Monterey, CA. Evening of Spirit Messages -A Mediums Mission-Deb Sheppard - Deb Sheppard
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Monterey, CA. Evening of Spirit Messages -A Mediums Mission-Deb Sheppard

May 20, 2022 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Deb Sheppard’s Light-filled night of connection to the other side!  This is a live in person gallery reading of the audience.

Deb Sheppard’s light-filled night of connection to the other side!  Deb will be doing a gallery reading of the audience – reading and delivering messages for those the other side pulls to her.  She will also share ways that you can learn to connect and recognize signs and messages from your loved ones on your own. 

These groups always prove to be such a powerful experience! If you’ve never attended before, this is a gathering of people who would like to hear messages from their loved ones in spirit. I will connect and channel to share these messages as I let Spirit work through me. The other side will guide me to those who are meant to receive a reading and I will be pulled by the energy in the audience. Many messages are meant for several of you in the audience as you will find many similarites as I begin to channel and we all benefit from the parallel and universal messages that are shared. You will gain insight and clarity while you discover a world of possibilities.

This is an incredibly powerful evening featuring insights from Spirit and Messages from the Other Side!  Since 2001 I have been honored to be a messenger for your loved ones in Spirit.  As a Medium it has always been my Mission to help in your journey of healing and to prove that your loved ones are still with you.  Spirit works through me to share messages but also to provide insight from the other side as you walk through your journey of life.   I am always honored to be a messenger for your loved ones on the other side.  This Evening will be filled with laughter, love, answers, and spirit connections!  I will read for as many audience members as possible.  You will leave feeling a deeper connection to Spirit and comforted in knowing that your loved ones on the other side are still around you and supporting you.  You will have the opportunity to participate, ask questions about life, love and the afterlife.  


More about Deb and this event: Spirit Medium and Bestselling author of Grieving to Believing, Deb Sheppard hosts an enlightening and healing evening of connections to the other side!  For over two decades Deb has been a liason between you and your loved ones on the other side.  She is known for being very ethical, authentic, transparent, and compassionate.  Deb will deliver detailed messages of love, comfort and encouragement from the otherside by sharing, names, dates and detailed validations proving your loved ones are with you.   She creates a link with your loved ones, and explains the different signs and symbols they use to get her attention, but Deb does more that just a “reading”, she shares with you her knowledge of healing and hope.  You’ll leave forever changed – with a fresh new perspective on life and death, a stronger connection to the spirit world and the comforting awareness that your loved ones are “Forever Connected”.


Deb Sheppard Medium. Psychic. Author. Speaker.


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