Ron R. - Deb Sheppard

Ron R.

“I raised my hand up at Deb Sheppard’s monthly class on Tuesday July 11th, 2006 and was called upon to ask my question to her. Deb’s honest answer was the “spark” I needed to begin my spiritual journey. I took her Shift Seminar in September 2006 and then applied for her Level I Mentoring Program that began in 2007. My journey with Deb as my “Teacher” began with Level I in 2007 and then continued with her other Mentoring Programs: Level II in 2008, Level III in 2009, Level IV – Ambassador Program in 2010 and Level V – Masters Program in 2011. The experiences and what I have learned in her mentoring programs has allowed me to make life changes without fear and pursue my true passions in life. I am in “Great Gratitude” to Deb and to the “Community” I am proud to be part of.”