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No one should bury their own child. On Grieving to Believing, currently airing on YouTube, Deb Sheppard, an internationally recognized medium who has done 55,000 readings over the past 21 years, compassionately connects parents with the children they have lost. Whether Deb is sharing specifics from a 1 month old (yes, she can) or a 39 year old, she brings forward messages and validation so that parents fully feel their loved ones are forever by their side.

About the Show:

The unimaginable has happened – a parent is grieving their deceased child. As Deb Sheppard often says, “I’m so sorry we have to meet this way.”

This two-time Amazon bestselling author is a highly vetted Psychic/Medium in the top 3% of her profession and has worked with 1000s of parents. She herself has lost close family members, even those who’ve suicided. And, regardless of how her guests’ loved ones have passed, Deb brings a wise, gracious, motherly energy of healing.

Each week meet the parent who has courageously said YES to connecting to their child, teen, or adult through a Medium. Bring the tissue, but also witness the hope and healing that takes place on each episode. Will their son or daughter come through? Will they know without a doubt it’s them? Deb has no idea who she’s reading – stay tuned for this Medium’s Mission to bring Parents Peace.



With hundreds of media appearances and broadcasts under her belt, Host Deb Sheppard is also Certified Medium through Mark Ireland and Helping Parents Heal. She’s honored to be an empathic liaison, relaying comforting messages between the physical and spiritual worlds. A veteran at the mic, Deb has spent decades ‘on-air’ at Denver’s top stations, on iHeart Radio and was syndicated on 150 stations nationwide.

She has shared the stage with global spiritual leaders, including James Van Praagh, Michael Beckwith and Sonia Choquette. When she’s not recording episodes of Grieving to Believing, she’s hosting her popular weekly podcast Spirited Straight Talk and serving her private clients and mentoring students.