Brittany K. - Deb Sheppard

Brittany K.

“As a genuine skeptic, I was originally nervous about Debs reading. But after hearing her and seeing the reaction of the crowd, I was pushed towards believing that her ability was definitely not something to snuff off. Her audience was captivated, and more than one person cried. She handled herself with grace and poise, especially when someone from the crowd (couple shots too many) began harassing her on stage. Whether you believe or not, it’s definitely an eye opening experience. The coolest thing though was when she gave me a reading. Without making me feel like I was asking too much or judging me on the things she knew, she helped me answer some questions that had been on my mind for a long time, and she gave me closure on some things in my life that I needed help with. She welcomes skeptics, and I thoroughly encourage you to look up her website and find out what her specials are. She’s a wonderful lady and I had a blast at her reading!!!”