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Each medium has their own unique way of communicating. It is believed that souls are energy and as we have learned from Isaac Newton, energy can never be created or destroyed. Our bodies can’t always sustain the energy of the soul and I believe the body dies but not the spirit. The purpose of a medium is to connect to the energy of our loved ones.

When I first connect, it is through my emotions and what I feel in my body. I am considered an empath and I begin noticing the feelings of the soul that is connecting with me. First, I feel if they are male or female, then I will feel if they older or younger? I notice their personality traits and can tell if they are serious, funny, dominate, low key, and I can sense how they passed.

I will be able to sense if they smoked, drank, were very religious, served in the military, cooked, didn’t love life and if they cared deeply about their families. It never has anything to do with judgment, but I get a feel for how they lived their lives. Many times, they want to validate and thank those that were in their lives. Others want to apologize for their choices which may have caused significant pain for the loved ones still on this plane.

To validate they are still around, and they see what is happening they will share what is currently going on in your life. Current events are a great way to gain validation because these are things they would not have known about while they were still here. Sometimes it may be a very odd message and this is what I love best, because it is typically things that are very specific and unique going to your life. They want to show that they are aware and they continue to see your life even if they are in the spirit world.

A way to wrap your head around this is when we meet someone for the first time.

You get a sense of who they may be, it may not be their entire personality but a glimpse. The spirit taps into my psyche of knowledge of things I’ve experienced, seen or have some sort of knowledge of. This is why each Medium provides different messages, each of us have had a combination of experiences and that allows us to share in unique ways. It’s not our logical brain, but our creative side. It means we cannot control the way we receive the information. Clients desire to hear certain messages in order to believe, but if it’s something that we haven’t experienced we may not be able to provide what you need to hear. Remember, they are not in a body form which means they don’t have vocal cords and we may hear things but it’s still an interpretation.

Even when people are talking to each other, we don’t always understand what they are saying. Hence, many relationships may end because of lack of communication.

During my session I’m shown movies, my life, history and after years of doing readings a language is built to provide a connection to the other side. Perhaps, other Mediums could explain better than myself, but I believe every professional learns to refine their skills and trust their abilities.

The short version; we moved to Colorado for my husband’s career. Not long after our move, the company had a devastating loss and they had to restructure the company. He let go in the beginning of the company downsize. He along with many others had spent most of their lives building their career. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to establish a new successful career. After almost losing our home the inability to keep up with our financial responsibilities we felt we needed to find a new direction.

Not long after this, I studied Feng Shui and mediation, I discovered and began developing my skills as a medium. I had an opportunity to be a guest on a local radio show. That night I did 52 readings on and off the air. Rashke the D.J. took a risk on me since I had not established practice at that time. When we were done with the show, she told me that I could either take the risk and do this work, or not. She believed in me and believed I had what it took to create this new profession. I couldn’t be more grateful for her and her Program Manager, Rick taking this risk on me and my ability.

When I first began I didn’t know how to turn it off. I would be at a party with friends having a glass of wine and suddenly would feel a loved one that had crossed and would be compelled to tell friends or acquaintances that I could see their loved one would give messages without knowing if they were open or accepting or not. Not surprising, I stopped being invited to these gatherings. What I began to learn is it is all about boundaries and I use these boundaries in my practice of ethics. I don’t just give a reading because I can. It would the same if a hair stylist was in line behind you and began cutting your hair because they knew how.

However, I didn’t know how to turn it off and I was worried that if I did turn it off, would I continue to be able to connect. If I turned it off would I be able to hear the voices again? It became my livelihood, and I wasn’t sure how to manage being a medium and have a balance of a human experience. I wasn’t in the place of fully trusting myself. Once again, the Universe provided me with a friend LaVern who was in her 70’s and had been a psychic for years. I asked her advice on how to turn this off so I can sleep and how can I stop the need to just tell everyone I feel their loved ones.

To help me, LaVern asked, “when is your next session with a client?” I replied that is was at 6:30 that day. She said, “ask them to leave you alone until your appointment”, which I did. All of a sudden, I only heard crickets. This means I wasn’t hearing the voices. At first I was nervous that I turned everything off. I told myself, well if nothing comes through in the session, worst case I just won’t charge the client.

That night I sat down with my clients and asked the other side to visit and they all showed up. It was nice knowing that I could now manage this. Still being exhausted channeling the loved ones, I could at least be invited out and not freak out everyone around me. Boundaries!

The most difficult part of my profession is when I have clients that have children that have passed, especially when they are young. When I have been asked to work with detectives or families in regards to missing people or murders, my heart is always 1heavy with their healing process. I can’t imagine the loss of a child at any age. Parents feel guilty that they couldn’t protect or change the outcome. Those of us that are parents feel that we should cross over first, and our children should cross over much after us. We should not have to bury our children.

Medium’s connect to loved ones, animals and ancestors who have passed.

Psychic’s definitions can vary. I’m not one who generally sees someone’s future, my abilities are more around the lessons we are here to learn. For many years I’ve helped clients and students become aware of their fears and to discover their passion and abilities.

Psychics can do a multiple of things. They can be palm readers, card readers, energy workers, and read aura’s. There are also those who practice shamanism, numerology, astrology and are animal communicators. There is much more to the definition of a psychic, and some psychics consider themselves intuitive healers.

In my opinion, everyone has intuition. They may not claim it as being psychic, but we were all given a 6th sense. I believe that some people choose to use it and some choose to ignore it. When we are in our zone we are tapping into our 6th sense from parents, teachers, police officers, physicians, athletes, and all walks of life. This question is asked often and yes everyone can be taught. It doesn’t mean it will look the same as someone else’s style. Even mediums and psychics techniques are different. But, it’s learning to trust that gut feeling and following it. When I teach this to others I explain that trust is about not seeing around the corner, but moving forward without knowing. Most people want to trust by being guaranteed everything will be okay. That’s not trust, that’s control and learning to develop our abilities means not having a guarantee. Trusting that you can trust yourself even if you have had negative experiences in your past.

I have not been afraid of my abilities so far. I’ve done this work for many years and I have created boundaries around as to with what I’m willing to connect. When you are in your power these unknowns are not as “scary”. It’s is only learning something new. There is always a learning curve when we begin something new. I’m clear with my intention and learn each time I’m connecting to our Universe. I believe it’s who we associate ourselves with, your energy and those you allow in your life now is no different than those in the spirit world.

This is a great question. Many in my family are extremely supportive, very curious and ask a lot of questions. Others, are not so sure how to react, but are still supportive. Then the rest don’t agree or understand and choose to stay far away. It’s all perfect because I don’t expect everyone to be on board nor is it important that I have their approval. I believe that we are all here to learn lessons and I feel that it is okay that I’m judged with my profession. As my daughter always says, “first world problems”.

I feel that everyone has the right to believe in what works for them.

When it comes to a medium session, I am frequently asked “Is my loved one okay?” My response, “There is no dieting or taxes so I’m assuming they are really good”. Having a sense of humor with my profession is very beneficial, I believe. Laughter and humor can be helpful in our healing.

Souls are souls and many people want a session just to connect to their family pet(s). For a lot of clients their pet is their family and sometimes are loved more than their human family. I’ve been honored to have all types of animals come into a session, for example dogs, fish, goats, ducks, cows and bears. (Or we can say Lions, tigers and bears, oh my!)

Signs from the other side can vary for the non-medium to those that do it for a profession. Our loved ones want us to know they are around, that they see what is going on and they are at peace. Some of the signs they give is have to do with electronics! Causing challenges with all technology, getting those goose bumps when you’re talking about them, having them in your dreams, leaving coins in odd places and they are there when you turn on the radio and their favorite song plays. Truthfully it’s about trusting that they are trying to connect.

When I do work around cold cases, 90% of the time I will work with the detectives instead of the family. This work is very sensitive and because families don’t have closure it can be challenging to work directly with them. Detectives are normally skeptic and I have come to expect that fact. I’ve had the privilege to work with one detective for several years. He too was a skeptic until after his first private session with me. His wife had to drag him to see me.

He gave me one case where I believed the perpetrator was a serial killer. Using my ability, I could draw the home where the murderer killed 4 people and severely injured one person. I was also able draw the highway nearby and show the detective that he had murdered someone in another county very close by.

Since these were cold cases that had happened a while back, police didn’t always share information with each other in other jurisdictions or have DNA to match and they did not look for similarities. A few months passed and while at syndicated radio show, I saw the newspaper, The Denver Post, on a coffee table and the front page story was how the police were able to connect these two homicide cases as the same perpetrator.

With my ability, I can see a crime scene, profile a perpetrator, and see multiple details. Unfortunately, I don’t see an address or a specific thing that I can just handover to a detective. It still requires the research that detectives do every day. But, as my detective friend would share, information is information.

How to prepare for a reading tends to be one of the most challenging things to have clients understand. I highly recommend my clients prepare for their session. Most clients are nervous, skeptical, haven’t experienced a session, and are very attached how “they” believe the session should flow.

We certainly understand there are complicated emotions surrounding the sessions with me and we want our clients to leave feeling as if they received closure, found a sense of peace and now have another tool for healing. Our intention is to educate our clients before coming to the appointment. I will say that about 50% do not follow the preparation recommendations and I truly believe their experience would be even better if they did.

My goal is to have you prepared and that means writing down everyone that has passed. This means EVERYONE. Most clients right down to those that they want to hear from or those that they “think” will come through. Trust me, you will be surprised who comes through an hour session. Please follow the section of the website that talks about “How to Prepare”. This process will be of great benefit to you and will help in my channeling your loved ones.

I’ve had many opportunities to bring through ancestors, they will come through and the client is so thrilled that they had the experience. The ability to bring through past ancestors is another opportunity for very specific validations and allows us to know how this process is incredibly authentic.

Bottom line is, it allows me to do my job to the best of my ability and you will receive a powerful experience in hopes of healing and being open to hearing from your own loved ones.