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Phone / Video Readings

Deb is available for Private Sessions by Phone and Video.

Please keep in mind Deb books in advance.  If you have an urgent need please call.



(Please call for 2 or more people)


If You Need Help Booking Your Session Please Call Us Directly


VIP Reading

If you have something urgent and would like to get in to see Deb quickly let’s move you to the front of the line.

Deb books in advance so please call to arrange a VIP Session.  

$800 | $100 for each additional person


Thank you for finding and trusting me as you go along your journey.  I love helping clients throughout the world find healing and closure in our sessions.  Whether connecting to a loved one who’s crossed over, or discovering your Life’s Purpose, I am here to help sort it out together. 

Deb Sheppard

What makes Deb different?

As a psychic medium and an “empath” Deb incredible ability allows her to connect with your loved ones and the other side by using all of her senses.  She can see images, use feelings in her body and her emotions.  The other side also communicates with her using her sense of taste and smell.   She will bring forward unique and detailed validations, so you know without a doubt your loved ones are still with you.

Her messages also provide insight and clarity into your past and current life situations to help you navigate things you may be facing.  This could include career, relationships with friends and family, your love life, health and more. 

These sessions also help you release fears, patterns and help explain why you are connected to specific individuals in your life.

When you work with Deb, she will guide you to help you find the right tools to refocus and improve your life if you are open to receiving.

Deb has a wonderful sense of humor, a light-heartedness and compassion that will help you open your heart and mind to the possibilities in your life.  Her belief is to empower you to break free of fear, so you can move forward in a much more enlightened, passionate and inspired way.

Upcoming Small Groups

There are no upcoming events at this time

What to expect & how to prepare for a session.

A session will be forty-five minutes to an hour depending on how much information Deb receives.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions although Deb will answer many questions during your reading without you needing to ask. 

Deb does not receive any information prior to your session nor will she ask you for any information.  During a session as she receives information by seeing images, hearing verbal messages, feeling, tasting and smelling things so she can interpret the messages your loved ones want you to receive.  She may feel how they crossed over in her body or feel how they felt if they were ill.  She will share this information with you and ask you to validate what she is receiving.  She will often receive dates, names, and specific details that can even include your loved one’s personality traits and things that happened in their life.  You will know without a doubt that your loved one is around you and connected to you.

Your reading will be kept private and strictly confidential.  Deb asks that you make notes for yourself prior to your session so you easily remember all those in your life that have crossed over.  To make this easier you can download and print a “How to Prepare for a Session” sheet for your own information.   During your session we do recommend you take notes because the amount of information coming though can be overwhelming to remember.  Deb does allow you to audio record your session on your own device.


Deb will be the one to call you at the time of your appointment. She will call you from a blocked line, at the number you provided at the time of scheduling the appointment.

All sessions require full payment at the time of scheduling. Book online or over the phone all forms of credit card payments are accepted. For payment installments please call or check out the link below.

Absolutely, all appointments are allowed to be audio recorded. No video recording permitted. We recommend even listening to your session a few weeks later – many get more out of it the second time hearing it!

If you need to reschedule please contact us 48 business hours before your session, so that we can fill your spot. We will do our best to accommodate.

Terms & Conditions

Your session is not intended to, nor should it ever, take the place of any medical, legal, financial, traditional psychological, or other professional advice and you should always seek the appropriate professional advice. Clients must be 18 years of age or older to book, and/or purchase a reading, product or service.   

Please note that because of Deb’s busy and unpredictable schedule, on occasion our office may have to reschedule your appointment.

Before commencing my psychic medium phone reading, I have considered all of the above, and I agree to hold Deb Sheppard and Deb Sheppard LLC free and hold harmless and hereby release and remise Deb Sheppard and Deb Sheppard, LLC, from any claims, demands, suits for damages, for injury or complications whatever and/or negligence that may result from any psychic reading.