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Deb's Story

Deb has dedicated many years exploring spirituality and healing, her mission is to inspire you. Her intuitive readings provide clarity on personal, emotional, spiritual and mental aspects of your life. With spiritual guidance, she will help you understand why obstacles and patterns occur and how you can be empowered to affect change.

As a young child, Deb was teased by others because of her sensitivity and empathic skills. Her personal spiritual journey continued when she left corporate America and relocated to Colorado with her husband.  Deb studied feng shui and meditation and soon, her natural abilities emerged as she communicated with those who had crossed to the other side. At a time when her family was on the verge of losing everything, divine timing stepped in with an opportunity from Denver based KOSI 101.1 FM to do on air readings with DJ Rashke. After an amazing evening of reading for 52 listeners, Deb knew that this was her passion and pursued this dream.

Today, Deb is a highly acclaimed medium, life mentor, intuitive and inspirational speaker. In addition to readings and seminars, Deb facilitates self discovery through her Envision Mentoring Program and offers guidance in business and personal consultations. Recognized as a leader, Deb is active throughout the community working with schools, local police departments solving cold cases and supporting charitable organizations such as Denver Hospice's The Mask Project, Out of Darkness, Camp Comfort and Project Safeguard. Deb has been highlighted in several publications including Orbs- A Personal Journey and The Healing Path.

As a medium and a widow, Deb is compassionate and understands the need for validation, closure and healing from a loss of a loved one. From an intuitive perspective, her work has allowed many to fully embrace their potential and focus on their personal growth. She has taught thousands of students in her mentoring programs over the years how to develop their intuition, understand their life purpose and along with being empowered, to live authentically with passion, fun and creativity.

Deb has two children and is living a spirited life with her two dogs in Centennial, CO. She is currently working on writing her own books on surviving suicide and sacred contracts and a Bodhi project documentary.