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Amazon Customer

A knock on heavens door

“For me, Grieving To Believing is two books in one. The 1st part is a raw account of how Deb Sheppard and her kids have experienced suicide 1st hand and how Deb went from offering day care to soul care. Seeing and communicating with dead people is a divine gift. Lucky for us, Deb embraced her ability instead of being run by fear, and so many people have benefited. Having worked with a lot of Mediums, I can easily say that Deb Sheppard is THE BEST I’ve ever witnessed. This book will explain her process and how she developed her ability, so that you may do the same as well. If what you really need though, is to re-connect with someone in your life who has passed, line up a reading. You may have to wait just a bit, but it will be worth it.”