through the sun and its hopes, and even I take a medicine or my vitamins, I always face, east

Deb (56m 44s):
There you’ll go to the mall food court and everyones gonna be facing east

Serita (56m 50s):
last thing. I think it’s Venus. It’s a love. So love yourself, love others, accept yourself, sick and accept others and be center yourself. So you can make other people center themselves. And I think it’s loving, you know, we can talk about those different time. So I think those are the simple remedy. Anybody can do it every day. And you know, by any, you can, the word Westtown is a dark piece. Okay. But west you can wear more uplifting colors. Yeah. Yeah.

Deb (57m 22s):
All these suggestions are ideas because people that are listening normally, like how do I do this? How do I create this? How do I get these changes? And I always believe is that we give these options and these ideas and you go, well, I can do this, but then you find something else that you want to add. It’s really what aligns with you, your belief system, where you are in the world. Yes. What that looks like. And so to me, these are ideas that are simplistic and it’s not over the top. It’s not like you’d have to do some crazy, like big mountain or something.

Serita (57m 53s):
Yeah. It’s very simple, very simple. And everyday life you’re going to eat your lunch anyways. We’re not going to have some food. Why didn’t you add legislators in your book? Just a little tiny sits, I think is a big matter. It is.

Mark (58m 6s):
It can even be a small article of clothing or a scarf or something close by that color of the day. You know, like, like Mondays off white for the moon or a gray Monday, Tuesday is red for Mars. Wednesday is green for mercury. Thursday is yellow. Or which brown?

Dana (58m 35s):
Yeah, it say this again. I’m typing this

Serita (58m 44s):
So sunday colors, bright yellow, or even Orange red Monday. And then generally you can wear a silver.

Dana (58m 55s):
So Monday moon’s day white or silver.

Serita (58m 58s):
Yes. Tuesday, Tuesday. It’s Mars So Mars is usually a fire color. Yeah. So fire colors. Orange is similar to sun color. Yeah.

Mark (59m 14s):
I mean, it can be bright, rich sun colors, fairing from red to orange. Wednesday is mercury. Mercury is green

Dana (59m 35s):
Okay. Thursday is

Mark (59m 36s):
Jupiter, which is a rich yellow or brown color.

Dana (59m 41s):
And DNS Fridays are venus day, which is white or pink. Yes.

Mark (59m 48s):
You can even do like a, like a light blue. Would you agree?

Serita (59m 57s):
Yes. Soft, soft blue. Like in harsh Saturday, usually a Saturday and Saturday, it’s a purple or purple black. You can add dark blue. You just need this.

Dana (1h 0m 13s):
So wearing these colors on those particular days helps you to attention.

Serita (1h 0m 17s):
Intention brings that awareness to you. Makes you good luck, good luck, energy. Like it’s kind of like a subtle way of aligning with the planet’s energy, the universe. Okay.

Deb (1h 0m 27s):
So I’m going to go back to that because I picked the parrotfish, which is changes color in his rainbow color. So the fact that we’re talking about this circle, that all the colors it wears in order, and it changes based on what it’s doing to heal the coral Reef. Yes.

Dana (1h 0m 51s):
Is there a lucky color for the year?

Serita (1h 0m 59s):
I still think it’s a venus color pink or light silver and you’re wearing white and you’re wearing pink

Deb (1h 1m 3s):
so I had fun because we all did our own little thing. We came together with very light energy, which lets people know that this does work. We all have a similar belief system, but we’d come from different places to get our information. And mine’s not scientific of course, because I’m not a scientific person or left brain to look brains here. Really? This is about just giving you some guidance about like the weather coming up and what to do and what to look for and change is necessary for all of us. That’s why we’re here. We’re here to grow and change and bring more light to ourselves and the planet. So the thing that we all agree on is it’s not, fear-based, it’s all about just realizing what’s ahead and that you do have insights and tools and clothes to where to kind of go through it.

Deb (1h 1m 48s):
Okay. Everyone take care of nameste. Say thanks for seeing them say yes.

8 (1h 1m 51s):
Thank you so much for listening to the show. Each Monday is a new episode of Spirited Straight Talk, make sure you hit follow. So you don’t miss any of the guidance or bonus episodes. Your experience at the show means a lot to us and we would love for you to leave a review or let us know about more topics you would like to explore. You can also follow Deb on social media and connect with our website at Deb Sheppard dot com. That’s Deb S H E P P a R d.com. If you want to join Deb on one of the shows or have a reading from her on the show, you can submit a request on the podcast page of her website. Thank you again and see you next week.

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