Testimonals - Deb Sheppard

Please enjoy watching & reading some of the comments I’ve received!

Please enjoy watching & reading some of the comments I’ve received!

“Deb, I wasn’t sure what to expect last night and was definitely open but hesitant. You called me up to the stage when my daughter came to you. What you shared from our beautiful Rachael was healing for our whole family. You told me persistently to ask my living younger daughter about her leg and then specifically said to check for a bruise. This would be proof that her sister is watching over her. I watched you grab your left leg below the knee but I am not sure if you specified the left one. My daughter came home and I told her my experience with you and she seemed very skeptical. I asked if anything was wrong with her left leg and she said no twice. Then she said “oh, I have this bruise that I got yesterday but I am not sure how I got it.” She rolled up her pant leg and showed me a fairly large bruise below her left knee. I had forgotten to ask her about a bruise but remembered right then that you said to look for a bruise. I told her that meant that her sister was watching over her. I saw almost a happiness come over her that I have not seen in a long time. Thank you for the messages from Rachael and helping in our healing journey.“ 

Joane F.

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