Brenda A. - Deb Sheppard

Brenda A.

“I had heard Deb Sheppard on Kosi 101 many times speaking with callers and I was amazed not only by how accurate she seemed to be but also how truly compassionate and caring she sounded. So when my 10 year old son, who ever since he was very small could hear and feel things that others could not, started having negative experiences that were scaring him I reached out to her by email. I was hoping to talk through email and for her to give me some advice on how to help him with this. This is all I was looking for since we like so many others are living pay check to pay check and I could not afford the cost of her sessions. Well she emailed me back the same night telling me she would be happy to help and to give her a couple of days to think about how to help him best. She emailed me two days later asking if I could bring him to meet her. She had found a half hour of time the next day to meet with us and did not charge us a thing. All she wanted was to help my son to understand what is happening with him and to give him some tools. My son was immediately relaxed with Deb and that is not generally the norm for him. She was amazing asking him questions that got right to the root of what is happening and explained that she is just like him and there are others like him. She gave him advice on how to handle the situations when they come up, what to do to help on a daily basis, and some things that we need to change in his room to make life a little calmer for him. In just the short time since we have met with her he seems to be much more relaxed. I think now that he knows he is not alone and that he has some tools to help him with this he can relax. It is nice in this day and age to find someone as amazing and generous as Deb. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help understanding what ability they may have. In my opinion she is the real deal. I will never be able to express my gratitude enough to her for helping my son. I feel he has a much better future with his ability because of her.”