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Deb Sheppard’s 2021 Predictions with Vedic Astrologer Mark Alexander

2020 was a tough, chaotic year for many of us. Are we headed for more of that energy in 2021 or will things calm down? Find out in this episode!

Deb (6s):
Welcome to spirited straight talk the ultimate podcast for anyone who is ready to live a life with intention and help from spirit. I am your host Deb Sheppard, spiritual teacher, medium, and author hoping you open up to the whole enchilada or like we like to say the Soul Enchilada so you can truly make your soul rise. So let’s go!

Dana (35s):
Welcome to episode 11 of spirited, straight talk. We are talking about 2021 predictions, the great conjunction and the winter solstice in this episode. And we did this in front of the fireplace. So you’re going to hear a couple of pops and clicks in the background. So imagine yourself in front of the fireplace, chatting with us when you listen.

Deb (58s):
This is Deb Sheppard. I’m excited to be here. You just heard Dana, my partner, the one that produces all these things. And we were bringing on a dear friend that I’ve known for…. I was trying to think Mark Alexander, I may have known you for at least eight years, nine years. We’ll have to look back, but he’s going to come on because he’s a Vedic astrologer and quite good and talented. And I remember the first time I met Mark, he came into my home to do mentoring. And I remember he was in his energy and just going, what a soft heart, kindness. There was this energy with him that was just felt like I knew him and that he brought comfort and after learning and he’s got great energy, and he stays in his own lane, as we say these days and just brings forth his knowledge, but very humble at the same time.

Deb (1m 52s):
And you don’t always find people that are humble they’re experts.

Dana (1m 55s):
Yeah. But he is great at what he does with astrology. We’ve had readings we have, and they were floored me basically floored me.

Deb (2m 6s):
So we’re going to bring Mark on. .And again, the first time I met Mark was one of these times that you just felt like you had this connection and we’ve all had that experience a few times in our lives. Like when I met you Dana. Especially, you know, when I met Mark, it was like kind of this instant feeling. And so I want to welcome my dear friend, Mark Alexander, a phenomenal Vedic astrologer. That is an expert in this field with a kind of heart and a humble soul.

Dana (2m 34s):
Yeah. And it’s going to be fun to find out astrologically what the prediction for 2021 is and what this great conjunction that everybody’s talking about is all about from his standpoint. So I can’t wait, come on Mark.

Mark (2m 53s):
Thank you.

Deb (2m 54s):
Yeah. So how did you meet me? I don’t really recall the story. And then we want to talk a little bit about your background, cause it’s pretty phenomenal. I mean, I wish I did a drop in the bucket of the work you’ve done. It’s pretty phenomenal. So how did you find me and tell us more?

Mark (3m 12s):
Thank you. You know, if this is going back, we first met in 2007 and so it’s like 13, 14 years going back. And I heard you on the radio, Denver radio and I love your voice and something just intuitively I connected with and just, I felt, you know, I want to understand this person a little bit more and maybe there’s something I can learn from her. And I just felt a strong connection. And, and when we did the mentoring, I just really wanted to be able to pull a stronger, intuitive ability into my Vedic astrology practice.

Mark (3m 57s):
And I’ve been very grateful ever since. And it’s just been such a blessing to have this wonderful friendship over so long, even though I moved out of Denver, Colorado, and I moved back to the Colorado state and we’ve just kind of been able to stay connected abroad and just to continue learning from you.

Dana (4m 20s):
So you were the one that convinced us to go to Monterey to do events in California. You convincingly talked to us about that,and now we’ve been going there for, I think three years. we have a great relationship with the community out there. So thank you for that too. But yeah, the Monterey visits Center for Sspiritual Aawakening being with you.

Deb (4m 50s):
So thank you cause we’d go out there and have the best time. So we miss it.

Mark (4m 56s):
I know it’s a very special place. And I just, when I was there and I just came across these, this particular this spiritual center, I was like, Oh, I know who needs to come here. So I’m just very glad that you were able to come out and connect with all those people, because it was really helpful

Deb (5m 17s):
Can you for a few moments, just, you know, 40 seconds a minute, whatever. Talk about some of the work that you’ve done prior to this. Cause it’s pretty phenomenal, very rarely have I met anyone that has done the spiritual work that you’ve done.

Mark (5m 32s):
Sure, sure. Years ago, 18, 19 years of age, we’re going back many decades now, I came across a book called autobiography of a Yogi and that changed my world. I went from competitive skating and the figure skating world, and then just read this spiritual classic. And I was like, it just grabbed my heart and soul. And from that point on, I was, I just started meditating and doing a few other practices. But with that, I did that and it took me into an ashram. I spent many years in an ashram, which is it’s like a monastery, just practicing meditation, yoga, go out, do your job and do your service in the community.

Deb (6m 16s):
And you know,

Dana (6m 21s):
If that was possible at this time.

Mark (6m 25s):
It was, definitely a community and modern day version of a monastery ashram because there was, there were couples and families living there, but it was based on the, principle of, really a yoga practice service and, you know, living a very Buddha like life. And so, you know that with working on archetypes with a very another teacher of mine, Carolyn Maze, and then Ron Roth and Dr. Norm Shealy and these other, these other individuals they’ve really had a huge impact in helping me just look at a lot of different issues.

Mark (7m 7s):
And years ago I worked with a therapist cause I had some baggage growing up from certain abuse. And so it’s been a huge journey and yeah.

Dana (7m 23s):
You can share if you want, but if you don’t want to, that’s fine too. But just so you know, we did cover that topic.

Deb (7m 29s):
I will tell you Mark. One of the things that I will say is I remember doing a past life with you, which I downloaded. I don’t know if I can share this. I’m not going to go into details yet, but I, when I go into past lives, I read the Akashic records and I really didn’t know you that well, Mark, at the time and all these places that I saw you had already been to in this lifetime, remember that?

Mark (7m 52s):
Oh that’s right.

Deb (7m 53s):
I’d forgotten about it until just now. And I always saw you as a monk or a monist I saw you doing that work. So I think you pulled it into the current timeframe of doing it in this lifetime.

Mark (8m 6s):
Yeah. I’ve actually taken several trips to a Assisi Italy. I have a strong connection to St. Francis. And so, yeah, it’s interesting how I’ve it hasn’t been an issue for me because I’ve, been able to kind of meld the, the old Christian, you know, idea of Christ, you know, with the new, the very yoga open Buddhist type awareness and you know, St. Francis was, you know, once you get to these people, you know, the, the awareness of these individuals, the Yogananda, the St. Francis, and, and these others, as you start to realize, it’s not about the way the religion is structured.

Mark (8m 47s):
It’s really about how we live our life. Through that.

Deb (8m 52s):
I have a book right here. Dana has been studying Hindu. So, which is beautiful thing, but you know, we’re also, I’m glad you got to share your background because to me I’ve always been pretty amazed when you tell me your stories. I’m assuming in past lifetimes, maybe I had those journeys, but you did them in this lifetime, but we’re going to talk about the winter solstice a little bit. I’m going to do a blessing.

Mark (9m 21s):
That’s wonderful.

Deb (9m 21s):
I’m going to do the blessing, about being with your solstice

Dana (9m 24s):
Lets talk about what that is.

Deb (9m 26s):
Sure. Does Mark’s site talk about it? She’s having me talk about it. The winter solstice is all about kind of new beginnings. It’s the shortest day of the year. We don’t have that much sunlight, but every day after the 21st, we get one more minute of sun. And with that said, it means that we’re kind of going into a rebirth. We’re, we’re looking at our shadow side going into the light, and it really is about manifesting too, and having our intentions for 2021.

Deb (10m 5s):
And what do you, what do you share? What do you think about the winter solstice? Cause it’s been celebrated for thousands of years, way before the holiday season and how these two planets, what I read and Mark, you’re going to do the technical part, but what I read is that they’re so close. It hasn’t happened in approximately 800 years with the alignment, but they’re basically a fifth of the moon’s size next to each other. That’s how close they connect, which I’m assuming an astrology is very rare.

Dana (10m 39s):
Which is the conjunction. Yeah. But as to how how’d that happen during winter. So the winter twice as rare, right?

Mark (10m 50s):
Yes, yes. To be so close by degree within, within the sign of Capricorn on the day of the solstice, it is exceptionally rare hundreds and hundreds of years it’s been, since that’s happened. Now, the last time it was close together within a five degree arc or so was about 400 years ago. And that was the beginning of Renaissance was kind of starting. I mean, I know it started around, you know, 1500’s there in that timeframe, but, we think of the Renaissance around that time, about 400 years ago.

Mark (11m 32s):
And that’s the last time that they were so close within the similar location within, the night sky.

Dana (11m 40s):
So during another huge transition, we will have evolution

Mark (11m 48s):
Yes. But it’s definitely significant for the new beginnings. Just the way you described it Deb.

Deb (11m 54s):
Yeah. And the celebration, , I did do some research on this because this is not my forte as much it, as you know, really excited about learning about it was even the Stonehedge and then we’re celebrating the sun and trying to figure out how the sun align for farmers and for people, you know, that are looking forward to replanting. So in my opinion, this is kind of looking at what are we going to plant for 2021, if that makes any sense, looking what’s next for us. Because as we know, we need the sun in order to have our vegetation and our, what we plant to grow, but I you’re the astrologer Mark.

Deb (12m 34s):
So you gotta tell us what you know, Oh, so now I get to do my blessing. First Mark, hold on. We gotta have fun with this. Right. Okay. And this is a big bear that’s on this solstice. I always believe that the bear goes into hibernation and it’s about kind of going within, see no shadow side, thinking about, you know, when we wake up, what do we want to manifest? This is our shadow side. Our shadow side Is a things that, we try to hide from everybody else, but it really is our life purpose. It’s about what we’re here to learn. And when you hide all the shadow side, it keeps us from growing spiritually, becoming enlightened.

Dana (13m 16s):
So is that fears or..

Deb (13m 19s):
Fears, you know, being judged, feeling abandoned and you know, all those things that, of course, we’ve all been practicing and learning, but if you’re new to this, you’re really here to do what you suck at, you know, to learn. And what you’re really good at is what we give back to the planet. So here’s the blessing. May you find peace and the promise of the solstice night that each day forward is mixed with more light, that the cycle of nature, unbroken and true bring faith to your soul and well being to you. Rejoice in the darkness and the silence find rest, and made the deep and follow be abundantly blessed.

Deb (14m 1s):
The print is a little small. That’s why Dana is laughing at me. But anyway, we want to talk more about, you know, this really is a blessed time. And when you look at this holiday for 2020, this has been a challenge for everybody. And we want to find what’s the blessings in this? How do we move forward? So Mark is going to give us an astrology version of what he sees in the stars and what that means and how to come forward with a lot of this too, was about the, you know, what do we see for 2021, 2020 has really been a difficult year. And I think most of us want to run through it, but I think we’re going to go move forward here and talk about the great conjunction and what we are seeing here for 2021.

Deb (14m 51s):
So give us your wisdom, Mark.

Dana (14m 52s):
Yeah, that’s what everybody’s talking about right now is the great conjunction, right? So energetically, how can you explain it?

Deb (15m 1s):
Yeah. What layman’s terms..

Dana (15m 3s):
What is it bringing to the planets?

Mark (15m 9s):
In layman’s terms, let’s just kind of describe the Jupiter and the Saturn basically. And, and so for Jupiter, he is about expansion. He’s about learning and wisdom. He’s about law, he’s about business and getting out there and experiencing a lot of different things in life. He’s also representative of our teacher, our spiritual teachers and guides and on when there’s a negative aspect to Jupiter, there can be like indulgence or that sort of thing. So, or a lack of daughter-in-law, which in Dharma is basically representative of kind of like our higher, our highest potential in life.

Mark (15m 57s):
And all of that.

Deb (15m 58s):
I just want to mention for people that may be new to some of these terms, people think a lot about karma and I’m not really a person that believes a hundred percent in karma, but Dharma is an exchange of energy for lessons for enlightenment. Does that work for you Mark?

Mark (16m 15s):
Very close. Yeah.

Deb (16m 17s):
So if you have a different explanation, that’s fine. But I think a lot of people don’t hear the word Dharma as often as karma.

Mark (16m 24s):
True. Very true. They, I think karma does get a bad rep, so there is a relevance to it. There is a truth to it, but the Dharma is really about our highest potential within that we really come to this earth plane to work out and to evolve through.

Deb (16m 51s):

Mark (16m 51s):
So, yeah. And

Deb (16m 53s):
Is that the, is that the Jupiter, where our teachers are coming in stronger because I have seen this year, especially with all been going through so many teachers coming forward this year, a little heavy. And is that going to happen through 2021? According to what astrology is?

Mark (17m 11s):
I think there will be, I think there will be more coming out towards the middle of the year after the beginning of the spring time. Now to add the Saturn’s energy, I want to share Saturn with you because that’s also vital. And, Saturn is about our focus and our sticktuitiveness and our nose to the grindstone kind of energy. Saturn can also create the challenges and the shortcomings or the delays. So, you know, it’s not that Saturn can’t give us booms or, or, or blessings and that sort of thing.

Mark (17m 51s):
It just takes awhile. We have to work for it through the energy of Saturn. So the fact that these two are right next to each other, right by degree, literally they’re both at six degrees Capricorn through the sidereal Vedic system. And it’s kind of like a balancing of these two energies expansion, and like focus and hard work and contraction. So there is the ability for the Jupiter to, help us manifest and produce and attract. But the fact that it’s in Capricorn right now, it’s considered to be its place of debilitation, where all the planets have their location, where they do really strong and where they do not so great.

Mark (18m 38s):
So Capricorn for, Jupiter is said to be its sign of debilitation, and it’s real close by degree to where that is located. So what that means is it’s taking more effort, it’s taking more time to help manifest certain things, but it’s a process that we will grow exponentially from, in my opinion. So it, and it’s also bringing, all this topsy-turvy energy throughout the public like all this schisms like, you know, real one side of this way or that way, whether it’s the environment or the politics or, or all of that sort of thing.

Mark (19m 24s):
So, yeah, it’s a lot.

Deb (19m 30s):
First of all, you know, I kind of want to go back here, Mark, because I didn’t ask this question earlier. Astrology has many different, I think, ideas, but you do vedic astrology. Do you want to come to explain that? Cause we didn’t do that in the very beginning and I know it’s in the Western and I want people to kind of know that there are two different kinds of theories about this.

Dana (19m 50s):
Vedic is older, right?

Mark (19m 55s):
Yes, yes. It’s considered to be the original practice or science of astrology. Now I know some scientists will raise an extreme eyebrow to me saying science to astrology, but there’s two energies to it. The Vedic system is, a lunar based system. So we have like the sun Zodiac that we use, the 12 signs. And we also have the lunar based Zodiac, which is like 27 constellations that the moon relates through.

Mark (20m 34s):
So there’s a lot more articulation and clarification through the moon influence with the sidereal system of Vedic astrology. There is also a difference in calculation. So Western has the planets farther into the sign of Capricorn. It’s like Western has all the planets, like 23 degrees ahead. So Saturn and Jupiter right now per Western astrologers is like right on the cusp between Capricorn and Aquarius. So that’s why you’re hearing folks in the Western side saying, well, we’re coming in, you know, more Aquarian energy with, with the planets like this close, but Vediclly we have it farther back, and it’s astronomically more accurate through the Vedic system.

Mark (21m 29s):
When you look up at the night sky and go, well, where are the planets? And maybe, well, actually it’s right there. And so it’s, more of a literal translation, which is for my saturian Saturn influence for my chart personally, you know, there’s a practicality to that where I like, well, that resonates with me, so besides the Eastern influence of meditation and the yoga practice. So if do you want me to add a little bit more with other planetary influences or do you want to go…

Dana (22m 2s):
On the great conjunction? Absolutely

Deb (22m 4s):
Yeah, I think what you said Mark two is what resonates because I think what you and I know, and Dana, is we give information from our perspective, but it may resonate differently with other people. So always take out, I always say, take out the good things that you like, and then, maybe something else will resonate with you in another place.

Mark (22m 25s):
Perfect. So I also wanted to add Pluto’s influence. Now Pluto is an outer planet we consider in the Vedic system. So you could consider me like a Neo Vedic astrolog some traditionalists within the Vedic system don’t really work with the outer planets, meaning Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto, because of when they were discovered within the last a hundred years, 150 years. So that being aside, the Pluto energy Pluto’s mythological story is that the energy he represents is the God of war.

Mark (23m 8s):
So and he also has quite a bit of Scorpio type energy, which is the kinds of things that are hidden or controversial or esoteric or, eccentric or that sort of thing. So the Pluto, God of war energy that is so close to Jupiter and Saturn at this time, and he’s just coming into Capricorn right now. So over the next, like around the 30th, 31st of December, 1st of January Pluto will be coming into the sign of Capricorn. So he’s going to be real close to Jupiter and Saturn. So what does that do?

Mark (23m 52s):
Since I just described Pluto, like the way I did, you might be thinking, well, okay, what’s that going to do for, you know, the world of the economy or politics and that sort of thing. And personally, I think there’s, gonna be some topsy-turvy energies around the whole, you know, American election or the inauguration. I think there may be some issues around there. And I think more people, I think there will be in pockets of certain areas around the country. I think some people will be butting heads and there may be some violence around that. So I’m hoping it’ll just be small pockets, which I don’t think it’s going to be insane, crazy, but it’s going to not be comfortable in certain areas for a period of time, from now until the end of March, beginning of April, I think that three, four month period of time is something for us to really kind of be willing to go into more of a reflective mode and objective mode, like be the Buddha and, just not allow the craziness to pull ourselves into it in an emotional way where we kind of loose our sense of perspective.

Mark (25m 9s):
You know, we all have our preferences, but know spiritually that’s why we’re here on this planet. You know we are really here to wake up to the awareness that we literally are the Buddha, we literally are the quanyin. And we are that sacred energy that is everywhere present, but the personalities on the physical,it’s pretty thick. You know, that realm of that we have to look through as like Vail is kind of hard to pierce.

Deb (25m 44s):
Very muddy

Mark (25m 46s):

Deb (25m 47s):
An intense one for sure this last couple of years, for sure.

Mark (25m 50s):

Dana (25m 52s):
Yeah. Well, that’s awesome. So this is Pluto’s influence.

Mark (25m 58s):
Yes. So I think there’s going to be some of that. And once we get into spring time, Jupiter, we’ll be going into Aquarius. So I think what we’re going to see is a lot more in the realm of new tech, coming out, new technologies, new biotech coming out, I think we’ll see more headway with vaccines and that type of thing. I think the summer, it feels like there will be more of a economic support to it then than a crash. There’s still the issue if you know anything about the economy and how we keep, we just keep printing money.

Mark (26m 44s):
You one day in the future, we’re going to have to deal with that. But you know, over the next year, two, three, I honestly think there’s going to be a lot of development in tech and that sort of thing. So I really do see us going more towards TV with electric vehicles and, you know, new technologies around batteries and that sort of thing.

Dana (27m 10s):
Artificial Intelligence, AI

Mark (27m 12s):
You have to be careful with that. I have a fair amount of respect for Mr. Elon Musk. And he was like, we have to be, we have to be smarter with how we work with AI..

Dana (27m 22s):
We don’t want them taking over the world.

Mark (27m 27s):
Exactly, exactly. But you know, it towards the fall of 2021, September, October, November, Jupiter will be retrograde for a couple of months. So that means from a perception, point of view from this planet looking out into the solar system, it appears that the planet’s going backwards, but that’s just because of the trajectory that it’s on. So the retrograde energy affects the planet’s ability to express itself in its more optimal way. You know, it tends to, it tends to create more frustration or a holding back of its energy through the retrograde process.

Mark (28m 12s):
So we may see in the fall, like people feeling a little anxiety about going back to school or whatever, do I still see people wearing masks? I hope to God not, but you never know. People may feel more comfortable doing that. So we’ll see. So come November, end of November of 2021, Jupiter will be well on its way and staying in Aquarius and going on beyond,

Deb (28m 34s):
I have a question are you not Pluto from Disneyland or Disney world was actually nice to know. I have a whole different idea about Pluto. Dana has a thought here, so go ahead.

Dana (28m 50s):
So I’m just wondering, so with the energy with these two planets, Jupiter and Saturn in this conjunction is they’re still in the conjunction, basically. They just lined up perfectly on the 21st. Exactly. So we’re still in this conjunction and have been for a little while, right?

Mark (29m 12s):
Yes. For many weeks and come end of January Jupiter will be a few degrees ahead of Saturn. So you want to look at the orb which means the orb is just the arch of how close it is by degree to one another. So, and what that means is, the closer the planets together by degree, and each sign has 30 degrees. Out of the 12 signs, that’s makes 360 degrees, which is a full circle. So that’s where those calculations come from.

Mark (29m 53s):
So the closer they are to by degree, it looked like they just on top of each other, there’s kind of like a planetary war going on to some extent. So in the traditional sense of astrology, we’re like, well, okay, so that creates contention. It creates challenge. And, and that sort of thing.

Deb (30m 13s):
Which is exactly what’s going on.

Mark (30m 15s):
Exactly, exactly. And, you know I think it’s going to intensify with Pluto’s effect, which is why I brought it in.

Deb (30m 25s):
When does Pluto come in again?

Mark (30m 30s):
Well, it’s right now at 29 degrees and 40 some minutes, right on the edge of Sagittarius, getting ready to go into Capricorn. So that beginning of January in another week and a half or so, it’ll be fully in a Capricorn,

Deb (30m 48s):
So put your seat belts on.

Mark (30m 51s):
Yes, definitely keep your seatbelts on and just say prayers for the president and the president elect and all those folks. And I like sending everybody a positive vibe because the heavens will help us deal with it as best they can with how we help people here on this side. And so, when people send out those mental spit balls and nails at others cause they’re so angry with them. I think that just only creates more issues on subtler and subtler levels. But I understand it’s difficult to refrain from that. Sometimes I totally get that, but when we send, choose to send out the lights, I think the angels just kind of applaud us and go way to go and they do everything they can.

Deb (31m 42s):
I think we’re wearing cheerleader outfits these days.

Dana (31m 48s):
Using this energy for our highest good. Absolutely.

Mark (31m 52s):
Absolutely. Absolutely. Because it’s a choice we have to make, especially in this type of conjunction on the solstice with Jupiter and Saturn on the same degree, right there, that’s very significant that happens rarely. So you see with those kinds of conjunctions, you see generational types of influences beginning, ending and beginning where, when we had this last, it was the Renaissance. I mean, look at that! Thank God for Galileo and Michelangelo and these folks.

Dana (32m 27s):
The work lasted? It’s still current. Yeah.

Deb (32m 37s):
Because we document now very differently than we did then. That what we’re doing now is going to really represent the future of what people will choose to do, or hopefully learn from what we’ve done the last few years here.

Dana (32m 52s):
Would you guys…

Mark (32m 52s):
I agree.

Dana (32m 53s):
Is this like kind of a spiritual awakening then the way this is all set up for that for us?

Deb (33m 1s):
My perspective? Absolutely. But I don’t think everyone’s going to see it that way.

Mark (33m 6s):

Deb (33m 6s):
I think I see it as, what are you going to do? What choices are you going to make? How do you want to live? Who do you want in your community? What is your intention? So I think those that are kind of looking at that spiritually, it doesn’t mean that those that don’t see it are in a bad place. It’s just, I think not everyone’s going to be awake. Does that make sense, Mark?

Mark (33m 32s):
Perfectly because it really depends on where individuals are within their own birth chart time-wise because, and when I say time-wise the planets rule, not only the signs and the houses of our individual charts, but they rule periods of times. So you see, well, why did this person marry then? Or why did this person, these folks break up at this point? You know there are all these different windows of time that the planets rule. So if somebody is in a particular time period where it’s just not in the cards for them to spiritually see something they’ll see it on a, on a more physical, hard, plain level of like, well, I’m just gonna join this protest group and I’m going to go out and I’m just going to do it that way.

Mark (34m 19s):
So there there’s that level too which I think a lot of people, a lot of folks have been choosing to do. And I get the frustration and the difficulty with this past year is, I don’t know about you, but I’m bloody well exhausted. Wow. You know, it’s like, when are we going to all wake up? You know? But yeah.

Dana (34m 42s):
So I know we’re going to get into, you kind of have shared your, you shared a lot of 2021 predictions by the stars already, Mark, and you probably have more, but what do you guys see? I know a lot of questions we get is what is going on with the pandemic? Like, did you guys see this coming? We get that question a lot. Did you see this coming astrologically?

Deb (35m 11s):
Well, I didn’t see it coming like a pandemic, but I definitely predicted that we would have 2020 vision about looking at what are we ignoring, what are we not seeing. And I think one of the things is that on a spiritual level, if you want to call it that way, when the world is affected by a pandemic, everyone wakes up. It’s just not one small community that is happening too, because when you watch news or whatever, and you’re seeing that one small area of the world, something’s going on, we go, Oh, that’s really sad. But when we’re all affected, we’re in this together, I think that’s what the pandemic created a global awareness.

Dana (35m 51s):
A global awareness

Deb (35m 52s):
Is that what your feeling Mark?

Mark (35m 55s):
Very much so. And with the positioning of the Jupiter in the sign of Capricorn, that’s where we really have to deal with, Okay, a lot of folks choosing the lower road of, or people in political power choosing the lower road of just not being dharmic and on the up and up. There’s going to be a lot of things coming out from underneath the, behind the scenes, so to speak within the government over the next five to six months, that a lot of folks are gonna go, Oh my God.

Mark (36m 35s):

Deb (36m 35s):
I’m gonna interrupt you Mark. But you know, what’s interesting when as soon as you said that, a hit was, that’s kind of like pulling back the veil to say, this is what’s going on with our country. Is this what we truly want? Are we playing the same game we’ve playing for a long time? So that hit was just like, wow, we’re going to have a lot more revealed to us.

Mark (36m 57s):
Yes. And there’s going to be, I’ve heard this from my fellow astrologers okay. We’re literally seeing a change in government, not just who’s going into the white house, but like a restructuring of different organizations and departments. And I was like, Oh, wow. Okay. So that’s going to be very interesting.

Deb (37m 19s):
That may be a great thing, but you know what, it’s kind of like when you see your government completely do an overhaul, some people are going to panic. Some people want their old normal. And so it’ll be interesting as I always say, it’s the rebirth without the epidural. So it’ll be interesting how people react.

Mark (37m 42s):
Yes. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. I sincerely hope that people are able to be more patient and just open-minded about, okay, well, let’s see how we can work with this instead of reacting in a way that creates more issues.

Deb (37m 59s):
Absolutely. So one of the things I see for 2021, which kind of makes me laugh because I like to bring humor into all of this stuff that we’re going through is I keep hearing the song, lets the dogs out. Part of this is watching, we’ve all been isolated and held back, and I don’t think our country is good at this. Now, I think maybe other countries, I’m not sure, but are maybe better at it, but for Americans, we have a tendency to not want to be told we have to stay safe in place.

Mark (38m 30s):

Deb (38m 30s):
So what I see is that this next year is all about learning about trust. Being in your power. I think we’re going to work really hard and when we work hard, we’re hoping for those things that are going to reward us. Because I think a lot of this has to do with, this year people didn’t have the control that they usually have in life. And I think next year, people are going to really want to have some kind of control of their life. They want to know that they can have a job, they can have security, they can have their family, they can have the freedom. And I think Mark, you and I talked as well as we don’t feel until probably the spring time that we’re going to see a little bit of reprieve from the pandemic because of vaccines or how we’re learning more about it and things like that.

Deb (39m 18s):
But I really think that a lot of this is going to be the family dynamics who you’re with, whether it’s family of choice or family of origin. That’s going to kind of make a dance as well, because I think there’s been a lot of difficulty in 2020.

Mark (39m 34s):
Yes, very much so because there’s literally been more, because of the stay at home orders and a lot of that there’s been more issues with you know, family abuse and substance abuse and suicide even. So it’s been a difficult thing to juggle for a lot of people. So I think there will be many more folks definitely embracing as we come in to latter part of winter and early spring, people will be like, I think they’ll start to be able to take a deep breath and feel more comfortable with maybe a little more hopeful and, and that sort of thing.

Deb (40m 21s):
I’m well I’m just saying I’m just hopeful because we, as individuals want to know that we have a good future ahead of us. And I think 2020 has been a feeling of, we have no idea of how to control our future between feeding your family and losing jobs and, what is getting sick, what science is saying and the politics on top of it. So I think if we can get some momentum in the very beginning of giving us answers or trying to take some kind of control of your life is going to really help everybody and kind of relying on your strengths. I pulled the cards the other day that says, you know, what are your strengths?

Deb (41m 4s):
And I think this is the time to really look at what are you good at? And especially the holiday season or whatever is, what are you good at humor? Are you good at bringing people together? You know, are you good to diffuse situations or see another person’s side? So this is a chance to really look at, you know, what are you good at?

2 (41m 24s):
Absolutely. And one interesting thing coming up here in February is we are going to have actually six planets in the sign of Capricorn, not just the, we’ve got two right now and then we’ve got to have Pluto here in the next week and a half. So there’s three, then come February, we’re going to have six. So there’s going to be a lot of energy around the populace, the common folks and, and the mass majority of individuals.

Deb (41m 55s):
You and I.

Mark (41m 59s):
And so I think it’s going to be, I think that could actually even be a start of more communication with trying to communicate through controversy and differences of opinion and that sort of thing. But, I keep coming back to, I just was thinking about this over the last day and a half or so. We talked about it on our first talk. What’s your single word for the year? And mine for 2020 was drama. And for 2021, it really is transformation.

Deb (42m 40s):
Right. And transformation is uncomfortable, even though we all want change. You know, when you said this about February, that’s when the, the Chinese new year starts and it’s the year of the ox and metal. So does that line up with what you’re saying? And the ox is hardworking and w I really think that a lot of us are going to have to work really hard to come back to where we were a couple of years ago, and how’s that going to pay off? And I’m hoping that people go forward and working hard, not having any anger about what they created before. It’s simply about, we’re just going to work hard and put everything into it and create a new sort of energy in our community. Does, does that kind of what you were thinking?

Mark (43m 20s):
Yes. And I think a lot of people that are going to be, I mean in a way that some may feel forced and others are going to be looking at this whole situation of, okay, well, this is like a new job career for me, cause I’m not going back to the old one. So I think there’s going to be a fair amount of that. Now, some folks may feel like forced into it, or some may feel just pushed like, well, okay, all right. But there’s going to be a little bit of a mental juggling with being okay with that. But I think in the long run, when you look down the road, you just see, well, if you think about it on a practical level of like just an electrical car there are a whole lot fewer moving parts on an electrical car than there are an irregular fossil fuel car.

Mark (44m 13s):
And, and maybe it’s past lives. Maybe it’s my G E T info. I don’t know, but I just know that the automobiles we drive in right now, I sometimes look at them going. And what kind of technology is that?

Deb (44m 25s):
No, I agree with you because I think most of us that are in a challenging situation like we want change, but there’s also an uncomfortable feeling of finding something new. You know, we draw in things that are, make us comfortable, but they’re not always the best for us. So I also think that 2020 showed us that we don’t have to be in always in an office or we can be at home. And I know you and I talked about this, that, parents that are home with your kids and they’re working and they’re trying to school their children. This is not what we want, but I do think it came forward to know that we can do things differently than what we’ve done for a lot of years that hasn’t always worked.

Mark (45m 7s):
Absolutely. And I think that is going to be one huge plus that a lot of folks are going to hold onto as far as working from home and thinking, well, how am I going to make that work? And then they realized they could make it work. And they’re like, look at it. I don’t have to get in the car and go drive around and sit in traffic. And I think that’s going to be another level of folks realizing, okay, there’s a whole new way to work and earn a living, right.

Deb (45m 35s):
Adopting pets to be home because their home they’re adopting dogs.

Dana (45m 40s):
And the environment is going to be better because there’s not going to be as much exhaust.

Deb (45m 45s):
And we get to wear yoga pants all the time! I do miss being with people and teaching with people and doing our shows and stuff like that. But I also feel that this is an opportunity from 2020 to say, we don’t have to do things that we’ve been doing the last 10, 20, 30 years, that we do have a chance to see things differently.

Dana (46m 10s):
You will be on stage again.

Deb (46m 12s):
I know I have two this year, but I think it’s really about an awareness that we, we can live in a different way and we were pushed into it. And a lot of people don’t believe in climate issues, but I do. And if we can save our planet and give it a little bit more time for us to figure it out, this was a gift for 2020, even though we’ve lost so many people. I don’t want to exchange those two. Maybe we can take care of our planet and a little bit more.

Mark (46m 46s):
Agree. Yeah, absolutely.

Deb (46m 47s):
I really think trust is going to be the big thing this year. I think that 2020 really had so many levels of distress and no one was really knowing where to turn to where to get their information. And what I’ve always said is dig deep, look for other answers. So any wise words for 2021, Mark

Mark (47m 7s):
2021, learn to meditate. If you don’t meditate, if that’s a little too weird for you spend more time out in nature really kind of allow yourself to feel grounded more and more, because that will only help you dealing with the different changes that will be coming and we’ll get through it. And, but I just throwing strongly encourage everyone that, the ability to pull our energy and emotional and nature back and just sit in a place of stillness and just observe and go, okay, what’s what’s really going on and how can I help or connect? And I think that’s one of the healthiest things we can do, whether it’s meditating, prayer being in nature, or, listening to a music that just really makes you feel good.

Mark (47m 56s):
I think that is probably some of the strongest, healthiest medicine you could possibly give yourself.

Deb (48m 1s):
I totally agree. Meditation is hard for some people because they think it should look a certain way. And I always say just go have fun. One of my favorite types of meditation is humor. My mom gave me humor it is her gift in this lifetime and, whatever it does to it, to help your energy, make it through the hardships and the tough times. Find your community, which is always the biggest thing. Well, Mark, thank you so very much. I think this, I think this taught us a lot, right?

Dana (48m 34s):
Yeah, I learned a lot

Deb (48m 35s):
Yeah. Have a great holiday.

Dana (48m 36s):
So we always like to end the podcast with what we call the soul enchilada. So I think if there was one takeaway from today, I’m going to throw this at Mark. If there’s one takeaway that people should remember for today, what would you say it is?

Mark (48m 57s):
Even though we have change coming, be open to embracing that change from a place of equanimity and acceptance. And that’s probably the biggest thing.

Deb (49m 13s):
I love you Mark!

2 (49m 15s):
I love you guys. So thank you again for this. This was, this was, I love this. This is wonderful.

Dana (49m 23s):
Thank you so much.

Deb (49m 26s):
And Namaste to our community.

Dana (49m 26s):
Thank you for joining us for this episode of spirited. Straight talk. If you enjoy the show, make sure you subscribe so that you get notified of new shows. We’d also love it. If you’d leave us a review and let’s connect, visit Deb shepherd.com for more insights support workshops, and to book a session with Deb plus enter to get a free reading with Deb. All you have to do is sign up for the email list and you’ll automatically be entered. Just go to Deb sheppard.com. That’s Deb S H E P P a R d.com.

Dana (50m 3s):

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