What is Feng Shui?

What is Feng Shui? This ancient Chinese philosophy seeks to find balance and harmony between elements.  Feng Shui places emphasis on physical and mental health, success, and healthy relationships which is brought on through positive energy flow.  Often referred to as the art of placement, it’s about “Chi” or energy.  Comprised of two words: “feng” meaning wind and “shui” meaning water which are the most basic elements required for human survival.

My last blog about chakras I talked about energy centers in our body which also include colors and elements.  Keep in mind these things are all intertwined.  Many ancient cultures have given us so many insights that we can bring into practice to create balance and to thrive. 

Most importantly, when I began practicing Feng Shui I felt empowered. I also felt that it provided a way for me to help control my future.  One thing I have always taught; what you think is what you create and this was the beginning of my understanding about manifesting.  

Let’s change the energy of your space because we are all hunkering down right now it is the perfect time to implement a few simple things. 

It is easy to do.

The beauty of this practice of Feng Shui is it is easy to do. You can use it multiple ways in your home, yard, office, even in your car.  You don’t have to be a decorator or have special training to get the most out of this.  I continue to use it in my life and love what energy it brings to me. Even just this past week Dana and I painted our kitchen, which is our wealth corner and we are seeing results already.

I have a fun example for you, often I am asked to help with a clients home or place of business when there is a situation that is causing blocks in their lives.  A wonderful client called me to her home that had been on the market for a year. It had gotten very little to no interest from buyers.  This was a large, very beautiful and well designed home. 

When you live and work in your space, you won’t recognize unbalanced or heavy energy because it becomes comfortable and normal to you. When I enter a space as an expert I can feel the true essence of the energy in the space. 

Implement the “Cures”

This family had a lot of illness in this home that lasted for a few years.  They dealt with many tragic things like brain tumors, falling down a long staircase, and multiple surgeries to fix an original surgery that went south. I could feel this the second I walked in the door and I had difficulty breathing.  They had already moved into their new residence. The home was empty except for the furniture and staging for selling.

I provided several “cures” as they call it in Feng Shui.  Some of these suggestions consisted of hosting a “party” or celebration in their home. They needed to bring laughter and a higher vibration back into the home.   I had them spend a day reminiscing about all the great times they had there to appreciate the house that sheltered them. I gave them a fun assignment to change the energy with some more “R” rated activities. Within a week of my visit I received a call that the owner that the house sold!  The buyer that purchased the home had looked at it the prior year and finally decided to pull the trigger. This is just one example on the power of Feng Shui and energy. 

One Feng Shui theory states that if it isn’t broken don’t change it.  I made this mistake in the beginning and didn’t focus on the primary issues at hand. As you begin this journey, focus on the primary concern in your life and look at this as an opportunity to jump start that part of your life.  Then multiply that area of your life into each room so that you can support your intentions.

Energy is like the flow of water

Feng Shui describes energy as water flowing through your environment.  Think of a river or an ocean, and compare this to stale water that has no movement and becomes dirty and undrinkable.  When you are near bodies of water how does it feel?  Is it calming, does it make you feel anxious so that you just want to get away from it.  Think about how your space feels when you walk into you home?

Don’t get overwhelmed or be afraid you are doing it wrong.  Just try to take small steps and then intuitively figure out how it feels.  We all have had that gut feeling telling us when something feels chaotic or serene.  Trust yourself and move through the process of feeling the energy.

You don’t need a ton of money, you can implement these changes easily.  Again, where is the first thing you want to influence in your life and then start with that space.  How do you feel in that room? What kind of simple changes can you begin with?  Is it disorganized, bad lighting, smells dingy and so on?  These are simple things you can change without costing you money.  Remember, this also includes garages and basements. 

Step 1

Go through your piles of paper and get rid of what you don’t need, file away what you do. Go into your closets and take out clothing you don’t want any longer. Next, get rid of old magazines unless you keep a few for a vision board. Look into your cabinets and remove old, broken items. Replace burnt out light bulbs and get rid of trinkets or any broken things in your home. Broken chairs, torn items, etc. If you are going to fix something, fix it. Get rid of plants that are dead or dying.

I’m doing this step right now myself during this transitional time, I am cleaning out my closets.  Since my work includes gala’s and large events, I have lots of variety of dresses that I have purchased for these settings.  Some still have price tags on them.   However, many of them are not my size anymore so, looking at them makes me feel as if I’m not doing enough to be able to fit back into these outfits.  This again brings feelings of guilt.  It becomes a cycle that I want to break. I’m sure many can relate to this. If you start with these tasks you will feel the energy begin to lighten up in your home.  

Step 2

Draw a map of your residence and making notes for each room can be very helpful.   Look at all the rooms including any room you may “dump” things. Do you have items you don’t need or do you need to fix something that has been sitting broken. Do you have a project that you have meaning to do for a long time.  Make sure you include any storage spaces and garage.  Dana is always cleaning and organizing our garage because it’s our helpful people area, and who doesn’t want helpful people in their lives? You may even video your home and share it with a friend which may help you see what you’re not seeing.  Sometimes we don’t see the clutter or areas as they are because we are so use, to seeing it.  It’s our “normal” and we don’t see it as an issue.

Step 3

Get your Bagua printed and start looking at how your home or space lines up. The Bagua tells you what each space is, adding colors and elements.  If you have a lot of open space, you can still divide your home according to the bagua.  If your design is missing a space you will want to try to create a space outside your residence if you can, with perhaps a plant, bench a statue etc. to square off the missing area.  Then you take the map and as you walk into each room you with the map figuring out the bagua in each room.  The space that you are missing in the design you can add an intention with color, an element picture etc.  

You can also create an intention within multiple areas of your home. We call this multiplying. For example, if I have my bedroom in the Marriage/Relationships corner of the Bagua but I am having some challenges with my creativity I can place metal in the creativity corner of every room in my home to multiply the intention of bringing more creativity to my life. You can essentially multiply your intention in every single room of you home in addition to following the Bagua for the entire house or space.

Simple Bagua Grid

You will usually begin feeling changes quickly, it doesn’t necessarily happen overnight but pretty quickly.  If you feel that a desired intention is slowing down, then it’s time to update what you originally did.  Think of the stagnant water we talked about and the fact that we need to keep the energy flowing.  It doesn’t necessary need to be a major change, just a few little improvements will suffice.

In our home the kitchen is our wealth corner and it hasn’t been updated in a long time.  We have changed and updated many other rooms but have left this for last.  With our current situation with COVID-19 we wanted the kitchen remodeled put its now on hold but decided since we are safe at home that we had the time to paint the kitchen a beautiful grey with white trimmed windows and doors. We also cleaned out cupboards and drawers removing clutter and things there were broken, took clutter off the counters and rearranged plants to brighten the area.  We even have a money tree which is now placed in the far-left corner of the room which is doubling our intentions of wealth.

It transformed the room and it became so much more inviting and calming.  We actually WANT to sit in the kitchen now!  With that said, after painting it grey which is the color of metal and relates to money, the confirmations and approvals started coming, in just under a week from the day we finished the project and we are in a better situation than we anticipated

Fame and Reputation

The back and center of your home is fame and reputation.  In this area we have pictures and gold albums of famous people we appreciate.  We have the Beatles crossing Abby Road, and Madonna with a gold album.  This room needs red, animal prints, lights working and fire.  Think of our celebrities who are on a marque with bright lights.  They are the stars.  If you have a family member or friend that you highly admire you can add their picture in this room as well.  It’s what you desire for people to see in you, what they think of you and the value you bring to the world.  

This is a time to be creative and use your imagination.  If you are one that feels this maybe a challenge, there is always Pinterest and Google at your fingertips. You can use whatever you are drawn to that has meaning for you in your decoration. We have buddhas in our home because is resonates with us. I have found most people have items in their home that they can move to another location.  It’s that simple.


Let’s talk about bathrooms! This is very important in Feng Shui.  If you now notice that a bathroom is in your relationship corner and you feel challenged with relationships in your life, or it’s in your wealth corner as an example, then that’s your starting point.  Feng Shui’s theorizes that the things you are lacking are not there because they are going down the drain.  Yikes! So, my recommendations are no colors that represent water or images of water.  This would “multiply” the energy of that space and support things going down the drain.  

Counter this by using colors of mother earth, placing a small plant or an artificial one is even acceptable.  However, NO dried flowers.  This represents death and we don’t want that energy around! Keep the toilet lid down most of the time if possible and the door to the bathroom closed as well.  Keep a clean bathroom because that will help to maintain a positive energy in that room.  As an example, if it’s a relationship corner you would want place things in two’s of equal size or pictures of people together, things that represent relationships.  Elephants are all about family and community, so if you are a lover of these beautiful creatures then add them. This is just an example but you can apply this to any situation you are in with your Bagua Map.  


Doors are tricky.  You want all doors to be working smoothly. Do they squeak, are they hard to open and close or do need a new handle or lock? Get these items done.   If you have items that effect the door from opening up completely, this means that doors in the universe will not open freely, and you may feel doors are closing on you instead of opening up easily.  

Remove items behind doors and fix the squeaks so they can open easily.  If you come into your home from the garage or side of your residence, please be sure to include these doors as they are very important.  If you don’t use your front door often be sure for it to look nice and presentable to the outside world.  It’s a reflection of how people see you. If you have pots with dead plants or just dirt, then either remove them or add life back to them.

The outside entry way should be inviting and portray a feeling that makes people want to know who lives in that home. Start with removing any decorations from past holidays. Fix or change any outside lights that are broken or burnt out.  Sweep or wash away any dirt, spider webs and things that don’t look inviting.  Imagine if you had not taken a bath in months.  I certainly wouldn’t want to hangout or approach you.


Mirrors are full of energy and are very powerful. When mirrors are directed at something such as your front door or facing from the stairs to the front door it is pushing the energy back outside.  As an example, if you are working on your wealth corner and you have a mirror at the front door it can cause all your wealth to flow back out of your wallet.  

Dana had her house for sale after we met and it had been on the market for a while, not getting any offers.  When I came to her home, I noticed she had this beautiful full-length mirror facing down the first landing of her staircase.  I mentioned that it may be a good idea to remove it, which she did.  A week later there was an offer.

I had a neighbor that lived behind me a few years back that came into my back yard through the gate and cut down several of my aspen trees.  I looked into my back yard and my trees were they gone! Several trash bags were sitting on my neighbors front sidewalk.  I went to the front of their home and looked into the trash bags because I just knew they had done this. It was my trees, cut up and in the trash bags. I approached them to find out why and their response was that they thought I didn’t want them.  

They ended up purchasing a replacement tree and planted it in my back yard. This wasn’t the first issue I had with them regarding my property, so I took a big step with this one and hung a convex bagua mirror on my deck facing their house. Within a few months they were magically relocated to Alaska for work.  I didn’t want anything bad to happen, I just didn’t want them to be my neighbors.  They can go and cut down someone else’s trees.

There are always mirrors in a bathroom so this can also represent multiplying water energy.  Just don’t add more, keep them clean and well lit.  For example in the Jewish faith they cover all their mirrors in the home when someone has passed.  So, as you can see, they have powerful energy.  Many of us don’t want to look in the mirror because it reflects how we feel about ourselves, this is another example of the energy of the mirror.

Your Yard Space

In the practice of Feng Shui your entire space has been considered on the bagua.  If you have dead trees, broken items and trash, then figure out how you can clean up your act.  Once again you can place items to multiply your Feng Shui energy or Chi.  In the relationship corner of my yard, I have a bench with dragonflies and an arch with growing vines on each side supporting the idea of relationships.  These days you can purchase or make outdoor art easily.  I enjoy birdhouses so not only do we buy them and I event paint some, bringing creativity and birds and songs to our yard.  Living things are so import in this practice.

Water Features

Water features are always lovely in any space of your home.  Inside or outside.  But, it’s a little like the mirror, they are powerful as well.  Having a fountain that flows away from your dwelling isn’t a good idea.  It’s like the mirrors pushing things out of your life.  Also, no water features in a bedroom or relationship corner.  Water represents emotion and water represented in these areas can create an overly emotional relationship.

Also, make sure your fountains are well maintained and clean.  If you want to add fish to your fountains makes sure you do this in odd numbers such as 3 or 5.  I had fish in one of my previous fountains, but birds and I’m sure raccoons got to them so no more fish for my house.  

Take Small Steps

I know this is a lot of information to absorb so take small steps and if needed and start with one room or space.  When I’m clearing and cleaning an area, sometimes I will feel tired or emotional,  this is not only a reminder of the energy that was in this space, but shows us how it really does affect our energy.

Play beautiful music inside or even outside your home to keep your spirits up.  Music and humor are wonderful and simple ideas to shift the heaviness around you.  My mother always had music on, and I love to listen while doing things such as painting or cleaning.  Make it fun, take breaks and eat something you enjoy.  Take out the old and bring in the new vibe.

Take some before and after pictures, share with me and let me know your outcome and what you implemented to change the energy.  

Check out the VIDEO 👈🏼 from this week where I talk about Feng Shui.


Deb Sheppard