Philosophy from the Greek word means “love of wisdom.” It is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language.

Of course, there is much more to the meaning of philosophy, and often I am asked what do I believe? When we are young most of us are given a belief system, but as we experience life, loss, and a desire to know one’s life’s purpose, our original teachings don’t always continue to resonate. For example, I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness and from the age of 8 to about 21 these teachings made sense, but now I no longer embrace these teachings even though I still respect my family’s beliefs.

My philosophy for many years has been that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. As souls, we have a desire to grow and become what many may term as “enlightened.” Since science has proven energy never dies, I genuinely feel that even after death, our souls continue to grow and reflect on our human experiences.

For many the idea of reincarnation isn’t something they accept or perhaps they are on the fence. Either way, I believe that we are all here to learn and if we live long lives, we can have multiple lifetimes in one life.

Consider how many times our lives change. As children we have particular experiences with parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers, coaches, friends and even pets, this could be considered one life. A next life may include college, marriage, children, careers and extensive travel. Another life would be a career change or starting a new career, divorce or a second marriage. Think back in your life as to how many times your life has changed? Buying and selling homes, relationship changes, loss of a loved one, economic changes and whatever life throws at us.

When asked what one’s life purpose is, I don’t look for what would be a good career fit. My intention is to help clients understand that we are all here to learn and move through our personal fears.

Life experiences are created over and over to allow each of us to grow deeper. I believe we are given multiple opportunities to get out of our fears, for example being judged or abandoned, forgiving ourselves and others, allowing one to surrender, create and respect boundaries and trust our higher-self which leads us to our life’s purpose.

Through life, we create multiple soul groups of individuals who present lessons to teach us our spiritual goals. I consider these people to be our soul-mates. We learn from pleasure and pain, but the majority of us learn most through pain and are more willing to make changes when we become intolerant with our situation. When we are enjoying life, and things are going well, it’s like a mini-vacation from our life’s lessons.

Our soul-mates are also known as teachers, bring lessons into our lives, and we learn how to respond to these circumstances and patterns. These difficult soul-mates can hurt us deeply and for those experiencing this they believe at the time they can never heal, forgive or move past their pain.

You may believe you are here to change “them,” to change our soul-mates to be a better person. How many times have you said or thought, “if he/she would just do this, everything would be better?” Well, good luck because rarely does that happen and if you begin to understand your life’s patterns you’ll probably have been attracting the same types of teachers throughout your life. These beautiful soul-mates keep showing up in a variety of circumstances so we can practice these opportunities of spiritual enlightenment.

When we can identify these patterns, then we can begin to trust our intuition, move through our fears and find insight into our life’s purpose.
Easier said than done, but while wrapping our heads around a new concept, we can recruit new tools for new experiences, teachers and a higher understanding of our life’s journey.

Let’s talk about my philosophy on Karma I understand the theory, but I have more of acceptance to Dharma. What’s the difference?


A good action creates good karma, as does real intent. A wrong action creates bad karma, as does bad intent. Our actions in life will determine their fate in the next life or this lifetime. If a person is kind and selfless in this life, they’ll be rewarded in the next. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. If a person is a scoundrel today, let’s just say, they’ll be paying for it in their next tomorrow!


Building on the idea that actions affect life. As for the definition, Dharma is the moral force that orders the universe. It’s the power that keeps the world in motion and keeps society ticking. It keeps the trees blooming, the grass growing and the birds singing.

However, dharma is maintained through personal duty. Simply put, it’s up to humans to do their part to keep the world operating smoothly. With this, Dharma is both universal and circumstantial, or personal.

Years ago I had a client wanting to understand her past lives because she believed that she must have done some horrific things to have such a painful life this time around. She was talking about Karma.

It was an actual moment of awakening for me. Do I believe that what goes around comes around? Well, I would like to from a human point of view, yes, but I have met some wonderful people who have had terrible things happen to them, and I have also seen the reverse. And I don’t believe it’s from a past life.

We are here to teach each other. Most of the time you are the student, and the other individual is your teacher. We are here to grow, and we are not here to have our soul-mates “get it.” We are not perfect, but we are here to learn without fears and gain our highest level of consciousness, which is love.