Spirited Straight Talk

Spirited Straight Talk – my brand-new podcast – is here!

Each week I will bring you key insights and interesting topics that help you embrace who you are at your core. We will also be hosting exciting guests and have an array of important, fun, and enlightening topics.  And of course, connecting with spirit, your guides and loved ones.


My mission is to be completely authentic and transparent as we discuss the topics you really want.   Want to finally feel free to be your true self and create a life that makes your soul rise? Ready to partner with spirit?  If so, you’ll love Spirited Straight Talk.


Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4

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Occasionally, I will randomly choose someone to receive a reading with me. Without giving us the details or specifics please share why it would benefit you to receive a reading.

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Do you have a topic you would love to hear more about, or would you like to ask a question?

Occasionally we will have an entire podcast dedicated to just your questions!  The questions can pertain to any subject you desire and if you have a topic suggestion, we would love to have you share that with us.

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