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Awaken Your Authentic Self Evening of Spirit Messages in DENVER

February 8 @ 10:00 am - February 9 @ 6:00 pm

Awaken Your Authentic Self

For almost two decades I’ve been teaching my theory about why we are here and our life’s purpose. There are thousands upon thousands of beliefs ideas and philosophies.

What I have found throughout my life and studies as a medium is many of the beliefs have a similar theme. It is fascinating when you begin todelve into each belief system and begin to understand that there are universal themes that resonate through all of them.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to hear many stories of clients who have shared how they were raised to believe and also how their experiences in life changed their belief systems. Many times, we begin to look for new understandings or insights to expand our minds.

When our beliefs don’t resonate with us any longer, or we feel our questions are not being answered, we look beyond what we have been taught to believe. We begin to search for things that may give us clarity or perhaps even peace.

We have busy lives and learning a new philosophy or theory can be overwhelming. The way I teach using the principle, KISS: Keep It Simple Sweetie! Any subject that involves why we are here will never be completely simple. But, by breaking down the theory, it can be an easy transition. Why complicate our lives more than we should? Thisprocess starts with easy and straight forward ideas that provide you with new tools you can apply to your everyday life, it can be easier than you think.

Also, keep in mind I’m not here to change what you currently believe or challenge it in any way. My intention is to provide another way of looking at your life. You can add it to whatever you feel. This philosophy is to expand on what you have experienced, and perhaps provide clarity to your life.

If you are exhausted trying to create change or live without the guilt, this may help. Many of us have been on a spiritual path for years. You can live it, teach it, believe in it but there are ALWAYS new insights or even just reminders for when we get in those difficult times in our lives.

The belief of “think positive and good things come in return”, is one that I truly believe. However, I also believe that it is only a piece of the pie. For many of us we think that being positive, creating vision boards, meditating and giving to everyone we know is the way to bring about good things coming back to us, but…..why do we still have situations that show up in our lives that are challenging and can be very painful?

I never want anyone to give up these things because they are still of great value to creating a spiritual life, but we are more than this, and we are here to learn many lessons towards our life’s purpose. Are you ready to learn more?

Join Deb for an Evening of Messages from Spirit. This event is open to all and kicks off a separate weekend workshop. An Evening of Mediumship/Connecting you with your loved ones. This evening is devoted to sharing messages from the other side with you.

June 28th, 2019



June 29th and 30th

A two-day workshop to understand your purpose, life lessons and the blocks that have kept you from manifesting the joy and abundance you want to create in your life. Learn about energy and gather many tools to help you SHIFT your direction and purpose. Join like-minded people as you learn through powerful activities and discussions.

  • Recognize challenging patterns in your life and gain tools to change these patterns
  • Learn how to stop others from crossing your boundaries
  • Realize you true life lessons
  • Let go of guilt to embrace what you deserve and desire
  • Learn how to TRUST your intuition
  • And MORE

Availability for the workshop is limited and this is a rare opportunity to study with Deb Sheppard.

June 29th Day 1 begins at 10:00am and will continue through 6:30

June 30th Day 2 begins at 10:30 and will continue through 6:00 pm.

We will provide options for you to purchase your lunch at the venue.


Holiday Inn & Suites Denver Tech Center-Centennial
6638 South Nome Street
Centennial, CO 80111 United States
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“I am often introduced to many so-called mediums, intuitive, and psychics. There is nothing “so-called” about Deb Sheppard. She is the real thing.”


– James Van Praagh

Clairvoyant and Spiritual Medium

Author of the New York Times bestseller

Talking to Heaven and The Power of Love

Rules & Policies:

  • Doors open 30 minutes before each event.
  • Ticket handling fee may be applied by the box office or venue.
  • Age requirements for Deb’s shows are 13 years or older to attend. Please, no lap children or infants.
  • This event is for entertainment purposes only.
  • No refunds or exchanges will be honored after tickets have been purchased.
  • Deb Sheppard will try to read as many people as time will allow. Admission to this event does not guarantee a reading.