Dave D. - Deb Sheppard

Dave D.

“I first encountered Deb Sheppard in 2003 when I was searching for answers to ultimate questions:

“Why did my child die?”

“Does she exist somewhere as a spirit?”

And the most burning question to me “Is she okay, happy, safe?”

I was very skeptical and guarded – I was willing to listen but was not going to guide her to answers I wanted. The session was amazing, enlightening and extremely fulfilling. Deb gave very specific information, often providing facts that only I or my wife knew. She also provided facts that were unknown to us at the time but were later confirmed by eye-witnesses at my daughter’s accident scene. I came away not just believing, but KNOWING my child was still around and was safe. As a bereaved father, I can think of no higher or more powerful validation. I will never be “over” the loss of my girl but am at peace knowing she is safe in spirit and I will connect with her again.”