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Testimonial from DJ Rashke

“Deb is the best. I was hesitant about afterlife, before I met Deb, However, she completely changed my way of thinking after the 1-hour session I had with her. Thank you Deb!!”

Gerry B.

I give your cards to everyone I know who experiences a loss. I saw Deb with my daughter Kendra about the murder of my son Sage by a police officer. I wanted to let Deb know that thanks to her advice, I have successfully filed a lawsuit against the three officers involved, have taken their depositions and videotaped them, and am working with a production company to do a documentary based on my writings and the facts of the case.

Thanks Deb for your wisdom.

Kathy H.

Deb Sheppard presented to our business group and did several readings for audience members.  The readings were fascinating, sensitive, and seemed very helpful to the recipients.  Her discussions of the topic of psychic abilities and their applications was very interesting and thought provoking.  I strongly recommend Deb for her psychic abilities and also her ability to communicate with individuals and groups.

Joel A. Young Professionals Organization Denver,  Co.

Because of Deb Sheppard and her gift of being a medium helped heal my heart and soul. She brought peace and serenity back into our my life after I lost so many loved ones. Her readings were 100% spot on. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to get in touch with your loved ones that have passed, Deb’ is the person to contact. She is kind, gentle and has a beautiful soul. I think the world of her. Truly an amazing and talented woman.

Laurie R.

Several years ago I got a medium reading from Deb. She was very professional, sweet and she got me the results I wanted and more. It was the first reading for me and I didn’t know what to expect. After I settled down, the relatives stepped forward, some expected and some very unexpected. The feeling after my reading was fantastic and so rewarding.

Terri A.

Deb is nothing short of amazing! I am in her mentor program and believe it’s the greatest gift I have ever given myself. She is an incredible, wonderful person and I wish everyone could see her at least once. Thanks for all you do, Deb. You are the best!

Robin B. Centennial, CO

Deb Sheppard BBB Business Review
Gold Star Ranking from 2008-Current


I wasn’t sure what to expect last night and was definitely open but hesitant. You called me up to the stage when my daughter came to you. What you shared from our beautiful Rachael was healing for our whole family. You told me persistently to ask my living younger daughter about her leg and then specifically said to check for a bruise. This would be proof that her sister is watching over her. I watched you grab your left leg below the knee but I am not sure if you specified the left one. My daughter came home and I told her my experience with you and she seemed very skeptical. I asked if anything was wrong with her left leg and she said no twice. Then she said “oh, I have this bruise that I got yesterday but I am not sure how I got it.” She rolled up her pant leg and showed me a fairly large bruise below her left knee. I had forgotten to ask her about a bruise but remembered right then that you said to look for a bruise. I told her that meant that her sister was watching over her. I saw almost a happiness come over her that I have not seen in a long time.

Thank you for the messages from Rachael and helping in our healing journey.

Joane F.

My husband and I had never visited a medium but we both felt Deb Sheppard was authentic and on target on all counts. She was a tremendous help and saved us a lot of money that would have been spent on therapists. Deb was very clear on letting us know what to expect from our medium session and she came through each time on things that validated our loss. We came away with a better understanding so we could start the healing process. We are planning to schedule another private session as soon as possible.

Deb does not solicit but does offer help if you need it. I’m finding an array of aids and CD’s on various subjects. Bottom line – SHE SAVED MY SANITY!

Terri W.  Aurora, Co

Deb is the real thing. One just has to witness her in action. She sees (and talks) to ‘dead people’ as if they were standing (in the flesh). I’ve always had one foot in the spiritual world (grew up in haunted house, walked into a ‘ghost’, etc). She carries her ‘open room’ sessions ‘like a boss’. Seeing is believing .. just get ready to be amazed.

Deb P.  Portland, OR

I had a medium session with Deb, and the one session was better than 5 years of counselling. I was 100% for sure talking to the dead with her. There is zero doubt in my mind. People/animals who I would never guess showed up to talk and help me heal. The thing that surprised me was her insight and her advice she gave. She was very realistic and could give real life advice, not like someone you would picture who did this. Her head is not in the clouds. It was the best time and money I have ever spent on myself.

Miranda P.  Denver, CO

I raised my hand up at Deb Sheppard’s monthly class on Tuesday July 11th, 2006 and was called upon to ask my question to her.  Deb’s honest answer was the “spark” I needed to begin my spiritual journey.  I took her Shift Seminar in September 2006 and then applied for her Level I Mentoring Program that began in 2007. My journey with Deb as my “Teacher” began with Level I in 2007 and then continued with her other Mentoring Programs: Level II in 2008, Level III in 2009, Level IV  – Ambassador Program in 2010 and Level V – Masters Program in 2011.  The experiences and what I have learned in her mentoring programs has allowed me to make life changes without fear and pursue my true passions in life.  I am in “Great Gratitude” to Deb and to the “Community” I am proud to be part of.

Ron R.

I’ve taken Deb’s mentoring classes for several years and I can tell you they have changed my life for the better.  When I asked myself “can I afford it” my answer was “can I afford not to?”  Same answer year after year…

Pam N.

I have had Intuitive and Medium readings with Deb.  The information she received was right on!  She has an amazing ability to deliver the messages she receives with great compassion and gentleness.

Amy B.

A top psychic medium! I’ve received psychic readings from Deb that helped me navigate through challenging times–my divorce and leaving my corporate job–leading to a happier, more fulfilled life. Her mediumship readings are spot on and provided healing and closure when my loved ones crossed over. Whether you’re starting your spiritual journey, needing direction in life or connecting with a loved one, Deb is the one!

Elaine C. Boston Ma.

I went to Deb Sheppard years ago when my late husband passed away. She was spot on with her predictions. During the readings I wasn’t so sure. But the same day, weeks or months later all of her predictions came true. ( many predictions from same readings coming true at different times). 
Since then I have seen many different psychics. All of which were fakes. Or they would guess and maybe coincidentally something was true.  It’s been my experience that she is the only authentic psychic in the area.
I am scheduling another reading with her today.

Anne O. Littleton, CO

Deb is the real thing.  I am shocked by this previous review because I have never come across a more effective psychic medium.  She convinced this skeptic, especially after the detailed evidence that came through. Wow!!!!
She is worth every penny.

Brian B.

Couldn’t have been better. Met with Deb for a medium session and was made to feel comfortable and safe.  The validations she provided were accurate and spot on – leaving me no doubt she was exactly who she presented herself to be.

Deb has a true gift and I deeply appreciate what I gained from my session – a deep sense of peace and relief.

Gerry R.

Deb is an amazing psychic and mentor.  I participated in her mentoring program and it changed my life.  I was in an unhealthy marriage, fading away as a person. I was lost and felt very alone. She taught me to empower myself, how to reconnect with my own intuition and to find myself again. She literally transformed my life. I am healthy spiritually, physically and emotionally. I highly recommend her mentoring program.

Jaqueline B.

My reading with Deb was very comforting.  I had lost my husband unexpectedly and he came thru.  She has a way of re-assuring we understand and is very compassionate.  With everything she told me, I know it was him..  Loosing him was not easy, but Deb brought me a lot comfort and peace of mind..   She is awesome!

Judy M.

Deb Sheppard is an amazing teacher, medium and physic.  If you have not had the opportunity to see her either in person for a personal reading of in a class setting you are missing out.  The third Thursday of the month she has a class where she talks about a topic and does readings.  All I can say is life changing and amazing.  I never miss a Thursday night class.  Deb also offers mentoring classes which I am going on to level four.  She has helped so many including myself to reach their life goals, find their passion and face one’s fear as well as connect with the other side.  Deb Sheppard is one of the best investments I have made into my future and my happiness.   Check her out you will not be disappointed.

Barbie S.

I have been to several psychics over the years and I have never met anyone as good as Deb Sheppard.  It was amazing how immediately we connected.  I was really nervous when I first got there, but she made me feel right at home and welcomed.  My father recently passed and he immediately came through with Deb’s help.  Deb spoke of things that only my father and I knew about.  This experience helped me tremendously with my grieving process and the acceptance of his death.  Deb helped me realize our loved ones are among us, guiding us and loving us each and everyday.   You have to go visit Deb, you won’t ever forget it!!!!

Cary K.

I saw Deb a few years ago and had a very moving experience. I not only communicated with past friends and family; spoke to my spirit guide and was able to gain insight into my current life and future events. I’ve since sent my entire family to meet with Deb and would see her again.

Anne M. Huntington Beach, Ca.

Amazing!! Got to hear from my grandmother and my best friend. Deb shared with me what my family and friends that had passed had to say in such an understanding and professional manner. I was amazed that even my dog came through …. Thankful that I have a CD of the reading to hear any time I need to feel close to those that have passed. Soooo thankful! You will not be disappointed. Thank you

Jay K.

I have now gone to two dinner sessions and have been 100% blown away both times. My last experience was very personal, in which she provided information that no one could possible know to me. I also got to watch her turn two skeptics into believers, one on each occasion. She is not only genuine, but I believe her to be incredibly talented. I thank her greatly for the change that she provided in my mentality towards grief, and I highly recommend her if you are open and honest with yourself and the reality of things.

Candace V.

As a genuine skeptic, I was originally nervous about Debs reading. But after hearing her and seeing the reaction of the crowd, I was pushed towards believing that her ability was definitely not something to snuff off. Her audience was captivated, and more than one person cried. She handled herself with grace and poise, especially when someone from the crowd (couple shots too many) began harassing her on stage. Whether you believe or not, it’s definitely an eye opening experience.

The coolest thing though was when she gave me a reading. Without making me feel like I was asking too much or judging me on the things she knew, she helped me answer some questions that had been on my mind for a long time, and she gave me closure on some things in my life that I needed help with.

She welcomes skeptics, and I thoroughly encourage you to look up her website and find out what her specials are.  She’s a wonderful lady and I had a blast at her reading!!!

Brittany K.  Aurora, Co

Deb’s readings are extremely detailed and accurate. They come directly from her heart with compassion healing intent. Don’t miss this experience!

Kris Y.

My reading with Deb was mind blowing.  She can see straight to the core of you. She is compassionate, understanding, and leads you right where you need to go.

Gwen A.

Deb is an extraordinary teacher, healer and clairvoyant! She has had an amazing and positive influence on my life!! I cannot recommend her enough!!

Berry L. Boulder, CO

I have lived in the Denver Metro area since 1990 and have seen many different psychic’s; but I have NEVER experienced the most AMAZINGLY, ACCURATE psychic as I have in Deb Sheppard! My first experience was witnessing Ms. Sheppard publically perform 26, wickedly spot on, 5-minute individual readings in a 2 & 1/2 hour conference. I was so impressed with this first experience that I elected to participate in her Mentoring Programs. My life since this program has gone from single to married, childess to twins, renter to home owner, and someone’ employee to employing others… all in a three-year to me span.  If you are looking for your RIGHT life path, Deb Sheppard is the ONLY Psychic who will accurately show you your way.

Charlie F.

Deb is amazing at her job. My dear mother recently passed away so I wanted a reading so badly and my mom rushed to us. My aunt had many people come through for her as well. It was an amazing experience that was worth every penny.

Samantha L.


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I first encountered Deb Sheppard in 2003 when I was searching for answers to ultimate questions:  “Why did my child die?”
“Does she exist somewhere as a spirit?”
And the most burning question to me “Is she okay, happy, safe?”

I was very skeptical and guarded – I was willing to listen but was not going to guide her to answers I wanted.  The session was amazing, enlightening and extremely fulfilling.  Deb gave very specific information, often providing facts that only I or my wife knew.  She also provided facts that were unknown to us at the time but were later confirmed by eye-witnesses at my daughter’s accident scene.  I came away not just believing, but KNOWING my child was still around and was safe.  As a bereaved father I can think of no higher or more powerful validation.  I will never be “over” the loss of my girl but am at peace knowing she is safe in spirit and I will connect with her again.

Dave D.

I first met Deb Sheppard on November 13, 2003 when she answered her door to welcome my wife and I to our first Medium session.  I had made the appointment three or four months prior to the session and had been anxiously anticipating this meeting.  I tend to be skeptical but try to maintain an open mind about things unknown to me and at this juncture I had only recently begun to explore the world of spirituality because of a life changing event that took place in my life.  I had made the appointment with Deb via her website using an email address I had recently created expressly for this session with a profile that contained entirely false information; the name, address and everything else was entirely made up.  Since all responses to the email would come back to me, I wasn’t worried about receiving my appointment information but no one would know my true identity.  My thinking was, if Deb used some sort of investigative means to help her in her work she would be led down the wrong path for my session and I would know she was not a “true” psychic.

I’m an analytical sort of guy with a degree in mathematics.  My background also includes an enlistment in the US Air Force.  I was assigned to the USAF Security Service where we essentially “listened in” and did intelligence gathering for the NSA back during the time of the cold war.  So, yes, it could be said I have trust issues.

When we sat down for the session she asked us our first names and explained how the process worked.  Deb relaxed, took a deep breath and began.  In the space of that hour we were reintroduced to relatives (mostly my wife’s) many who had passed many years ago.  Many of the validations Deb revealed were very specific even to her getting some very unusual names accurate with details about their lives and how they died.  I was getting very excited about all this but was also very antsy because I really only wanted to hear from one person who to this point had not made an appearance yet.  Then Deb was taken aback and said that someone just came in, sort of pushed the others aside and said “They are wanting to hear from me”.  Deb described the spirit as very powerful and then exclaimed, “I love her energy”.  For the next 40 or so minutes I was spell-bound.  We got what we came for.  We were hearing from our beloved daughter, “Ginger”, who had been killed in a car accident in September of 1999 at the age of 20.  I wanted to stay in that room with her presence forever.  Through Deb, Ginger recounted events and details of our daily lives to validate for us that she does indeed exist on some plane and can interact with us.  Deb gave us specifics about Ginger’s accident including clearing up details that cleared up many questions we had.   Based on the details revealed, it was obvious that Ginger’s spirit visits us and her surviving sisters often and is involved in our lives regularly.  I felt a measure of comfort and peace for the first time since our child’s death.  Our baby was not entirely lost to us.  I will never be at ease with Ginger’s death but it was very reassuring to KNOW that her spirit lives on and our mutual love keeps her close to us.  I desperately needed assurance of her continued existence and the session with Deb gave me that more than anything had done before.  When we left the session we were both having difficulty concentrating (we got lost immediately) so we pulled into a restaurant to gather our thoughts and review what we had encountered.  It was a wonderful experience and I will be forever grateful for the gift of awareness that Deb gave me.

Dave and Trish D.

Deb Sheppard is a sweet woman, a compassionate teacher and very acute in her readings. I met Deb about two years ago while working and I always knew what she did for a living but never wanted to dive in, until one day… I was ready to ask for a business card and before opening my mouth she gave me a flyer and a card and asked me to come to her Intuitive Class.

I’m a bit shy when I enter her classes but its always an enjoyable experience that helps me overcome my life’s largest obstacles. The first half of her class begin with a lecture about a topic, (love, getting over guilt, energy vibrations, past lives…) and I always find it a blessing to listen to her ideas on how our behavior alters our energy and therefore the outcomes we do – and dont – expect to see. I would describe her as an excellent life coach because she has helped me overcome my negative behavior towards personal guilt (which hurts much more than we think).

The second half of the Intuitive Class reinforces the lecture with group readings; she chooses a few people from the crowd and gives them a reading. During the reading she confirms some items from their personal lives (making sure she is a real psychic) and then ties her lecture to the behavior they are exhibiting in their real life, making people realize how their actions affect their environment and ultimately their success. Her reading is enjoyable because she is funny as well as compassionate, I have laughed every night I attended.

Services Deb provides; cd’s and mp3 downloads of Intuitive Classes, cards to connect with love ones past, psychic readings before and after Intuitive Class, and something I havent tried yet Mentorship Classes. The mp3 can be difficult to download I would go for the CD instead as it provides me a good chance to relax and meditate which helps me do my “homework” to connect with my intuition. I also have the cards to help me connect with my guides and family passed on, it helps to have a conversation and guidance from family I no longer can pick up the phone for.

For the nay-sayers I say relax and give it a try or two, she may pull you out in front of the crowd and into the spotlight but its really for your success. In the days after you could realize how well you overcome your inner obstacles.

Michael H. Englewood, CO

I had heard Deb Sheppard on Kosi 101 many times speaking with callers and I was amazed not only by how accurate she seemed to be but also how truly compassionate and caring she sounded. So when my 10 year old son, who ever since he was very small could hear and feel things that others could not, started having negative experiences that were scaring him I reached out to her by email. I was hoping to talk through email and for her to give me some advice on how to help him with this. This is all I was looking for since we like so many others are living pay check to pay check and I could not afford the cost of her sessions. Well she emailed me back the same night telling me she would be happy to help and to give her a couple of days to think about how to help him best. She emailed me two days later asking if I could bring him to meet her. She had found a half hour of time the next day to meet with us and did not charge us a thing. All she wanted was to help my son to understand what is happening with him and to give him some tools. My son was immediately relaxed with Deb and  that is not generally the norm for him. She was amazing asking him questions that got right to the root of what is happening and explained that she is just like him and there are others like him. She gave him advice on how to handle the situations when they come up, what to do to help on a daily basis, and some things that we need to change in his room to make life a little calmer for him. In just the short time since we have met with her he seems to be much more relaxed. I think now that he knows he is not alone and that he has some tools to help him with this he can relax. It is nice in this day and age to find someone as amazing and generous as Deb.  I would recommend her to anyone who needs help understanding what ability they may have. In my opinion she is the real deal. I will never be able to express my gratitude enough to her for helping my son. I feel he has a much better future with his ability because of her.

Brenda A. Thornton, CO