Soul Contracts-Life Purpose Weekend Intensive Workshop MONTEREY CALIFORNIA - Deb Sheppard
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Soul Contracts-Life Purpose Weekend Intensive Workshop MONTEREY CALIFORNIA

September 18 @ 10:00 am - September 19 @ 6:00 pm

What is my purpose?  
The answer may be quite different than what you think.
We are all spiritual beings living a human exp


What is my purpose?  

The answer may be quite different than what you think.

We are all spiritual beings living a human experience and most of us want to figure out what we are supposed to be doing with our lives. What is our value of being on this planet?  We have situations and occurrences that happen over and over again and we wonder why.  We go to work every day and wonder, is this what I’m supposed to be doing with my life.  Do we have divine guidance?  What should I be learning?   Is there something more than what I can see?  YES, there is!  In this two-day Soul Contracts-Life Lessons workshop, you are going to learn about your Soul Contracts and together we are going to determine who is in your Soul Group and why. What did you really sign up to learn in this lifetime? Some of the things you will be working on during this weekend with me. 

  • Gain clarity so you can feel more peaceful about what happens as you move through your life lessons

  • Understand why you signed up to learn the lessons you are learning

  • Learn about your archetypes and your teachers

  • Feel more confident with listening to your intuition and spirit guides

  • Know that without a doubt you are not alone

  • Understand that you are not here to solve everything for those you love (they have their lessons too) 

  • Remove guilt, learn how to set healthy boundaries

  • Give yourself permission to have self-love

  • Learn to use your voice in a powerful but compassionate way

  • Understand your past so you can move forward more enlightened

These discoveries can help you make day to day as well as lifetime changes.

The schedule will be 10-6 Saturday and 1-6 Sunday

Lise, a recent student shared her experience.

I wanted to let you know how much being in the Soul’s Contract and 30-Day Energy Shift classes have meant to me. Everyone is so inspirational with their journeys from both classes.

I am still working on the soul’s contract lessons and learning to apply them to my everyday situations. I seem to have always had two faces – one for the outside world and one for people who really know me. I am still a prostitute in the work environment but slowly letting people see the authentic me. I feel I have the tools and a better understanding to recognize situations so I can set my boundaries, stay in my lane, and trust/believe in myself. As for the 30-day energy shift and the work I am doing with getting in touch with my guides, shifting spaces that feel stagnant, and balance my chakras; I am finding that I am paying attention more to the doors that are being opened to me. The class was inspirational, had additional feng shui tips, and reinforced what I was doing for my spiritual self. There have been more positive reinforcements just from other things that have happened to me in general that I feel like for the first time I am not alone or abandoned. I am learning to use my tools to accept myself, understanding that I am valued, and really knowing unconditional love.

I read your book, listen to your podcasts, and listen to your other Wednesday Soul Group. All these things together with the meditations are inspirational and help me gain a better understanding of my inner self. I and learning to quit worrying if I am doing something wrong for the fear of being judged or abandoned and find the joy in life. I am learning to love the real me and be authentic to myself.

The reading session was even more inspirational and helped me so much. My dad crossed over 20 years ago this week . I have been thinking about him a lot over the years with regret that I wasn’t there for him or he knew how much I did love him. The day that my dad passed, I had an eerie feeling that someone was going to die. I didn’t really understand except it was a feeling that would not go away. We were driving back to Colorado from Dallas and almost at the Colorado state line when I saw an ambulance driving on the other side of the road with his lights on. I knew it was my dad but didn’t trust myself enough to believe the feeling. I knew when my brother called me a few minutes later that my intuition was right. I loved my dad but never really felt his love for me. We had our issues after my Mom passed as he really struggled. I knew that he had his journey and I had mine. A year before he passed, it felt like we were finally able to really be father and daughter. I knew that he cared but he never really showed it to me. It was after his passing that I began to pursue my spiritual side as I believe I shared in a previous email during the soul’s contract class. I wanted to learn and understand more since I had the premonition of my dad’s passing.

When you had him come through in the reading, it was so great to hear that he does love me, is proud of me, and he is still watching over me. He knew that I love him and was there although no physically. I couldn’t stop crying as I felt him with me as you were speaking. It was the closest I have felt him since he crossed over and I feel more at peace. With my Mom, I got a chance to put things at rest before she passed although I struggled with some of the decision she made in her last days. About 10 years ago, I had her come to me in a dream. We talked for what seemed like hours and said so many things to each other. I haven’t seen her since but I know that she is with me and she watches over me.

I told my husband about the session and how it great it was to hear from my Dad as well as hear from others who have crossed over to speak with their loved ones. I told him at the end of my reading, someone with a rosary came through. His grandmother who was a devoted catholic crossed over a few years ago. She was like a mother to him as she helped raise him. It really warmed his heart to know that she came through to let him know that she is watching over us. The whole evening was amazing and not something I have ever experienced.

I can’t express my gratitude enough for you coming into my life. I feel like I have found my path as I seem to have fallen off it a many years ago around 2006 and stopped believing/trusting in myself. I was trying to control the outcomes of some bad situations instead of reaching out to my spirit guides and the universe for help. I would ask for help but my actions did not support the intention, so I never received what I thought I needed. I feel like I understand so much more from the last 10 to 12 weeks and realize that I am still a work in progress. Somehow you came into my life at the right time when I was open and ready to receive the information. I am still writing my new story as sometimes I fall back into old patterns. However, I feel like I have the tools to help me create new ones.

I wanted to thank you for helping me gain a better understanding of me and showing me a path that has opened me up to new possibilities.

Lise F.


September 18 @ 10:00 am
September 19 @ 6:00 pm
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